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12 Recommended Tourist Attractions Near Bandung Station

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Bandung is often visited by tourists for vacation. This Flower City does have a geographical condition that is quite interesting to be explored further. But not a few tourists who do not want to travel far to remote areas of Bandung. Especially those who don’t have much vacation time. Most of them are looking for tours near Bandung station to visit, because they are more practical. In addition, there are quite a lot of tours near Bandung station and can be visited easily. Here are some recommendations.

1. New Market Trading Center

If you are a connoisseur of shopping tourism and happen to have Bandung on the agenda as a shopping destination, then just come to the Pasar Baru Trade Center. This location is a popular shopping center in Bandung. This location is also suitable for those of you who want quick and practical Day Vacation Tips in Bandung.

The prices sold there are also very cheap, so it can be an alternative to buying souvenirs from Bandung before returning to their hometown. In fact, not only local Bandung residents like to shop there, local and international tourists also often shop there.

  • Location: Jalan Otto Iskandardinata No. 70, Bandung
  • 0.5 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 08.00 to 15.00

2. Kartika Sari

Kartika SariKartika Sari is one of the best locations to buy souvenirs in the form of food from Bandung. The location is quite difficult to reach because the road is not wide. But for those of you who want to buy souvenirs in the form of food, this location can be reached from Bandung Station.

One of the foods that are often purchased and in demand is bolen. This Bolen is indeed very delicious and liked by many people, especially those who like cakes of the same kind. If you wish, come to one of these Bandung Souvenir Places to buy cakes for your family at home.

  • Location: Jalan H. Akbar no. 4 Bandung
  • 0.3 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 07.00 to 20.00

3. Braga Street Area

Braga Street AreaJalan Braga is one area that is often visited by tourists and local residents of Bandung. This location is one of the areas with many old Dutch heritage buildings.

If you like photography, then once you get off the train at Bandung Station, you can visit this area to take photos. In addition, there are also several shops and places to eat for tourists who want to learn culinary delights on Jalan Braga.

  • Location: Jalan Braga Bandung
  • 0.8 km from Bandung Station

4. Bandung Grand Mosque

Bandung Grand MosqueReligious tourism is also near Bandung Station. One of them is the Great Mosque of Bandung. This grand mosque has a very magnificent building form. You can visit the Great Mosque of Bandung, especially when it is time for prayer.

After praying there, you can explore Bandung Square and play there. This location is very convenient to be used as a location for a short break after a long journey on the train.

  • Location: Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung
  • 1.1 km from Bandung Station

5. Bank Indonesia Building

Bank Indonesia BuildingOne of the practical tips for traveling to Bandung is to visit tourist objects close to the station. The next tour near Bandung station is still around the Braga area, namely the Bank Indonesia Building. If you like Dutch colonial buildings and like to take photos of colonial buildings, then this is the place to go.

This building was built in 1915 and is one of the historical buildings in Bandung. This building has the characteristics of a magnificent European building and is clean white in color. Suitable for those of you who like urban photography.

  • Location: Jalan Braga No. 108 Bandung
  • 0.7 km from Bandung Station

6. Vanda Park

Vanda ParkVanda Park is one of the Photo Spots in Bandung as well as a thematic park in the city of Bandung which is also quite often visited by tourists. This park is near Jalan Braga so it’s easy to find. Vanda Park has various interesting facilities that can be used as a resting location when tired.

Previously, this location was an ordinary location and was often used as an activity that should not be carried out in the city of Bandung. Then, this location was transformed into a park that became better and very interesting to visit.

  • Location: Merdeka No. 9 Bandung
  • 0.9 km from Bandung Station
  • open 24 hours

7. Bandung City Hall

Bandung City HallThe next tourist attraction near Bandung station is Bandung City Hall. Bandung City Hall is now one of the cheap tourist locations in Bandung which is also interesting to visit. There is a beautiful garden and tourists can stop by.

This park is convenient for photo locations and short rest locations. This open park is often visited by local residents and tourists who want to enjoy the green trees while enjoying the atmosphere of the city of Bandung.

  • Location: Wastukencana Street No. 2 Bandung
  • 0.7 km from Bandung City Station

8. Museum of the Asian-African Conference

Asian-African Conference MuseumIf you like historical tourism, then visiting this museum when you arrive at Bandung Station can be a recommended alternative. This museum is one of the historical evidences that the Asian-African Conference was held in 1955 ago.

This location is also quite often visited by tourists and local residents of Bandung who want to see and enjoy the history of the Asian-African Conference. This historical building is also magnificent and can be used as an interesting photo spot in Bandung.

  • Location: Asia Afrika Street No. 65 Bandung
  • 1.1 km from Bandung Station

9. Braga City Walk

Braga City WalkBraga City Walk is a shopping center or mall with a good concept. This location can also be an alternative to the location you can go to explore Bandung near Bandung Station.

There are several interesting facilities to visit. Inside there are several places to eat, a cinema, and there is also a fitness center. Its strategic location is also very easy to find, because it is still in the Jalan Braga area.

  • Location: Jalan Braga No. 91 Bandung
  • 0.8 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 10.00 to 22.00

10. Bandung Indah Plaza

Bandung Indah PlazaOne more shopping center that can be visited and quite close to Bandung Station, namely Bandung Indah Plaza. This mall is fairly old mall in Bandung. But its popularity is irreplaceable to this day.

This mall is also never empty of visitors. Various delicious snacks are sold there and can be used as a hangout location for young people. This location is also passed by public transportation so it is easy to reach.

  • Location: Merdeka Street No. 56 Bandung
  • 1.1 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 10.00 to 22.00

11. Cibadak Street Culinary

Cibadak Street CulinaryJalan Cibadak is a paradise for Bandung culinary connoisseurs at night. If you really like culinary tourism and you happen to land at Bandung Station, then there’s no harm in trying to stop by here.

There are lots of legendary food stalls with a variety of delicious food menus that will spoil the tongue. Some of the famous stalls include Nasi Campur 88, Kobe House, Soto Ojolali, Bola Obi Gardujati, and many more.

  • Location of Jalan Cibadak, Bandung
  • 1 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 19.00 to 22.00

12. Chinatown Bandung

Chinatown BandungStill around the culinary world and hanging out, Chinatown Bandung can also be an alternative tour near Bandung station that you can visit. This location is also close to Jalan Cibadak, where it is often visited by tourists and local residents of Bandung for culinary hunting.

Chinatown Bandung is one of the Chinatowns in Bandung. In fact, there are also exciting tourist spots where visitors can enjoy an atmosphere similar to Chinatown village in China.

  • Location: Jalan Kelenteng No. 41 Bandung
  • 1.1 km from Bandung Station
  • Opening hours: 10.00 to 22.00

Those are some recommendations for tourist attractions near Bandung Station that can be visited when traveling near Bandung Station. Hopefully useful and happy holidays.

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