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13 Popular Korean Dramas Starring Ex IOI

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IOI is a group idol formed from the event Produce 101 which airs on Mnet. girl groups consisting of eleven people began to be active in 2016 and disband in January 2017.

Having a myriad of talents, some former IOIs have debuted as actresses, you know. Their acting is often received positively by netizens and is predicted to be a successful actress in the future.

Here are thirteen popular Korean dramas starring former IOI. This can really be a spectacle to fill your spare time!

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1. Business Proposal (2022) starring Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop tells the story of an employee who goes on a blind date with the CEO, you know

2. Kim Do Yeon plays the young Jun Ji Hyun in Jirisan (2021). Although appearing briefly, his acting stole the show!

3. Still playing the young lead actress, teenage Honey Lee played by Kim Do Yeon in the drama One the Women (2021)

4. Suitable for playing comedy dramas, Kim Do Yeon is Bae In Hyuk’s younger brother in My Roommate is a Gumiho (2021)

5. Kang Mi Na became one of the main characters in Moonshine (2021). Funny and adorable, his acting successfully stole the audience’s attention

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6. The King’s Affection (2021) is the first sageuk starring Jung Chaeyeon. She plays the role of the Crown Princess, you know

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7. Not only as the main character, Kim So Hye also sings the soundtrack for the drama Her Bucket List (2021)

8. One of Kim Sejeong’s dramas that failed to move on, Uncanny Counter (2020) is a drama about evil spirit hunters

9. Flower of Evil (2020) which was busy at that time attracted Im Na Young, ex-IOI to play the teenage Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin).

10. Single & Ready to Mingle (2020) starring Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon. Friendly, the roles of the two make the audience laugh!

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11. Hotel Del Luna (2019) is a drama that is hard to forget. The chemistry of Kang Mi Na and PO Block B makes the audience baper!

12. Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018) is said to be the Korean version of Jaka Tarub. Kang Mi Na becomes a tiger demon and Moon Chae Won’s daughter

13. School 2017 (2017) became Kim Sejeong’s debut drama. He collided with Kim Jung Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon

Not only talented as idol, some former IOI also have talent in acting. The roles they play in dramas often steal attention and add to the excitement of the story. Of the thirteen dramas above, which drama is your favourite?

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