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13 Photo Spots of Senggigi Beach, WEST LOMBOK (HTM, Route, Opening Hours)

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Senggigi Beach is one of the beaches with extraordinary beauty in Lombok.

It’s not surprising, considering that Lombok is famous for its clear waters and pristine coral reefs.

The beach in NTB is always crowded by tourists who want to travel, both foreign tourists and local tourists.

In addition, access to locations that are not difficult is also very possible for anyone to reach the location.

Address and route to Senggigi beach

senggigi beach route address
Senggigi beach route address, image:

Senggigi Beach with beautiful sand beaches is located in Batu Layar, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. In order to get to this beach, the route that must be passed is not difficult.

There are many applications that can be used as a guide to arrive.

Various maps are also available at the Lombok tourism office and at hotels in general.

If you want to visit Senggigi beach, visitors can start the journey from the city of Mataram then continue with 30 minutes by motorbike or car.

Meanwhile, if visitors are Balinese tourists, they can use sea transportation, namely the ferry.

The time that will be spent is about 3 hours to the port of Bai then can only be continued to Mataram.

How much is the entrance ticket to Senggigi Beach?

Senggigi beach ticket price
Senggigi beach ticket price,

Senggigi beach entrance fee is as follows:

No Type Price
1 Entrance ticket Rp.15.000
2 Car park IDR 10,000
3 Bus parking Rp.20,000

The beach entrance price in Lombok is indeed quite affordable considering the natural beauty offered by Senggigi beach.

No wonder this beach is always crowded with visitors.

What time does Senggigi Beach open and close?

Senggigi beach opening hours
Senggigi beach opening hours, image:

This beach in Lombok can be accessed for 24 hours because there are no special rules related to operating hours.

The operating hours of Senggigi Beach allow visitors to take tours at any time.

What’s the coolest tourist attraction on Senggigi Beach?

Senggigi beach tourism object
Senggigi beach tourism object, image:

As a tourist attraction in general, Senggigi Beach also has a variety of attractions that visitors can enjoy.

Some of these attractions are as follows:

1. Snorkeling

Senggigi beach tourism object diving
Senggigi beach tourism object diving, image: Gotravela

Senggigi Beach has beautiful underwater water which is suitable as a snorkeling location.

The coral reefs here are still well preserved so that they become a favorite tourist attraction for visitors, both local and foreign.

2. Surfing

senggigi beach tourism object surfing
Senggigi beach tourism object surfing, image:

No less exciting, visitors can also enjoy surfing attractions while on Senggigi beach. This water sport is perfect for visitors who want to get their adrenaline pumping.

The waves on Senggigi beach are still suitable as a surfing location because they are still on the same coastline with the South coast.

There is a surfboard rental place on Senggigi beach, so visitors don’t have to bother bringing their own.

3. Watching the Sunset

Senggigi beach tourism object sunset
Senggigi beach sunset attraction, image:

The beach is the best spot to watch the sunset in the afternoon. This includes Senggigi beach.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the orange sunset on the western horizon in the afternoon here. It’s even very suitable while taking beach photos at this moment.

The beauty of the sunset will be felt when the weather is sunny because it can be seen perfectly.

Especially when the sun goes down, visitors will also see a beach view in the form of the appearance of Mount Agung Bali which resembles a large black pyramid soaring high into the sky as if it were floating on the sea.

4. Exercising

senggigi beach tourism object sports
Senggigi beach tourism object, sport, image:

Visitors can take advantage of the Senggigi beach location to enjoy the view while exercising to burn calories. The sports that can be done are jogging or jogging.

There is already a special jogging place on Senggigi beach so visitors don’t have to have trouble finding the location.

The activity feels even more fun with the breeze blowing and can be done with a partner to feel the romance on the beach.

5. Souvenir Shopping

Senggigi beach tourism object shopping by souvenirs
Senggigi beach tourism object shopping for souvenirs, image:

When visiting a tourist place, it’s not legal if you haven’t shopped for beach souvenirs.

Senggigi Beach itself has provided a place to buy souvenirs around the beach.

This souvenir can be used as a special gift as well as a memento from the most beautiful beach in Senggigi.

There are many knick-knacks shops around Senggigi beach, so visitors don’t need to be confused anymore.

6. Swim

Senggigi beach tourism object swimming
Senggigi beach tourism object swimming, image: Pinterest

Visitors can spend time swimming at Senggigi beach.

The beauty of the sea really attracts anyone to feel the cool sea water here. But to be more precise, visitors can use beach clothes.

However, what should be a tourist tip on this beach is expertise in swimming.

If you are not good at it or still can’t swim, you shouldn’t do it. Given the waves are quite high on this beach.

If you want to swim, you need extra supervision and it’s better to use a buoy to be safer.

After swimming, visitors can usually enjoy the typical beach food.

7. Photographing

Senggigi beach tourism object the best photo spot
Senggigi beach tourism object the best photo spot, image:

Beautiful places are indeed suitable as the most interesting tourist spots to capture the moment and its beauty portrait. Including for this Senggigi beach.

For those who like the world of photography, there are many angles that are right for capturing shots.

Simply by bringing a camera, visitors can learn while capturing pictures of the beach here.

That’s the information about Senggigi beach, starting from the address, route, entrance fee, operating hours to the attractions that are there.

Hopefully it can add information about tourist locations full of beauty in this country.

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