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12 Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra and Surrounding Areas

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Bukittinggi is one of the most crowded cities when tourists visit West Sumatra. The cool air with a variety of interesting tourist destinations, makes this city a favorite for travelers. Here is a list of tourist attractions that you can visit while traveling to Bukittinggi.

  1. Anai Lembah Valley Waterfall

The Anai Valley stretches along the Padang City to Bukittinggi road. The name Lembah Anai is widely used as the name of a Padang restaurant, you know. When you pass the road, you will find a waterfall with a size that is not too large (medium) located on the edge of the road.

In addition to being one of the tourist destinations that are often visited by tourists because of its different location from most waterfalls, the view of the Anai Valley itself is indeed enchanting and spoils our eyes along the way.

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  1. Kinantan Cultural and Wildlife Park

Kinantan Cultural and Wildlife ParkThis tourist location is one of the oldest zoos. And is the only zoo in the city of West Sumatra with the most complete collection of various kinds of animals on the island of Sumatra.

The construction of this wildlife park was originally carried out by the Dutch government in the 1900s. The initial name of this zoo was stormpark (flower garden). The entrance ticket is priced at R 5,000 on weekdays and IDR 8,000 on holidays.

In this zoo or wildlife park, children will definitely have an experience they will never forget, they can see animals that they may have never seen before. In addition, at this tourist location there are several museums that you should not miss, including the zoology museum and aquarium with the shape of a fish-like building. To enter each of these museums, we have to pay another ticket of Rp. 1000,-.

  1. Clock Tower

The next tourist spot in Bukittinggi is the Clock Tower. The place which is an icon or symbol of the City of Bukittinggi is right in the middle of the city. You can also go up to the Jam Gadang building. And this tourist attraction is identical to the Province of West Sumatra. It doesn’t feel complete if you have a vacation to Bukittinggi, West Sumatra but don’t visit here.

The view of the entire city of Bukittinggi will be seen when you enter and climb up to the top of the Clock Tower. When in the morning and afternoon you will see many people passing by, and at night the view of the city with bright lights will make Bukittinggi even more beautiful. Oh, yes, Jam Gadang means big clock.

  1. Baanjuang Puti Bunsu Traditional House

This tourist attraction is in the form of an ethnographic museum with a unique shape, namely Rumah Gadang. The location is in the Kinantan Cultural and Wildlife Park area. When you enter the museum, you can see a variety of museum collections consisting of historical and cultural objects from the Minang realm.

Examples include agricultural equipment, traditional clothing, pottery, Minangkabau altars to ancient currency. What’s interesting is that you can take photos when you are on the aisle complete with Minangkabau traditional clothes. Well, if we look from the wildlife park, we will see a bridge that connects this location with the Fort de Cock Fort which is opposite.

  1. Fort de Cock

Fort de CockTourist attractions Fort de Cock is a Dutch fort. In the past, this fort was used by the Dutch army as a fortress when facing resistance from the Minangkabau people. Especially after the war of the priests occurred, namely in 1821-1837.

Now, the building of this fort is still the same as before. The fort is of medium size, not too big, 20 meters high, has white and green paint, and on all four corners there are cannons. Because of this tall building, if you climb to the top of this fort you can see the scenery around which is full of trees.

  1. Ampek Puluah

Ampek PuluahThe next tourist spot in Bukittinggi is Janjang Ampek Puluah. Janjang Ampek Puluah in Indonesian means stairs with a total of 40. It is true, this location is in the form of stairs of which there are 40. Its function is to connect the lower market and the upper market.

This ladder is quite unique and gets a lot of attention from some people. The 40 stairs are high enough to see into the distance around the Bukittinggi market, therefore visitors often come to take pictures in the middle of the stairs.

  1. Bukittinggi Market

Bukittinggi MarketThis is arguably a shopping tour in Bukittinggi. The exact location of this market is behind the Clock Tower. The Bukittinggi market is divided into 3 parts, namely the lower market, the slopes, and the upper market. Each section has different types of objects that are sold.

For the lower market, you can find many traders who sell various kinds of vegetables and fruits, not to forget the ready-made spices that can be used to make various types of delicious Padang dishes. Shifting to the slope market, you will find many culinary vendors or typical souvenirs from West Sumatra, including dadiah, karakaliang, balado chips, to souvenirs, all of which are available.

Oh, yes, this location is called the slope market because of its location which is a bit sloping. As for the upper market itself, you will see there are many sellers of fish, clothes, and Padang embroidery. Well, for those of you who like shopping trips, this place is highly recommended. Don’t forget, if you shop here you have to use your bargaining stance to get the desired item at a cheaper price.

  1. Bung Hatta Museum

This museum is true to its name, in ancient times it was Bung Hatta’s residence or house. When you enter the museum, you will see a large collection of objects belonging to Bung Hatta. Among them are antique clocks, chairs, tables, cupboards, books, bicycles, and even beds.

Bung Hatta museum opening schedule is every day starting at 08.00-16.00 (Monday-Friday) and 09.00-14.00 (Saturday-Sunday). Outside of this schedule, entry to this museum will not be paid or free. For those of you who are still curious about this one tourist location, please visit while on vacation to Bukittinggi.

  1. Sianok canyon

Ngarai Sianok is a steep valley and its location is on the border of Bukittinggi City. The gorge is 100 meters deep and stretches for 15 km with a width of 200 meters. The shape of the valley is elongated and winding.

This Sianok canyon stretches from the south of the Koto Gadang Gorge to the Sianok Anam Tribe Nagari with its end in Palupuh District. This Sianok canyon has an alluring natural panorama with many trees nearby and is very pleasing to the eye.

To be able to enjoy the alluring natural scenery, please visit Panorama Park with an entrance ticket priced at IDR 4,000 for one person. Pretty cheap, right?

  1. Bung Hatta Palace

Bung Hatta PalaceAnother tourist spot in Bukittinggi is the Bung Hatta Palace. Bung Hatta Palace, also known as the Tri Arga State Building, is located right near the Jam Gadang park. This palace is now not allowed to be entered by people. Because it is only used as a seminar location, up to national level meetings.

In ancient times, the Bung Hatta Palace was used as the palace of the first vice president of Indonesia, namely in 1946, then in 1947 the Bung Hatta Palace was used as the Emergency Government Center of the Republic of Indonesia. The name of the building which was changed to Bung Hatta Palace was intended to commemorate Bung Hatta’s services as the proclaimer of Indonesia.

  1. Japanese Hole

Japanese HoleThe Japanese Hole or Japanese cave which can be seen from Taman Pesona as well, is a bunker that was built during the Japanese occupation in 1942. Its function is as a defense. The Japanese hole construction method is done by forced labor or romusha. The workers come from Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The number of steps is quite a lot and it is not recommended to invite elderly visitors to enter it.

The Japanese hole has several rooms in it, including an ambush room, a prison, a reconnaissance room, to an armory. Now there is an additional cafe and room for a mini theater. This tunnel has ends or passages to several locations, so it is necessary to invite a guide who is familiar with the condition of this one tourist attraction so that you don’t get lost. The guide said that the Japanese Hole had the ability to muffle sound well. So if someone fires a gun inside the Japan Hole, it won’t be heard until it comes out.

The price for the Japanese Hole entrance ticket is Rp. 6,000,-. If you hire a tour guide, an additional payment of IDR 20,000 will be charged. If you are looking for typical souvenirs from here, please shift to Taman Panorama / Pesona which has several stalls selling souvenirs at affordable prices, neat stalls, and the sellers do not force them to buy (indeed sometimes in tourist attractions there are sellers who like to force them to buy their wares). ).

  1. Lake Maninjau

Lake ManinjauIf you are looking for natural attractions in the form of lakes in this city, please visit Lake Maninjau. Lake with stunning natural beauty and fresh air. This lake is located 36 km from the city of Bukittinggi.

And to reach it we have to pass a road with quite a lot of turns or known as winding 44 (ampekty ampek), so we have to be more careful when driving the vehicle because the terrain is rather dangerous. Please note that Lake Maninjau is the second largest lake after Singkarak.

Culinary Tourism in Bukittinggi City

Satisfied walking around Bukittinggi, then the stomach began to growl. This is the time to taste delicious culinary delights in a city that is synonymous with jam gadang.

  1. Sate Mak Thanksgiving

Sate Mak Syukur Restaurant has opened many branches and if you want to enjoy this satay in its original place, come to Padang Panjang. This satay is a type of beef satay that is eaten together with ketupat doused in sauce, the main thing is that satay lovers must try this culinary.

  1. Bika Si Mariana

If you want to bring sweet and of course delicious gifts, this cake can be an option. In Padang Panjang there is a Bika who is quite well known as Bika Si Mariana. This cake is made from rice flour, grated coconut, coconut milk, sugar with the addition of cassava tape. How to cook it by roasting or burning on a special stove.

  1. Nasi Kapau Uni Lis

One of the popular Nasi Kapau stalls in the community is Nasi Kapau Uni Lis, which is located at Pasar Wisata Blok A/B on the 1st floor, number 29-30 (Pasar Atas). This dish is similar to Nasi Padang, but the difference is that there is no beef rendang menu. There is only chicken rendang. It’s a little more expensive, but worth the taste.

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