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13 Most-awaited Korean Drama Sequels

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Korean dramas have become global public entertainment. It’s no wonder that more and more Korean dramas are gaining great success. As a result, many people supported a number of dramas to make the next sequel. Especially if the story is still hanging in the first season.

The example is Squid Games which is confirmed to continue the second sequel after the high interest of the audience. Including Squid GamesHere are the 13 most awaited Korean drama sequels to air. There will be air this year, you know!

1. After Lee Jung Jae became the winner and took home the prize of 45.6 billion in the first sequel, Squid Game was confirmed to continue to the second sequel

2. Reportedly have started filming, Sweet Home officially continues its second season and will air in 2023

3. Will air this year, Kim Go Eun will return to the adventure of finding her true love in the drama Yumi’s Cells 2

4. Still holding Jung Hae In, the second season of DP will be reworked by continuing the previous storyline

5. Has entered the upcoming drama schedule from SBS, Taxi Driver, which is highly awaited by the audience, will continue the next sequel

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6. Led by Son Hyun Joo, The Good Detective will also soon release its second season and continue to air on JTBC

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7. Voice will continue its fifth season and keep Lee Ha Na as the main character

8. Continuing the previous story, The Fiery Priest 2 has included the names of the three main characters, namely Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun, and Lee Ha Nee

9. Arthdal ​​Chronicles season two is confirmed to air in 2023 and still hooks Song Joong Ki as the main character

10. Missing: The Other Side season two of this supernatural thriller genre is currently setting its broadcast schedule

11. Work Later, Drink Now is not satisfied with the 12 episodes that aired in the first season so it will continue to the second season

12. Released this year, Island will have two sequels starring Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, Cha Eun Woo, to Sung Joon

13 Most Awaited Sequel To Korean Drama, Squid Game IncludedKim Nam Gil ( | Lee Da Hee ( | Cha Eun Woo (

13. Discussing juvenile delinquency, Juvenile Delinquency will air on March 25 and make a prequel

13 Most Awaited Sequel To Korean Drama, Squid Game IncludedYoon Chan Young and Won Ji An on character poster for Youth Criminal drama (

After being willing to wait several years to watch the continuation of the drama above, fans are now breathing a sigh of relief because some of them will air this year. Out of all of them, which drama sequel are you most looking forward to?

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