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15 Must-Visit New Year’s Places in Bandung

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Bandung always keeps memories. Bandung is a city that is often visited when the holidays have arrived. The atmosphere of Bandung will indeed be very pleasant. This is because Bandung has a variety of tourist objects and interesting spots in the city to explore. Including the new year. When New Year’s Eve there may be many people who want to enjoy it with a different atmosphere. Here are some New Year’s places in Bandung that you can visit on New Year’s Eve.

1. Gasibu Field

One of the places to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and family in Bandung is Gasibu Field. Gasibu Field has indeed become the center of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Bandung every year.

The strategic location of the field and the large size of the field are the best locations to spend New Year’s Eve. Every year there will be an event held there.

This field will be very crowded on New Year’s Eve. If you want to visit it with friends or family, you will be entertained by performances or live music from several artists and also fireworks.

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2. Bukit Bintang

Star HillBukit Bintang is one of the tourist sites where visitors who come can spend the night while enjoying the view of the city of Bandung from a height. Of course the atmosphere there will be very cool at night.

This place is also often used as a cool New Year’s Eve for residents around Bandung. From there you can see fireworks from all over Bandung.

The cool atmosphere will also provide special memories for visitors who come. New Year’s Eve fireworks can also be seen from a height, so the city of Bandung will look charming at night.

3. Cliff Palace

Keraton CliffSimilar to Bukit Bintang, Tebing Keraton is also one of the places in the hills of the city of Bandung that is suitable as a place to spend New Year’s Eve.

The cliffs of the Keraton which are located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level will make visiting tourists able to enjoy the night atmosphere in the open nature which is full of beauty.

When the fireworks party occurs, of course, you can see it from the top of the Keraton Cliff and this will make the atmosphere more lively, but still close to nature.

4. West Java People’s Struggle Monument

West Java People's Struggle MonumentIf you want to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Bandung, which is close and in the city center, then this location is one of the best alternatives. Come to the West Java People’s Struggle Monument.

The location is not far from Gedung Sate and it has also been a location for spending New Year’s time in Bandung. Every year, this monument is filled with residents who want to spend time with family and friends.

This monument itself has been around since 1995. This monument is located in a large courtyard which is approximately 72,000 square meters. Therefore this location is suitable for New Years.

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5. Bandung Square Area

Bandung Square AreaThe square always has its own charm for the townspeople to gather together every time there is a big celebration. Including the square in the city of Bandung on New Year’s Eve.

In Bandung’s alun-alun there will be many people coming to enjoy the new year’s atmosphere. In addition, usually there will also be a festive fireworks display and also attract the attention of local residents.

This Bandung square is located in the center of Bandung and is very crowded every New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve there are usually roads that are closed to regulate traffic. However, the area will still be jammed.

6. Tegallega field

Tegallega fieldIn addition to the square, the Tegallega field area is also the place for the new year in Bandung, which is in the middle of the city. The location is also not far from the square so residents will crowd the location.

This field is often used as a location for fireworks displays. In addition, there are also several events that can entertain Bandung residents who come, such as concerts or live music.

If you plan to visit Bandung on New Year’s Eve, this location can be a mainstay. Especially if you are lazy to go to the outskirts of Bandung.

7. Ujungberung Square

Ujungberung SquareIn the eastern part of Bandung, there is also one place to spend New Year’s Eve, namely Ujungberung Square Park. This location is a suitable place to visit with family.

There will be many vendors who throng the location and visitors can freely buy New Year’s equipment. Starting from trumpets, food, to other objects are available there.

This location is suitable for children who want to spend time playing while waiting for the turn of the new year. But still monitor the child so that it is always under parental supervision.

8. Braga Street

Braga StreetBandung has many New Year’s spots that can be visited. One of them is the location of Jalan Braga which is a historical area in Bandung.

The Jalan Braga area is often visited by Bandung residents who want to spend their year-end vacation. Jalan Braga will always be crowded with residents.

Usually residents who come there will enjoy several attractions before nightfall. In addition, they also usually enjoy coffee or food along Jalan Braga coffee shops.

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9. Parks in Bandung

Bandung City ParksBandung also has some very beautiful city parks. City parks in the city of Bandung are also a choice or alternative for a unique new year’s place in Bandung.

The garden can also be a place to unwind. If you don’t want to go all the way to the outskirts of Bandung for the New Year, then your visit to the city park is enough.

Some of the city parks that can be visited include Labyrinth Park, City Hall Park, Vanda Park, Film Park, and Singles Park. Take your family or friends there and enjoy a fun new year’s atmosphere.

10. The Regency Government Office Complex and Gedong Sabilulungan

The Regency Government Office Complex and Gedong Sabilulungan

Want to enjoy the New Year’s Eve atmosphere in South Bandung? So this location is the best location that can be visited in the middle of the city.

The location of the district government office complex and Gedong Sabilulungan is indeed one of the locations that is routinely used as a new year’s venue in the southern part of Bandung.

The large area in the Gedong Sabiulungan area will always be crowded with local residents. There will be a New Year’s Eve celebration that is quite comfortable and also fun.

11. Lodging in Ciwidey

Where to stay in CiwideyCiwidey is one of the most famous tourist areas around Bandung. There are some of the best tourist attractions that can also be visited when traveling during the year-end holidays.

However, of course, a trip is incomplete without staying around Ciwidey. There are several lodging places in Ciwidey that feature the best New Year’s shows.

Those of you who are interested in staying there can try to book lodging before they run out. The Ciwidey Valley Resort inn can be a location to stay. In addition, there is also Green Hill Park or Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.

12. Lembang Square

Lembang SquareLembang is also one of the most famous locations in Bandung besides Ciwidey. Lembang is a location full of Bandung’s popular tourist attractions.

Those of you who travel to the Lembang area can try to enjoy the New Year’s Eve at Lembang Square. On New Year’s Eve this area will be crowded.

In addition there will be many performances, such as music, bazaars, and also several other events that are worth enjoying with family or friends.

13. Moko Hill

Moko HillIf you want a more different atmosphere, try stopping by Moko Hill. Moko Hill is one of the best locations to see the beauty of Bandung from a height.

You can imagine when New Year’s Eve occurs. So, the various fireworks displays that are being held in Bandung will be seen from above and it will give a distinct impression if you can see it from a height.

The location is in Cimenyan Village, Bandung Regency. The best time to go there is in the afternoon to get a great view of the sunset.

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14. Dago area

Dago areaDago area is one of the interesting areas in Bandung City to visit. Not only because it is a location that has many tourist attractions, but also because it has quite a lot of cool places to eat.

You and your friends can enjoy New Year’s Eve while enjoying a cup of coffee and some light snacks at one of the restaurants in the Dago area.

Of course, at the turn of the year, there will be several places to eat that hold certain events to attract visitors.

15. Tourist attractions in Cimahi

Tourist attractions in CimahiIn addition, there are also several tourist attractions in the Cimahi area that can be visited to enjoy year-end holidays. Invite all family members together to visit the tourist location.

Some of the attractions in Cimahi that can be visited include Curug Cimahi. There is also a Butterfly Park and other interesting Cimahi natural attractions.

You and your family or friends can also stay while enjoying quality time together and enjoy vacation time more freely.

Those are some of the New Year’s places in Bandung that you can visit with friends or family to enjoy New Year’s Eve or year-end holidays in Bandung. Hopefully it can provide a useful reference.

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