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20 Travel Tips to Bromo that You Must Know

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Bromo is one of the mountains in East Java which has always functioned as a tourist mountain. Unlike other mountains in the vicinity such as Mount Semeru or Mount Arjuno, Mount Bromo can be accessed by tourists quite easily. Even tourists tend not to need an exhausting climb.

If you want to travel to Bromo, it’s a good idea to follow the following travel tips to Bromo so that the trip becomes more enjoyable.

1. Avoid long holidays

Bromo is one of the most visited tourist areas, especially during holidays. If you want to travel privately or don’t like tours with lots of tourists, it’s better not to come to Bromo during the holiday season. It’s best to come to Bromo when it’s quiet so you can enjoy the atmosphere more freely.

2. Plan your vacation

Decide whether you want to be a backpacker or want to travel exclusively. A backpacker-style trip to Bromo is very possible. One way is by camping (not booking lodging). Or you can reduce the price in other ways.

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3. Prepare a visit schedule

There are many tourist attractions in Bromo, including whispering sand, Bromo crater, temples, climbing, sunrise view points, and also Teletubbies hill. Prepare a visit schedule so that the trip can be more complete and smooth.

4. Book lodging as soon as possible

If you are forced to take a vacation during the holiday season and want to stay around Bromo, it is better to look for lodging in advance. This needs to be done to avoid running out of lodging.

5. Choose the appropriate route

There are also many routes to Bromo. Bromo can be accessed from Malang, Pobolinggo, or Lumajang. Adjust the route to where you live, or choose the route to Bromo that you want the most.

6. Bring complete equipment

Because the temperature and natural conditions in Bromo are different from the natural conditions in urban areas, prepare all the necessary equipment. Wear warm clothes. As much as possible wear clothes for the mountains. Don’t get hypothermic on Mount Bromo.

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7. Prepare the best camera

The camera is one of the digital objects that will really help your travel activities. Prepare your best camera and adjust it to your purpose. If the traveler is a photographer, then bring the appropriate camera equipment. However, ordinary tourists can also bring other types of cameras.

8. Come during the traditional ceremony

Bromo is inhabited by the Tengger tribe, where they still often perform traditional rituals. In Bromo, on certain dates there are traditional ceremonies that are interesting to see. If interested, just come during the traditional ceremony. It will give a different impression of tourism.

9. Attractions around Bromo

Travel Tips to Bromo, Bromo is within the scope of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Of course in the TNBTS area there are lots of tourist objects that can be visited at once when going to or after visiting Bromo. In TNBTS there are several waterfalls (Coban Pelangi, Coban Trisula, or Madakaripura waterfall), temples, hills (Puncak B29), and lakes (Ranu Klakah, Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and so on). If you have a long time to vacation, it’s a good idea to visit there too.

10. Check the status of the mountain

Mount Bromo is an active volcano, so it’s a good idea for tourists to always check the status of the mountain. Do not come when the status of the mountain increases, because it will endanger tourists. Usually the status of the mountain can be checked from information about TNBTS.

11. Riding a horse

To climb to the crater of Bromo, from Pura Poten tourists can ride a horse by paying a certain amount of money. If you don’t really like climbing or are not strong enough to climb, it’s a good idea to just ride a horse to save time. But if you are strong, please go on foot.

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12. Bring food

Bromo is a very natural natural tourist attraction. There are rarely food vendors in Bromo. Usually the seller only sells souvenirs or souvenirs. Therefore, it is better for tourists to bring their own food supplies from home. Especially for tourists who are camping. Bring cooking utensils too so food can be cooked or warmed.

13. Bring enough drinks

When climbing to Bromo crater, bring enough drinks, because the trip will consume quite a bit of energy. Although tourists can ride horses, horses only take you up to the limit of the stairs to Bromo crater. Then tourists have to climb by themselves to the top of Bromo crater. Therefore, carry enough drinks in your bag or backpack so you don’t get thirsty.

14. Bring a mask or buff

Bromo, which is still active, sometimes emits a strong stench of sulfur. The smell of sulfur is usually suffocating. It’s better to bring a mask or buff. Its function is also to filter dust or flying sand. Especially if you visit during the dry season.

15. We recommend wearing sunblock

Sunblock will be very useful to protect the skin, especially the face, from sun exposure. The cold mountain temperature sometimes deceives many people, so they think that activities under the sun will not be a problem. In fact, the sun will still burn the skin. Do not let the skin become irritated because it is not protected during a trip to Bromo.

16. Bring a change of clothes

Even if you don’t intend to stay overnight, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes just in case. Especially if you want to visit the waterfalls around Bromo. Of course, a change of clothes will allow you to play in the water at the attraction.

17. Prepare cash

In Bromo, of course, there are no ATMs. Transactions at Bromo are definitely done with cash. Don’t forget to always bring cash when traveling to the open like Mount Bromo.

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18. Use the services of a tour guide

If you are not familiar with the East Java area, including the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, it is better to hire a tour guide or join a program from an experienced travel agent. Travel agents will be very helpful so that tours can be carried out safely, effectively and efficiently. Instead of trying to travel alone but spending more money, it’s better to just hire a tourguide.

19. Don’t haggle the price of the jeep

The price of the jeep at Bromo Tengger Semeru already has a definite reference because they are already under the auspices of the jeep community in TNBTS. It is certain that the price of jeeps in the area is the same. All jeeps are the same price, and none will cost more than the other. So, it’s useless to bargain for the price of the jeep when traveling to Bromo. If you want to ride a jeep, don’t bargain for the jeep price.

20. Returning by a different route

To get a more different impression of a trip, it’s a good idea to take a different route when going and returning. If you go via the Probolinggo route, try returning via the Malang route. With a different route, the scenery that will be obtained will also be different. The Pobolinggo route offers a journey through the hills with winding asphalt roads. Meanwhile, the Malang route offers a more natural view. Even from the Malang route, you can see the Teletubbies hill from a height.

Those are some travel tips to Bromo that you need to know. Try to read it to the end. Happy holidays and have a nice holiday.

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