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12 Tourist Attractions in Magelang that are Suitable for Vacation

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City of a million flowers. That’s the tagline owned by the city of Magelang today, if you come to visit Magelang from the direction of Semarang, then this tagline will pop up at the entrance gate. You will be greeted by a stretch of flowers along the streets of Magelang. Especially when the blooming season arrives, the colorful flowers spoil the eye. In the past, Magelang was one of the districts included in the province of Central Java, but in 1950 based on Law no. 13 in 1950, Magelang turned into a city with the capital in Mungkid.

So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word Magelang? Borobudur temple? Yep. In Magelang, there is a very magnificent and famous world heritage icon throughout the country, the Borobudur temple. But if you visit Magelang, it’s not only Borobudur temple that you must visit, there are lots of exotic and epic tours in Magelang city which is a tourist spot in Central Java, what do you want to know?

Here are the tourist attractions in Magelang that will amaze you with their charm:

  1. Borobudur temple

Who does not know the Borobudur temple? Yep, the temple was once crowned in the list of one of the 7 wonders of the world and today is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. So, it’s a pleasure if you haven’t visited this temple today. Borobudur Temple is also an icon of the city of Magelang, it is even used as an icon of the province of Central Java because of its fame and very high cultural value.

This temple has a basic shape like punden terraces, where along the walls have 1460 reliefs that tell the life of that time, and above it there are 506 stupas that are dashing to welcome your arrival. This Borobudur temple was built on a height, with a very wide expanse of green gardens, surrounded by many plants and plants, the atmosphere is very beautiful and refreshing, very suitable for your family vacation, besides taking a vacation, in this place you can also learn the history of the greatness of the ancestors at that time. Highly recommended to visit and that is one of the advantages of tourist attractions in Indonesia.

  1. Keep Pass

Keep PassKetep Pass is a very epic natural scenery, its location is in the Magelang area, more precisely this Ketep Pass is located between two large mountains, namely Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Try to imagine, being between two giants of nature. The view is amazing. Moreover, in Ketep Pass, there is already a mini cinema, and a volcanology museum. This mini cinema is used to play documentation of the eruption of Mount Merapi from year to year, you can say the history of the eruption of Mount Merapi you can learn here.

If you look with your eyes you feel less annoying, You can rent binoculars to see the peaks of Merapi and Merbabu arrogance. You will be charged only Rp. 3000 to be able to use the binoculars. How? Cheap isn’t it?

  1. Kyai Eternal Park

Kyai Eternal ParkKyai Langgeng Park is located in the heart of Magelang, so access and paths are very easy to reach. That’s why every day there are lots of local and foreign tourists who flock to the Kyai Langgeng park. Because the Kyai Langgeng park is a tourist spot that is very suitable for family recreation, and to this day it is very popular with the community.

What’s wrong with the eternal kyai park? Yep! Inside the Kyai Langgeng park there is a large collection of rare plants, dinosaur statues in a similar size to the real thing, there are airplane prototypes as well, and many rides. For your children and children, here there are also children’s play facilities and a swimming pool. So, Kyai Langgeng Park is indeed the right choice for your family weekend trip.

  1. Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Kedung Kayang WaterfallKedung Kayang Waterfall is located not far from the Ketep Pass viewing post, the location of this waterfall is on the border between two districts, namely the Wonolelo Village area, Sawangan-Magelang District and Klakah Village, Selo-Boyolali District and is one of the waterfalls in Indonesia. Kedung Kayang Waterfall is a waterfall that has a height of up to 40 meters, with a very heavy flow of water giving a cool and cold sensation when you are nearby. The foam is flying and the air here is also very cool and beautiful because it is located in the mountains.

To be able to enjoy the natural sensation of the Kedung Kayang waterfall, you only need to spend Rp. 2500 for a badge, very cheap, right? Cheap tours with high quality, that’s the Kedung Kayang waterfall. For those of you who like traveling nature, I think you should visit this tour.

  1. Sekar Langit Waterfall

Sekar Langit WaterfallAfter visiting the Kedung Kayang waterfall in the eastern area of ​​Magelang Regency, you can quench your thirst for tourism to Sekar Langit Waterfall which is located in the western region of Magelang, precisely at the foot of Mount Andong, Grabag District, Magelang Regency. According to a story that is believed to have been passed down from generation to generation by the local community, it was the Sekar Langit waterfall that was used to bathe the beautiful angels in the famous Joko Tarub folklore. Do you believe? Prove it yourself.

Sekar Langit Waterfall does offer a beautiful panorama, the scenery around the waterfall is very beautiful and natural, the gurgling sound of falling water feels very calming, especially the shady trees around the waterfall provide an incomparable coolness.

6. Silawe Waterfall

  Silawe WaterfallCurug Silawe is a natural tourist attraction in the Magelang area which is rarely visited by tourists, because of its hidden location. Silawe Waterfall is located in Kopeng Kulon Hamlet, Sutopati Village, Kajoran District, Magelang. The road to Silawe waterfall is actually very beautiful, with trees on either side of the road, but unfortunately access to this tour is still not good, there are still many damaged roads. Indeed, there needs to be a touch from the local government so that the Silawe waterfall tourist location can be properly accessed and other supporting facilities are built, so that it can revive Silawe waterfall tourism which as a result can lift the local community’s economy and local government income.

Curug Silawe belongs to the category of natural tourism, the scenery here is still very natural, typical of the mountains, with small hills that can accompany you on your journey, and shady trees that can calm the nerves of the mind.

  1. Andong Mountain

Andong MountainSome areas of Magelang Regency are indeed surrounded by mountains, one of the mountains in Magelang Regency is Mount Andong. Every day and weekend there are many nature lovers and travelers who climb and spend time on the top of Mount Andong. Because Mount Andong is a friendly mountain to climb, the climbing route is not too difficult, like other large mountains such as Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing or others and is a suitable tourist spot for backpackers. This Andong Mountain has a height of 1,726 meters above sea level, to be able to reach the highest peak the average climber takes about 1.5 hours or 2 hours. For amateur climbers, take it easy, this mountain is a little easy to access.

Above the highest peak you can see the expanse of land in Magelang, Central Java above the clouds, the sunrise and sunset are very charming. The beauty of the natural panorama is also very soothing, you can learn a lot from nature. Oh yes, on top of the peak you can also enjoy a cup of coffee, because on Mount Andong there is already an awrga shop that operates selling various supplies and personal protective equipment. So, even if you are in nature, you should not be afraid of starvation. You can still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with a different atmosphere and sensation. How?

  1. Bukit Tidar Magelang

Bukit Tidar MagelangBukit Tidar Magelang acts as a cooler in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city of Magelang, Bukit Tidar is a green open land that can cool and spoil the eyes of tourists. This hill holds extraordinary tourism potential, you will be able to see views of the city of Magelang on a hill, unspoiled trees in the middle of the city, and a soothing panorama when you are frantic.

In Bukit Tidar there is also a religious tour, you can make a pilgrimage to the petilasan of Syech Subakir, a cleric from Persia who is one of the spreaders of Islam in Central Java.

  1. Mendut Temple

Mendut TempleMendut Temple is located on Jalan Mayor Kusen, Mungkid City, Magelang. This temple is located about 3 kilometers from the very famous Borobudur temple. According to historians, Mendut temple is a temple that is estimated to have been built during the reign of King Indra of the Syailandra dynasty. The basic building of the Mendut temple is made of bricks which are then covered with a layer of natural stone. Inside the temple, there are 3 famous statues, namely the statue of Dyah Buddha Cakyamuni tau vairocanna, Avalokitesvara statue and the Bodhista Vajrapani statue.

Around the Mendut temple complex there is also a dormitory that accommodates monks, to undergo spiritual practice and take pilgrims and explore Buddhism. They are very friendly and very open across religions.

  1. Pawon Temple

Pawon TempleThe next tourist attraction in the form of temples in Magelang Regency is Pawon Temple, this temple is very close to Borobudur Temple, the location of Pawon Temple is in Borobudur Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency.

This Pawon temple is very closely related to the Borobudur and Mendut temples. If explored in depth, it turns out that the position of the Mendut Temple, the Pawon Temple and the Borobudur Temple are in a straight line. This unique phenomenon that is thought to be not a coincidence has not yet been solved and is still being debated by archaeologists. but what is clear and certain, the three temples are both relics of the greatness of Buddhism in Indonesia at that time.

11. Sudirman Museum

  Sudirman MuseumMagelang is indeed a cool city, not only natural attractions are abundant, the city of Magelang is also rich in historical tourism. In addition to the temples mentioned above, one of the historical sites that is a pity to miss to commemorate the greatness of the General who was instrumental in defending this motherland is the Sudirman Museum.

This museum is located on Jalan Ade Irma Suryani No C-7 or more precisely in the south corner of Badaan Park, but unfortunately the Sudirman museum is empty of visitors because it could be our lack of awareness of history or it could be due to a lack of promotion from the local government. The Sudirman Museum is the former home of General Sudirman before he died, which the regional government took over to be used as a museum as a tribute to his services and as learning material for the younger generation to instill national values ​​and love for the motherland.

  1. Rafting On the Progo River

Rafting On the Progo RiverTo end the tour in Magelang City, there’s nothing wrong with trying rafting on the Progo river. For those of you who have a high adventurous spirit and adrenaline as thick as steel, this Rafting tour is perfect. Rafting on the Progo River has a 12 km long track or if taken, it takes about 3 hours to wade through it. How? You are interested? If you are interested in this rafting tour, you can come directly to the committee post at Griya Tok Songo Housing – Magelang City.

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Magelang, the city of a thousand flowers, a city that offers amazing natural and historical attractions. Okay!!, So, when are you going to visit Magelang? Happy holidays brother..!!

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