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15 Most Recommended Cheap Year-End Holidays

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New Year can be a memorable time if it is celebrated with joy. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many people who take time off to be able to spend vacation time with family and friends. Most of them travel to a place or city just to get that unique atmosphere while looking for experience. But not a few are also willing to go far abroad and spend a lot of money during the new year. Even though domestic tourism is still not finished to be explored one by one, and certainly cheaper. Here are some recommendations for cheap year-end holidays in Indonesia that you can do.

1. Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia and is the nation’s capital city. The city of Jakarta certainly has its own charm so that very many people come to Jakarta and live there.

If you live in Jakarta, you don’t have to go far to spend the New Year’s holiday. Stay in your city and enjoy cheap fireworks there.

In Jakarta, there are many gathering points to enjoy the turn of New Year’s Eve, such as at Monas, the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Kota Tua, and so on. On the next day, you and your friends can still find cheap places to gather and take a vacation.

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2. Bandung

BandungBandung can also be a place to spend cheap New Year’s holidays. Bandung, which is not far from the capital city and is also one of the big cities, is also often visited by tourists from various regions.

When New Year’s Eve arrives, you and your friends who travel to Bandung can enjoy New Year’s Eve for free at various gathering points that have been provided by the Bandung local government.
Or you can also enjoy Bandung from a height in several suburbs of Bandung.

The next day, look for tourist objects that can be visited. Bandung has a lot of tourist attractions and can be visited without having to spend a lot of money. Interesting right?

3. Jogja

JogjaBesides Bandung, one of the tourist cities that can be visited during the New Year’s holiday is Jogja. Jogja, which is in the middle of Java Island, is a strategic location to be reached. But of course you have to order tickets in advance.

In Jogja there are also many spots that can be visited during New Year’s Eve celebrations for free and cheap. The Malioboro or Keraton area can be used as a location for a festive fireworks party.

In addition, because Jogja is a tourist location, of course, the next day you and your friends can look for cheap Jogja tourist objects that you can visit, ranging from nature tourism to cultural tourism, which are there and you are free to choose as you wish.

4. Semarang

SemarangNot far from Jogja, the city of Semarang, which is the capital of the province of Central Java, is also one of the recommendations for cheap year-end holidays in Indonesia. Come out there and see for yourself.

On New Year’s Eve, of course, you can visit the gathering point for New Year’s celebrations or fireworks parties in Semarang, such as in the Simpang Lima area or at other celebration centers.

In addition, to spend the rest of the year-end vacation time, in Semarang there are also many tourist attractions and photo spots that can be visited with ticket prices that are not so expensive.

5. Poor

PoorWho doesn’t know Malang? The second largest city in East Java also stores everything you need to spend the New Year’s holiday. And of course everything in Malang is cheap. Starting from food to the price of admission to tourist attractions.

New Year’s Eve can be enjoyed in the center of Malang City, namely in the square or it could be in the Tugu Malang area. Every year there will always be fireworks held in the center of the crowd.

The next morning, tourists can search for tourist attractions in Malang and its surroundings. Starting from nature tourism to culinary tourism, Malang is available and can be enjoyed at affordable prices.

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6. Banyuwangi

BanyuwangiBanyuwangi, at the tip of East Java, also holds all kinds of beauty that can be visited at low prices. The city of Banyuwangi itself is still a simple city, but deserves to be visited by tourists during the new year.

Every year, Banyuwangi has various celebrations that aim to introduce Banyuwangi tourism to tourists who come from outside the city. Then you can take advantage of this to get a new atmosphere in Banyuwangi.

In addition, in the vicinity there are many tourist attractions that can be visited at affordable prices. Most of them are natural attractions, such as Mount Ijen, to the range of beaches along the Banyuwangi coastline.

7. Bali

BaliBali can also be one of the cheap year-end vacation recommendations in Indonesia. If you are interested, then try to find tickets to Bali in advance, and get an interesting New Year’s atmosphere.

In Bali, of course, there are many spots to spend New Year’s Eve that are cheap, even free. Just come to Kuta Beach or to other Bali bustling centers and enjoy the fireworks party there.

At the beginning of the year greeting, in Bali there are still many free tourist attractions that can be visited without having to spend a lot of money. Or you can also look for newly opened tourist attractions to get the opportunity to travel with cheap ticket prices.

8. Rock

RockBatu is a city directly adjacent to Malang and Malang Regency. This small town is a city that is famous for its cool tourist town because it is located at an altitude.

In Stone Town there are many things to do to spend New Year’s Eve. One of them is to enjoy a fireworks display in Batu square. In addition, there are also many villas that can be rented to hold a perfunctory party with friends.

When morning comes, try stopping by some of the attractions in Batu such as the Angkut Museum, Jatim Park, or other natural attractions. You can also enjoy New Year’s Eve by camping in the Batu city area.

9. Surabaya

SurabayaThis metropolitan city can be an alternative for a cheap year-end vacation in Indonesia. Surabaya certainly has many tourist attractions and culinary riches that can arouse the taste buds.

Tourists who want to spend New Year’s Eve in Surabaya can visit crowded spots and Surabaya fireworks display points which are held every year. In addition, there are also interesting activities that can be done in Surabaya, namely culinary tourism.

You and your friends or family who like culinary tourism can come to Surabaya and also enjoy the panorama of this city at an inexpensive price.

10. Bogor

BogorThe Bogor area still has its own charm to be a cheap New Year’s holiday location. Bogor has the Puncak area which will always be crowded with tourists, either before or after New Year’s Eve.

If you live in the Greater Jakarta area, then Puncak Bogor can be one of the recommendations for an interesting new year celebration place. You can rent an inn and hold a simple party with family members or friends.

In addition, when the morning comes, there are still many tourist attractions that can be visited with inexpensive ticket prices.

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11. Bandar Lampung

Bandar LampungThis city in the province of Lampung is also easy and cheap to visit. Moreover, the distance from Jakarta is also not so far and of course affordable. Those of you who live in Jakarta can try to come there during the end of the holiday and the beginning of the new year.

There are several attractions that can be visited during the holidays. One of them is White Sand Beach. The location of this beach is not far from the city center and can be visited easily.

In addition, there is also a Lampung icon that can be visited with cheap ticket prices, namely the Siger Tower. To enter there, you only need a ticket for Rp. 5,000.

12. Palembang

PalembangPalembang is also one of the cities that can be visited to spend the New Year’s holiday which is quite cheap. If you come from that city, then you don’t need to go anywhere to enjoy vacation time to save costs.

In Palembang, most people will gather in city parks to enjoy the new year’s atmosphere. There are also those who come to the Musi River or enjoy the atmosphere at the Ampera Bridge.

If you are interested in traveling to Palembang during the final and early new year holidays, then you can enjoy the typical Palembang atmosphere on the Musi River and do various interesting activities there, such as culinary tours.

13. Medan

MedanThe next city that can be visited during a cheap end and early year tour is Medan. Medan is one of the big cities in North Sumatra that will welcome you with open arms.

At the turn of the new year, there is a big performance which is usually held at Merdeka Square, Medan. The event will end with a very lively fireworks display and definitely looks beautiful.

In addition, there are also several exhibitions, competitions, and also religious events held to welcome the new year’s eve. You can also travel to Lake Toba the next day to get a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

14. Padang

fieldPadang is also one of the recommended cities for a cheap year-end vacation. There are also many locations that are usually used as community gathering points to enjoy the new year’s atmosphere.

You can visit Lake Laut Live for a tour at the beginning of the new year. In addition, there are also religious tourism sites such as the Great Mosque of West Sumatra which can be visited.

There are still many other tourist locations in Padang that are cheap and you can visit. In addition, this city also has a culinary wealth that is a pity to pass up.

15. Makassar

MakassarThis city is known as a bustling city when the peak of New Year’s Eve occurs. You and your family can try to come to Makassar to enjoy the year-end holiday atmosphere.

There, usually the center of the crowd is on Losari Beach. This beach is always crowded, especially on New Year’s Eve. Many tourists who come to hunt culinary while waiting for the fireworks.

In addition, in Makassar there are also many other tourist objects that can be visited the next morning. Of course, to travel to Makassar does not require a fairly expensive cost.

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Those are some recommendations for cheap year-end holidays in Indonesia that can be visited with family or friends. Hopefully useful and happy holidays.

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