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15 Cities in Norway that You Must Visit When On Vacation – Overseas Tour Packages

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Norway is a country in Europe full of unimaginable beauty and very interesting to explore. This is because, Norway is famous for its stunning mountains, beautiful fjords (bays made of melted glaciers), and stunning lakes. Apart from that, Norway also has vibrant cities, which offer a number of attractions and activities that tourists are sure to enjoy, with remnants of a Viking settlement, fantastic museums and several bars. If you are planning a vacation to Europe, then it never hurts to include Norway on your list.

Here are some cities in Norway that you must visit while on vacation.

1. Bergen

Bergen is a city that was once the capital of Norway. The city is situated in a spectacular location and you are sure to love the scenery that surrounds it. The city of Bergen is surrounded by seven hills, as well as seven fjords, brightly colored city buildings and some fantastic wooden houses in the city center that were used for commerce in the past. With several well-stocked art museums, a lively music scene, and lively nightlife, Bergen has a fun atmosphere to explore. Some of these factors make Bergen a city in Norway that you must visit while on vacation.

2. Haugesund

Haugesund is a small town in Norway that was once an important fishing port. However, at this time, it was the oil industry that was driving Haugesund and keeping the city moving forward. The city has a fairly lively atmosphere as it is located in a waterfront area surrounding which there are several interesting bars and restaurants that are worthy of a visit. Since the area has been inhabited for thousands of years, there are many interesting historical sights for you to explore. In this city, you can visit ancient churches and viking farms to be truly amazing.

3. Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway filled with extraordinary architectural designs with a contemporary feel. When you’re in Oslo, you can visit educational museums, interesting galleries and enjoy amazing works of art. The city is next to the sea, with surrounding mountains making Oslo a beautiful city. In this city you can also go skiing, jungle trekking or sailing along the waters of the Oslo fjord in no time.

4. Tonsberg

Did you know that Tonsberg is actually the oldest city in all of Norway. If you’re looking for a historical-themed tourist city, then Tonsberg is the right place. In this city, you can visit an amazing old castle, several Viking ruins and graves, as well as a cool museum with a blue whale skeleton inside.

5. Trondheim

Trondheim is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. The town is also a pleasant place to stroll, as it is surrounded by forest-covered hills and sparkling waterways surrounding its colorful buildings and a picturesque old harbour. In addition, in this city there is also a stunning medieval cathedral. There is a calming feeling about the atmosphere of the streets and when people are leisurely going about their lives. You can also visit museums, great restaurants and cafes offering Norwegian specialties.

6. Dramas

Drammen is a town located not too far from Oslo with some lovely walking trails on both sides of the river that runs through the city, and the city center is easy to walk. Many tourists visit this town as a stop on their way to the nearby mines of Blafarvevaerket.

7. Alesund

Alesund is a city that is quite unique to visit because it has an eclectic mix of architectural styles. The city is also built on several islands that are next to each other, and there is a port that adds to the appeal of this city. From the nearby hills, there are some stunning views of the fjord and surrounding mountains. In addition, in this city there are also many magnificent restaurants and bars serving Norwegian food.

8. Larvik

Larvik is a city located on the southern coast of Norway. This Norwegian city has a busy port and there are several things you can do here. Fi koys Larvik, you can visit a fantastic historical museum and a new cultural center recently opened, while the old baroque lighthouse looks impressive over the sea is also an Instagramable place.

9. Stavanger

Today, the city of Stavanger is highly developed due to the nearby oil fields. Also, by the sea the city has a vibrant feel during the summer months and there are lots of great restaurants to choose from, as well as some nightlife that seems to never sleep. Many people visit Stavanger on their way to the fantastic sights of Lysefjorden and Preikestolen.

10. Lillehammer

Lillehammer is one of the cities in Norway that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994. This is because, the city is known for having a fantastic range of winter sports activities on offer. This city on the shores of Lake Mjosa also has several museums and art galleries, as well as a number of restaurants with mouth-watering menus. The city also has a beautiful view, with hills and forests all around. While there are interesting things to see and do throughout the year, winter is a great time to visit the city.

11. Tromso

Tromso is a city located in the far north of Norway, Tromso is located on an island amidst beautiful blue fjords and spectacular snow-capped mountains. As one of the northernmost places you can visit in Europe, the city is actually located about 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. As such, it is one of the best locations in Norway to view the beautiful Northern Lights.

12. Hamar

Hamar is a city located on the shores of the largest lake in Norway. This city has a surprising number due to its size. This isn’t a bad choice if you want to stop somewhere when traveling north from Oslo. The city also has the largest glass building in Europe, with the stunning ruins of the cathedral inside.

13. Stupid

Bodo is known as the largest city in the Nordic region and nebhadu an important commercial center as well as a transportation hub to the surrounding area. Bodo is a beautiful city with snow-capped peaks in the distance. Located at the end of the magnificent Kystriksveien Coastal Route, many people visit Bodo to get to the enchanting Lofoten Islands nearby. From here you can explore the wild and rocky north, making it perfect for nature lovers.

14. Kristiansand

Kristiansand is Norway’s fifth largest city with many shopping options and several restaurants and bars along the waterfront. Kristiansand also has some beautiful sandy beaches and claims to be the most popular holiday resort in Norway. In addition, the islands that are nearby are also very beautiful to explore.

15. Fredrikstad

The last city in Norway that you must visit is Fredrikstad . It is located on the banks of the Glomma river, and is known as a beautiful old fortified town that has been very well preserved. In the city, there are a number of coffee shops, restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy. In addition, the city has the impressive Kongsten fortress and distinctive moat, which is a popular tourist destination.

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