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20 Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Bogor

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Bogor is a city in West Java which is also very close to Jakarta. This is what makes many Jakarta residents spend time in Bogor during their holidays. In addition, Bogor does have a lot of tourist objects that can be visited with family and friends. Including the honeymoon. Bogor can be one of the right, close, and cheap locations for honeymooners. Here are some lists of recommended honeymoon spots in Bogor.

1. R Hotel Rancamaya

R Hotel Rancamaya is one of the areas that offers accommodation with a direct view of Mount Gede as a backdrop – Pangrango in West Java. This location is suitable for your honeymoon and couples who like natural nuances.

You and your partner can relax in the swimming pool while enjoying the fresh and natural green scenery. In addition, the air in this area is fresh and will make the lungs more relieved.

There are also many trees and greenery in the vicinity so that the eyes will also get shade. You can stay there with your partner. Every room in this hotel is very well designed and has a warm and elegant atmosphere.

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2. Aston Bogor Hotel

Aston Bogor HotelAston Bogor Hotel carries the concept of urban-style luxury. The location is not far from the city center. But even so, this hotel stands on a very green natural environment.

This is what makes this hotel widely used as a location to unwind and also a honeymoon that is close but no less beautiful than tourist attractions abroad.

You and your partner can swim together while enjoying the beautiful and calming atmosphere and scenery. In addition, the honeymoon will also be more complete if the two of you eat at the hotel restaurant with delicious food. While eating, you and your partner can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

3. Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Room

Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference RoomThe next hotel that is perfect for you and your partner who wants to honeymoon in West Java is Aston Sentul Lake Resort. This hotel offers a very beautiful view of the lake. This lake can create a romantic atmosphere between you and your partner.

The rooms in this hotel are also very coolly designed. Carrying a modern concept that is majestic and elegant, you and your partner can spend time together in this beautiful hotel.

Activities at this hotel that you can do with your partner include enjoying the spa, having a romantic dinner at the restaurant inside, to swimming in the swimming pool in a very cool building concept and lighting arrangement.

4. The Charm of Nature Resort & Spa

Enchantment of Nature Resort & SpaPesona Alam Resort & Spa is one of the hotels with complete facilities and presents views of the mountains that spoil the eye. In addition, the atmosphere there is very cool. This is what makes this location suitable for a honeymoon.

Every corner of this hotel is very beautifully designed. Taking pictures and capturing moments with your partner in this place will not lose, both in the interior and exterior.

Each room is designed with a modern concept, but does not leave a natural impression. The furniture is dominated by wood material. So that the impression of modern and nature will blend well. Suitable for those of you who like elegant concepts.

5. Plataran Puncak Villa

Plataran Puncak VillaIf you want to find a private atmosphere while on your honeymoon, this might be the best alternative. If you stay at Plataran Puncak Villa, you and your partner will feel like staying in a private home. In addition, this private house will feel very natural because this villa is very well designed.

If you and your partner look outside, there will be a very charming view of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango.

To stay there, you will find room designs filled with warm and very elegant decorations. You and your partner can also spend time in the swimming pool and gazebo.

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6. Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique Resort

Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique ResortThe next honeymoon spot in Bogor is Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique Resort. This place is a resort located in a beautiful area. If you stay there, you and your partner can also stop by Taman Safari Indonesia because the location is close.

This inn is an inn that is located in a cool and beautiful mountain setting. So it is certain that the scenery will be very beautiful.

This resort is also dominated by wood material which will give a warm feel. You and your honeymooning partner can feel the unpolluted atmosphere of Bogor.

7. Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and Golf

Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and GolfRoyal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and Golf is a resort that has a unique concept. This resort offers 173 rooms that can be rented.

All rooms are designed with a modern, elegant and luxurious concept. You and your partner can honeymoon there while enjoying the view of Mount Geulis, even just from the window of the booked room.

Because the environment is cool and clean, you and your partner can spend time exercising in that environment. Moreover, there is also a golf course that is wide and green. Suitable for you and your partner who likes golf.

8. Padjajaran Suites Resort & Convention

Padjajaran Suites Resort & ConventionPadjajaran Suites Resort & Convention is another resort that can be used as a honeymoon location. This place offers a cool atmosphere and also a beautiful view of the silhouette of Mount Salak.

You and your partner can enjoy togetherness while creating romantic moments there. Moreover, this area is also well designed.

Each room there has a modern feel and can provide extra comfort for both of you. For facilities, you don’t need to worry because this resort is classified as a 4-star hotel, so the service is definitely cool.

9. JSI Resort

JSI ResortOne more resort with natural nuances that you and your partner can make the best honeymoon location. You and your partner can come and rent a place at JSI Resort.

There will be a green and very beautiful scenery. In addition, the facilities there are also very complete. Suitable for both of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere together.

You and your partner can swim or just enjoy the beauty of the environment. The rooms are also very cool for you and your partner to capture romantic moments.

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10. Citra Cikopo Hotel

Citra Cikopo HotelCitra Cikopo Hotel is one of the hotel accommodations that occupies a spacious and very beautiful environment. In fact, this area reaches 5 hectares.

This makes the scenery there very beautiful, spacious, and airy. Citra Cikopo Hotel also has a view towards the mountains. In addition, the facilities are also complete and very beautiful.

This place is very suitable to be used as a place to escape for a moment from a series of crowded urban environments. Each room has a traditional style which is dominated by wood material so that a more natural impression is obtained.

In addition to hotel accommodation, resorts, and villas, here are also several tourist attractions that can be used as honeymoon locations in Bogor that are no less beautiful.

11. Little Venice Peak

12. Cibodas Botanical Gardens

13. Mount Pancar Nature Tourism Park

14. Nusantara Flower Garden

15. Floating Market

16. Highland Park Resort

17. The Jungle Waterpark

18. Sindangbarang Cultural Village

19. Fly Indonesia Paragliding

20. Quarry Lake

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Those are some recommended honeymoon spots in Bogor as a reference. For your honeymoon in Bogor, you are actually free to choose a hotel or other tourist destination. But all of it must be adjusted to the tastes of each. Happy honeymoon and happy happy.

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