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2010s Era Movies That Are Already Considered Classics (Part I)

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Timeless quality films. For film audiences (observers, human beings, and connoisseurs) when we talk about classic films, we generally mean we are talking about extraordinary quality films that were released decades ago. In short, when thinking about classic films, it must be synonymous with old material (films). However, as with anything new, which of course, over time in the future, it will become a part of history (past-ed), here we present the 2010s era films that are considered classics at random.

The VVitch (2015)

This film, directed by Robert Eggers, with all its ‘simplicity’ has successfully transformed into one of the best independent and modern horror films in the last two decades. Although only produced on a budget of $ 4 million, this film was able to reach the box office with 10 times the number. Not only did this film get a very positive response, this film successfully catapulted the production house of A24 as a producer of quality horror films and became the start of Anya Taylor-Joy’s breakthrough which is now one of the hot commodities in Hollywood.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

2010s era moviesThe founder of the Toy Story franchise can be said to be the biggest animated film of the 2010s era and also one of the best animated films ever. It should be informed that before the 2010s era film, which is considered a classic, was shown in theaters, its existence was underestimated. This is because many doubt the significance of the story considering the time span of the release of the second film is 10 years apart. Fortunately, this film can cleverly accommodate the doubts and the time span effectively into the story material. The result is a very touching and relevant portrayal of the journey of adulthood that many people experience, which is translated into a funny and engaging story about talking dolls.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

2010s era moviesBirdman is like an exercise in technical making of a film by showing a parade of the most talented people in their respective roles. Through this film, Alejandro G. Iñárritu seems to prove his capacity as one of the best filmmakers in Hollywood today. With Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Emma Stone putting on their best performance. But, arguably the biggest star in this film is the technical cinematography of Oscar-winning Emmanuel Lubezki, which is the masterpiece that most people admire from this film.

Get Out (2017)

No one really knows what to expect from this classic 2010s-era film. Jordan Peele is definitely a very talented guy, but his passion lies primarily in comedy. Not only that, everyone knows him as a stage comedian artist, not a film director. So hearing that he’s writing and directing a horror film is quite a bit of skepticism. However, Get Out proved to be an instant hit due to its capable filmmaking, quirky story, and scathing social satire. This has turned Peele into a filmmaker who has a visionary level, and is always eagerly awaited for his new directing.

Skyfall (2012)

The James Bond franchise after being effectively rebooted through Casino Royale, arguably perfected through Skyfall. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the character franchise created by Ian Fleming, this film manages to present a story that seems to reverse all the clichés that are thick with this saga. Not highlighting Bond’s sophisticated gadgets which are usually one of the familiar characteristics, Bond’s figure is also described as an old character who struggles with relavance in the modern world – which is interestingly relevant to the situation that is actually faced by this saga itself. Evidently, this awareness and clever thematic angle successfully refreshed the Bond saga, leading to Skyfall being considered one of Bond’s finest installments.

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