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12 Unique and Interesting 3D Photo Spots in Indonesia

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Recently, tourists have become interested in attractions that feature a variety of unique photo spots. So that tourist attractions have started to appear that offer various facilities to accommodate the photography activities of the tourists who come. The interesting thing about photo spots is the presence of three-dimensional or 3D photo spots which are currently increasingly popping up. Here are some 3D photo spots in Indonesia that are interesting to visit.

1. Alive Museum 3D Trick Art Jakarta

One of the interesting places to take pictures at a 3D tourist attraction is Alive Museum 3D Trick Art Jakarta. This tourist attraction is one of the attractions in the Ancol tourist area. There are a variety of interesting 3D paintings for photo objects.

Tourists are asked to be creative in determining various photo styles according to the themes or characters in the 3D paintings that are there. So that the imagination of tourists will be honed with the existing photo spots.

As for the concept of 3D painting in this Photo Spot in Jakarta, there are indeed various, for example the concept of travel, fantasy, horror, and many more. One photo spot that is a mainstay is the Monas painting which is a landmark of Jakarta itself.

2. Malang 3D Village

Malang 3D VillageIf you’ve heard of Jodipan Colorful Village, then try visiting there. Because in the same area, apart from colorful villages, there are also villages full of 3D paintings.

This village is directly adjacent to the Colorful Village of Jodipan Malang. The two are separated by a river. The interesting thing from there is that there are various three-dimensional themed photo spots located in residents’ housing. So that visitors can hone their imagination skills to determine the styles of taking pictures.

Formerly this village was a slum village that had no value in the city of Malang. However, in recent years the idea has emerged to change the color and concept of the village to be more friendly to tourists. Finally, now the colorful and 3D village has become one of the interesting tourist objects in the city of Malang.

3. Batam 3D Trick Art Museum

Batam 3D Trick Art MuseumIf the Alibe Museum in Jakarta is mostly made by artists from abroad, it is different from the Batam 3D Trick Art Museum. Because the three-dimensional images there are made by professional domestic artists.

There are at least 43 works of three-dimensional paintings in this place that can be used as photo spots for visitors. Most of the existing painting concepts are also more friendly to the culture of the Indonesian people themselves. Starting from clothing, art, and other things that smell of culture.

The location is at Nagoya City Walk Batam, which is in Lubuk Baja City, Batam City. You can visit from 07.00 to 21.00 WIB every day. Come and use your best imagination to take pictures in this one place.

4. De Mata Trick Eye Museum Jogja

De Mata Trick Eye Museum JogjaNot only Jakarta and Batam, Jogja also has one of the most interesting 3D photo spots in Indonesia, namely the De Mata Trick Eye Museum. The location is at XT Square Jogja which is located at Jalan Veteran No. 151 Yogyakarta.

You can find more than 120 realistic three-dimensional paintings. There are so many concepts offered there, ranging from the concept of sports, romance, circus, and also Indonesian culture, especially Jogja.

Visitors can come to this Photo Spot in Jogja from 10.00 to 22.00 WIB. The entry ticket price is quite expensive, which is IDR 75,000 for one person. Therefore, use your time well and a good imagination to travel in this place.

5. Old City 3D Trick Art Museum Semarang

Old City 3D Trick Art Museum SemarangIn Central Java, to be precise in Semarang, there is also a place for three-dimensional photos, namely at the Old City 3D Trick Art Museum. This one place is a place in the Old City of Semarang, precisely on Jalan Letdjen Suprapto Number 26.

Visitors can take pictures with various 3D backgrounds that are there. The themes that exist as 3D paintings are mostly Semarang themed. So that the typical atmosphere of Semarang remains in the concept.

The interesting thing about this place is the 3D painting which will be replaced every 4 months. So that visitors will never get bored if they have previously visited there. You can visit from 10:00 to 21:00 with a fairly cheap ticket price of IDR 40,000.

6. Dream Museum Zone Bali

Dream Museum Zone BaliThe Island of the Gods is not only famous for its beautiful natural panorama. There are also several modern tourist attractions that can be visited by tourists. One of them is the Dream Museum Zone Bali which offers various 3D photo spots in Indonesia.

This tourist spot in Bali is one of the 3D museums located on Jalan Nakula Number 33X Legian, Bali. You can visit from 09.00 to 22.00 with a ticket price of IDR 100,000 per person. Meanwhile for children, the price is IDR 80,000 per person.

Visitors who come can see approximately 120 three-dimensional paintings and can take pictures there. The painting is the work of an artist from Korea.

7. Trick Art Gallery BNS Batu

Trick Art Gallery BNS BatuHave you ever heard of BNS or the Batu Night Spectacular attraction? If you have, then you can also visit the Trick Art Gallery which is there to take pictures with the existing 3D paintings.

Batu Night Spectacular itself is a tourist attraction with many rides that are open from late afternoon to early morning. This place has a variety of rides, from those suitable for children to those suitable for testing adrenaline.

While the Trick Art Gallery itself is one of the rides there. Visitors can find several anime, egypthian, or japanese themes while visiting there. If you happen to be in the Greater Malang area, try visiting this Night Photo Spot in Malang.

8. The Illusion Batam

The Illusion BatamBesides Batam 3D Trick Art Museum, Batam also has another 3D photo spot in Indonesia, namely The Illusion Batam. This place is no less interesting than the 3D Trick Art Museum. The location is in Golden City and there are about 28 interesting photo spots that can be used as photo backgrounds.

There are various tricks and optical illusions from photo spots in The Illusion Batam. All of them have their own charm for visitors so that visitors can play their imagination to take photos and poses from the photo itself.

Inside The Illusion Batam there is also an upside down photo spot that is being hitz, like Upside Down World. This vehicle displays various upside down photo spots so that visitors can enjoy the fun of hunting photos in this place.

9. The Illusion Bogor

The Illusion BogorBesides Batam, Bogor also has The Illusion which is also one of the places to enjoy various three-dimensional photo spots in Indonesia. The Illusion in Bogor is one of the branches of The Illusion in Batam.

So the concept of The Illusion Bogor is not much different from the one in Batam. However, in Bogor there is also a 3D trick art photobooth with a different theme. This tourist spot is often visited by tourists who like unique photography.

The location is at Jalan Trita Nirwana Raya Number 119, South Bogor, Bogor City. You can visit from 08.00 am to 18.00 only. The entry ticket price is quite expensive, which is IDR 100,000 per person.

10. Amazing Art World Bandung

Amazing Art World BandungBesides Bogor, in West Java, there are other interesting 3D photo spots in Indonesia, namely Amazing Art World Bandung. This place has several 3D paintings with the concept of 3D illusions that are currently booming.

This place is located at Jalan Setiabudi No. 293, Isola, Sukasari, Bandung. There are already many tourists who know this place so it can be said that this place is never empty of visitors.

This is because the location of this tourist spot is strategic, where tourists who will visit Lembang will certainly pass the 3D museum. So there are already many tourists who are interested in visiting there. Ticket prices vary, depending on age and day of arrival.

11. Interactive Art Museum Bali

Interactive Art Museum BaliBack to Bali. Besides the Dream Museum Zone, Bali still has another 3D photo spot, namely the Interactive Art Museum. This one place is also one of the modern tourist attractions in Bali which is often visited by tourists who like unique photography.

The interesting thing about this photo spot is that not only there are various 3D paintings that can be used as photo objects, but there is also an Upside Down World or upside down photo spot which makes it even more unique.

The location is at the Bajra Sandhi Monument which is on Jalan Raya Puputan, South Denpasar, Denpasar Bali. The entrance ticket itself also varies, depending on the age and origin of the city or country of the tourists themselves.

12. 3D Museum of Oil and Gas Pertamina Asset 2 Palembang

3D Museum of Oil and Gas Pertamina Asset 2 PalembangPalembang also has an interesting three-dimensional photo spot in Indonesia, which is in the 3D Oil and Gas Museum Pertamina Asset 2 Palembang. This photo spot is unique and quite different from other 3D Museums in other cities.

This is because the three-dimensional painting concept there has a truly unique concept, where the existing paintings mostly describe the work environment or work process of Pertamina. So that ordinary people can know things that happen within Pertamina’s scope of work.

However, there are also several photo spots that do not display the concept or display things other than Pertamina. However, this place is quite recommended for those of you who live in Palembang to visit there.

Those are some explanations about 3D photo spots in Indonesia that you need to know. Hopefully the information above is useful for you.

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