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16 Advantages of Cultural Tourism that You Must Know

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The world of tourism is a very broad world and has many kinds. The diversity of this type greatly affects the distribution and emergence of new tourist objects which will certainly greatly benefit the parties involved. Especially if we talk about tourism in Indonesia itself. Our country is a country that is rich in tourist attractions.

There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that we can visit, ranging from nature tourism, shopping tourism, religious and spiritual tourism, as well as sports tourism which has recently begun to get attention. One type of tourism in Indonesia is Cultural Tourism. Indonesia is a big country with many kinds of culture that makes us not inferior to other countries. There are so many advantages of cultural tourism in Indonesia. Our country has a long history and produces a lot of very high and very amazing culture.

The existence of cultural tourism in Indonesia is something that has been around for a long time and has been offered for a long time. Many travel agents or related parties always offer tourists about cultural tourism that they can visit. Cultural tourism itself has its own advantages that can be said to be different from other tourist locations. This time we will discuss the advantages of cultural tourism that we can get. In the process of converting cultural elements into tourism elements, basically there are several elements that must be owned. Some of these elements such as

  • Language
  • Public
  • Handycrafts
  • Food
  • Music and art
  • History
  • How it works and technology
  • Religion
  • Characteristics of building architecture
  • Traditional dress code
  • Education system
  • Community activities

The 12 elements above are elements that must be met by a culture in order to attract tourists to visit the location. The advantages of tourism in Indonesia are taken and summarized from the twelve elements mentioned above. From these elements, several advantages were born, such as:

1. Cultural Tourism as Educational Tourism

Education or education is a very important thing for the people of a country. This relates to the identification of the country’s identity. Culture is an important element of a country.

This is because culture is one of the important identity holders of the nation. Therefore, by learning about a culture, we will know more about the identity of our own nation, in this case the Indonesian nation.

In addition, we can also recognize the characteristics and characteristics of a nation from the culture it produces. Each country will have different cultural characteristics, by studying the elements of that culture, we can determine the basic characteristics of the nation. Cultural tourism as an educational medium is very important for the younger generation, especially children. Using this method alone will certainly be easier and more fun. We can visit various places such as, old city tour of Jakarta, Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Palace. Each of these places can be a very important educational medium.

2. Cultural Tourism as Historical Tourism

Tanah Lot TempleAnother advantage of cultural tourism that we can get is through cultural tourism we can learn history. History is an important thing that we must learn and we know. The advantages of cultural tourism as a historical tourism center are also closely related to the advantages of cultural tourism as educational tourism.

These two advantages have become a complete package. If we study the history of a culture that exists in Indonesia, then we will find various meeting points for why that culture emerged. In addition, we can also find out from the purpose of creating a culture. Cultural tourism which can also be a historical tour will be able to explain and provide knowledge for visitors about the initial function of a cultural site.

Like the initial function of Prambanan Temple, apart from the existing fairy tales. Unfortunately not many are interested in this. usually those who come just visit to just take pictures. However, more or less we should still study the history of a particular cultural site. It aims to be able to make us more appreciative of a cultural heritage site. There are so many cultural tours in Indonesia such as cultural tourism in Yogyakarta, cultural tourism in Bandung, cultural tourism in Bali.

3. Cultural Tourism as Religious and Spiritual Tourism

borobudurMany of the cultural sites in Indonesia were originally formed as places of worship. Even these sites are still functioning until now. At certain times religious sects will use the site for ceremonies.

For example, the use of Borobudur Temple for Buddhist religious ceremonies during Vesak, as well as several temples in Indonesia. The opportunity for cultural site tourism to become a religious tourism place is very likely. This is because there are still a lot of people who consider and make a certain cultural site the site of their religious sect, or that represents their beliefs. However, sometimes some cultural sites can also be spiritual tourism that has nothing to do with religion.

If we come to visit a cultural site to admire the beauty of its architecture, its splendor and the techniques used in the manufacturing process then we can feel comfortable there. The purpose of religious tourism itself is indeed a comfort that is obtained by visitors and it has nothing to do with the flow of belief. Some sites and perhaps even most cultural sites have an advantage in this regard.

4. Cultural Tourism as a Family Tourism Place

This is something that is commonly found or done in various tourist attractions. However, spending time visiting the various cultural sites that exist will certainly be very interesting to do. Especially for those who are married and have children, by visiting cultural sites we have helped preserve and teach children. This learning becomes very important, especially children will be very easily attracted by something magnificent and amazing. This can be found and realized by visiting existing cultural sites.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are still several advantages possessed by cultural tourism. Some of these advantages such as

  1. Participate in preserving culture
  2. Adding cultural insight
  3. Raising the image and dignity of the nation
  4. Cultivating a sense of love for the homeland
  5. Knowing the nation’s cultural diversity
  6. Can be a way to strengthen the unity of the nation
  7. Increase regional economic income
  8. Participate in the launch and maintain continuity
  9. Can know the type of architectural culture of a particular area
  10. Can understand and understand some local cultural activities
  11. Can foster a sense of love for the homeland in the younger generation
  12. Making cultural sites an interesting medium of knowledge

Those are the advantages of cultural tourism that you can know. There is nothing wrong with visiting cultural sites in the country, to get to know and know more about our own nation. Hopefully the information was useful.

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