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14 KDrama Romantic Comedy Similar to A Business Proposal

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A Business Proposal is a Korean drama that is currently being discussed. Tells the story of Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) who replaces his friend on a blind date, unexpectedly his date is the boss of his own company.

Since its premiere, A Business Proposal become the audience’s favorite drama. The reason is because this drama presents a story romance interspersed with scenes that make laugh.

If you want to watch other similar Korean dramas A Business Proposal. There are several recommendations for dramas that have a similar vibe A Business Proposal. Let’s go scrolling just!

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim tells the story of a secretary who wants to quit her job but her boss holds her back and acts weird

2. You will see a guy who is famous for being fierce, turns out to be really mad at the person he loves in the drama Dali and Cocky Prince

3. For When The Camellia Blooms, the boy’s curiosity is already at an acute level. Even dare to shoot in front of the people in the village

5. The romance story of the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon couple can make you really excited to see 2 people in love

4. Not only makes you baper, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo couple also makes you laugh with their anti-mainstream behavior

6. With the theme of hate into love, So I Married The Anti-Fan tells the story of a romance that starts from the relationship of an anti-fan with an idol

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7. Every couple in Welcome To Waikiki is guaranteed to make you laugh all the time

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8. Oh My Venus teaches that love doesn’t need to be physical, every togetherness can slowly grow love

9. Drama Pasta features a backstreet couple. This is because there is a ban on dating in their restaurant

10. Not only showing romance stories, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha also has a slice of life genre. Suitable for those of you who want to heal

11. If you are a fangirl, you really have to watch Her Private Life. Telling the love story of a fangirl

12. True Beauty presents the romance of high school children who still look at the physical to fall in love

13. Lee Dam (Hyeri) surprisingly has to live with a gumiho. If you’re curious about the story, just watch My Roommate is Gumiho

14. It’s rare for an actor to play a girl. In addition to the baper love story, Tale of Nokdu also makes the characters laugh out loud

From previewit’s not interesting isn’t it? The Korean drama recommendations above are really suitable for those of you who want to laugh and laugh at the same time. Guaranteed you will fail move on after watching it.

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