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13 Drama OSTs sung by former Wanna One

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After disbanding in 2018, Wanna One members have never been deserted from various offers job, here. One of them is by filling soundtrack for a row of popular dramas from South Korea.

Of course this is not too surprising, if you look at the qualified vocal qualities possessed by the members. For example, there is Kim Jaehwan who was lined up to bring the OST from upcoming drama titled #1 soundtrack.

For those of you who are curious, let’s take a look at the other lists below. Keep scrollingyes!

1. Having a heart-wrenching meaning, Kim Jae Hwan’s song “If I Was” has succeeded in making the audience of Vagabond (2019) enter the storyline

2. It is very suitable to describe the love story of Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi in Her Private Life (2019), Ha Sung Woon’s “Think Of You” melts

3. In addition to starring in the drama At Eighteen (2019), Ong Seong Wu also enlivened the drama OST by singing the song “Our Story”

4. You can also hear Ha Sung Woon’s voice in the drama The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) through the OST titled “I Falling In Love”

5. Contributing his beautiful vocals, Ha Sung Woon participated in filling the OST for the drama More Than Friends (2020) through the song “Seredipity”

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6. There is a drama True Beauty (2020) which also trusts Ha Sung Woon to bring his OST entitled “Fall In You”, here

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7. The first time he brought a drama OST, Kang Daniel admitted that “Something” was the Backstreet Rookie OST (2020) which had its own challenges

8. Through the drama titled Of The Youth (2020), Kim Jae Hwan also contributed his melodious voice in the song “What If Record”. Have you heard?

9. Released in 2020, Park Ji Hoon’s song “Midnight” successfully made the drama Love Revolution (2020) even more exciting to watch

10. The OST of the popular drama Our Beloved Summer (2021) was also sung by Ha Sung Woon, you know. The song is called “Squabble”

11. Must be added to your playlist, Kim Jae Hwan’s “Be The Light” is the OST of the popular drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

12. Not to be missed, Park Ji Hoon also brought the OST for the drama At A Distance, Spring Is Green (2021) through the song “Talk To Me”

13. Well, the latest one is Kim Jae Hwan who brought the song “Talk To Me” to enliven the upcoming drama Soundtrack #1 (2022)

After looking at the list above, of course it will make you even more addicted to enjoying the melodious vocals of the Wanna One members, here. Not surprisingly, many popular dramas still trust them to fill out their OSTs. Which song is your favourite?

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