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15 Most Recommended Shopping Tour Alternatives in Jogja

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Jogja is one of the tourist cities that is often visited by tourists to enjoy natural, historical, cultural, and culinary tourism. In addition, Jogja is also a tourist area that is also often visited by tourists to look for souvenirs or handicrafts typical of Jogja. So do not be surprised if there are many people who do not miss the opportunity to shop in Jogja. Especially before returning to their respective cities. All tourists will definitely visit some of the following shopping attractions in Jogja.

1. Malioboro

Malioboro is still a favorite tourist destination to this day. This area seems to have no end. From morning to night, even until morning again, Malioboro never sleeps. Even Malioboro can be explored as one of the Tips for a Day Vacation in Jogja for tourists who don’t have much vacation time.

The Malioboro area is not only suitable for cultural tours, where tourists can enjoy the hangout culture of Jogja residents, but also suitable as a shopping location which is still victorious to this day.

Along the alleys of Malioboro Street, you can find shops selling various kinds of items that are suitable for souvenirs. Ranging from handicrafts to fashion items are there and can be purchased at relatively cheap prices.

2. Beringharjo Market

Beringharjo MarketIf you keep walking from Tugu Station towards Malioboro, then at the end of Malioboro there will be a traditional market which can also be used as a recommended shopping destination in Jogja.

Its name is Beringharjo Market. This market also sells a variety of items suitable for souvenirs. In addition, many also sell food to be eaten as Jogja Culinary Tourism.

Tourists who do not find what they are looking for in Malionoro, can go to this market as an alternative shopping material. Who knows in this market there are items that are being sought. Even in this market, there are also those who sell vintage items to gadgets, you know.

3. Klithikan Market

Klithikan MarketKlithikan market is often also referred to as a thief’s market. Why is it called that? Because apparently this market sells a variety of used goods that are quite complete. This impression is often misunderstood by a collector of stolen goods. That’s why it’s called a thief’s market.

However, don’t assume that the impression is true, because this market is purely a market that sells used goods, such as used vehicle parts, used clothes, as well as antiques or old school items.

If you have an excessive interest in used goods to collect, or restore and then resell, then this market is perfect for your shopping trip. The market location is in Pakuncen, Wirobrajan.

4. Manding Leather Craft Center

Manding Leather Craft CenterAre you a fan of leather crafts and things made of leather? If yes, then this Manding leather craft center can be used as the best alternative for shopping as well as tourist attractions in Bantul.

There, various leather handicrafts are sold at varying prices. The cheapest price can start from IDR 70,000. While the most expensive price is around Rp. 1,000,000. Most of the products sold are fashion products.

Some fashion products that are popular and always in demand are jackets, bags, shoes, wallets, and small trinkets. The location is on Jalan Parangtritis KM 11, Bantul. Although it is quite far from the center of Jogja, the shopping experience there will not disappoint.

5. Empty

emptyKasongan is one of the recommended shopping places in Jogja for those of you who like decorations and decorations such as displays. Kasongan itself is an area that is famous as a center for pottery or ceramics.

Many tourists like to shop there, especially those who really want to buy decorations from ceramic materials. Most of these decorations are in the form of vases, urns, statues, and also decorations for walls.

Kasongan location is in Bangunjiwo Village. Still in the Bantul area, Kasongan can also be visited as an interesting and distinctive alternative for shopping.

6. Krebet Tourism Village

Krebet Tourism VillageThere is another interesting tourist attraction as well as shopping tourism in Jogja, namely Krebet Tourism Village. This tourist village is one of the villages that makes a variety of batik crafts.

In contrast to the type of batik made on cloth, the residents of Krebet Tourism Village make batik on wood. Some of the materials used for batik include wooden masks, wooden key chains, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden bracelets, and so on.

The interesting thing about this craft is that tourists can also see firsthand how the batik is made. If you really like unique art objects, there’s no harm in stopping by there.

7. Keris Craft Center

Keris Craft CenterKeris is often considered as a sacred object. But basically, the keris is one of the masterpieces that has high artistic value. Keris is also still well produced at the Keris Craft Center in Banyusumurup Village, Imogiri.

Tourists who really like antiques can try to come there. The production of this keris is carried out by kris craftsmen whose knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation from Empu Djiwo Diharjo and continues to this day.

In fact, in the past, Empu Djiwo Diharjo used to make kris for nobles or high-ranking officials at home and abroad. For those of you who just want to look around, you can also visit there.

8. Kotagede

KotagedeThe next shopping tour in Jogja is Kotagede. Kotagede is also one of the Cultural Tourism in Yogyakarta, which is one of the well-known silver craft centers in Yogyakarta. Most of the tourists who come there already have plans to buy silver crafts.

But not infrequently also those who just want to learn how silversmiths can make works of art. This silver center is mostly made for fashion purposes, namely making jewelry.

However, there are also many silver handicrafts that are used as displays or decorations such as souvenirs in the form of puppets, temples, and also other forms. If interested, please come to Kotagede which is not far from the center of Jogja.

9. Gabusan Art Market

Gabusan Art MarketThe Gabusan Art Market is one of the markets with a fairly complete collection. As the name suggests, this market sells various kinds of art objects that come from several craft centers that have been mentioned above.

This market occupies an area of ​​4 hectares. This large area can allow you to find any art items you may be looking for. This market is also an alternative shopping tour for those of you who don’t have time to stop by the art craft center.

There are many art objects for sale, including leather, earthenware, silver, wood, bamboo, metal, and so on. All products are sold by block so they are easier to find.


PASTYPASTY is one of the recommendations for shopping tours for tourists who like animals or animals. Yogyakarta has an animal shopping area called PASTY. Suitable for those of you who are looking for animals to be kept.

PASTY is an abbreviation of Yogyakarta Animal and Ornamental Plants Market. The location is on Jalan Raya Bantul, Dongkelan. Apparently from the name, not only animals are sold, but also plants.

Tourists who stop by PASTY will find a variety of animals and plants being traded. Look for your favorite animals to keep as unique souvenirs from Jogja.

11. Shopping

ShoppingThere is another recommendation for shopping in Jogja for fans of rare books. His name is Shopping. This location is often visited by students who are looking for rare books.

If you are a book reader who likes rare books, then try to come to Shopping. In this place, there will be several shops selling various kinds of books with various genres.

The location is also easy to reach, which is next to the Yogyakarta Smart Park. Actually, the original name of Shopping is Taman Pintar Book Complex, but the local people know it better as Shopping.

12. Sports Street Spill Market

Sports Street Spill MarketThere are other shopping places that can be visited while in Jogja. Spilled Market on Sports Street. This market is a type of Sunday market that only operates on Sundays.

You can visit the UGM Valley area, from Jalan Sport to Jalan Notonagoro. Every week this location will be very crowded with local residents and tourists.

This location also sells various kinds of knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, bags, food, and also various daily necessities. Suitable as a tourist location to enjoy the crowds in Jogja on weekends.

13. Bakpia Pathok 145

Bakpia Pathok 145Who doesn’t know bakpia pathok? This typical food souvenir from Jogja still occupies the position of a favorite shopping tour for tourists as a mandatory souvenir when visiting Jogja.

No wonder, because it tastes very good and can also be selected based on the variant of each person’s favorite taste. Bakpia pathok can also usually be tasted while warm.

Most people probably know this bakpia pathok 145 in an area close to Malioboro only. But actually this bakpia already has branches in several other locations spread across Jogja.

14. Violetta Sweet Potato Brownies

Violetta Sweet Potato BrowniesBesides Bakpia Pathok, there is another favorite food that tourists often buy as a souvenir from Jogja, namely Violetta purple sweet potato brownies. This food is also very tasty and much sought after.

The location is on Jalan Cane Mangli Gedongan, Kotagede, Yogyakarta. The taste of this brownie is very unique because it is made from natural ingredients of purple sweet potato. Purple sweet potato itself is very beneficial for health.

If you’ve never tried it, try shopping there. Each box of purple sweet potato brownies is sold at a price of approximately IDR 27,000. Cheap enough right?

15. Honey Mongso Pak Yan

Mr. Yan's Mongso HoneyHoney mongso is a traditional Javanese food that has a sweet and sour taste. This food is a favorite food that tourists often go to to buy souvenirs in the form of snacks.

The location is in the Sokowaten area, Purbayan, Kotagede, Yogyakarta. This food is actually East Javanese food. But it is also popular in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

For those of you who want to buy it, the price of this mongso honey is sold differently, depending on the variant you buy. The price per package of 10 is IDR 8,000, while the price per kilo is around IDR 59,000.

Those are some alternative shopping tours in Jogja with their own uniqueness. Hopefully this article can provide useful recommendations.

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