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12 Recommended Camping Places on Malang Beach

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South Malang is one of the locations in Malang Regency which contains a range of beaches. South Malang is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. Of course, there are many beach tours that tourists can visit, even camping there. Here are some interesting camping spots on South Malang Beach. Suitable for those of you who want to enjoy your free time by staying by the beach.

1. Goa China Beach

Goa Cina Beach is one of the famous beaches in South Malang. This beach has a very cool beauty with a blue ocean full of beautiful waves.

The white sand that is directly adjacent to most of the coral islands there is the main attraction of this beach. With increasingly easy access, this beach has become a beach that is in demand by tourists.

Camping on the coast of Goa Cina will give you an experience of its own, where at night the sound of the waves will be heard echoing along the coast. Tourists can also play in the water because the waves are relatively safe. But please be careful.

Location: Tumpak Awu Hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency

2. Famous Peacock Beach

Famous Peacock BeachThe next camping site on Malang Beach is Kondang Merak Beach. Kondang Merak Beach is indeed a camping paradise in southern Malang. Many tourists have camped here.

Previously, this beach had an abundance of peacock species. Therefore the name of this beach is called Kondang Merak. But over time the peacock there became rare and extinct.

However, even though there are no peacocks there, this beach still looks amazing. During holidays, this beach is quite crowded as a camping location for tourists. There is also a place for buying and selling fish, perfect for those of you who want to cook fish directly by the sea.

Location: Sumberbening Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency

3. Balai Kambang Beach

Balai Kambang BeachBalai Kambang Beach or also often referred to as Balekambang Beach is one of the most famous beaches in South Malang. This beach is also quite often used as an exotic camping place.

The uniqueness of this beach is the existence of a temple of worship which is located on a coral island. The island itself can be reached by crossing a bridge. This beach is also often called similar to Kuta beach in Bali.

Balai Kambang Beach can be used as a camping location or camping. The facilities on this beach are also quite complete, so that camping visitors do not need to be confused about finding a toilet.

Location: Srigonco village, Bantur sub-district, Malang Regency

4. Batu Bengkung Beach

Bengkung Stone BeachThe next beach in South Malang that can be used as a camping location is Batu Bengkung Beach. This beach also has an incomparable beauty and must be visited while on vacation to Malang.

The uniqueness of this beach is the existence of sunken rocks around the beach. These sunken or hollow rocks trap the rising sea water, creating beautiful saltwater pools.

Tourists who stop by this beach never miss to bathe in the pool. They can swim or just soak. In addition, this beach has also become a tourist location that is starting to be crowded with tourists.

Location: Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency

5. Bajul Mati Beach

Bajul Mati BeachBajul Mati Beach is one of the next camping spots on South Malang Beach that can be visited. Bajul Mati Beach is adjacent to the Goa China beach because it is still in the same coastline.

Bajul Mati Beach has a large white sand area and is very white and is one of the recommended tourist attractions in Malang. However, the waves there are quite big and it is not safe if you want to play in the water. However, this beach can be used as a camping site.

Choose a camping area far enough from the beach to prevent the risk of high tides. There is also a gazebo and other facilities that are adequate for a tourist attraction.

Location: Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency

6. Clungup Beach

Clungup BeachClungup Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in South Malang. No wonder, because the management of this beach is very good. This beach is also not visited by many tourists, because it was only officially opened as a tourist attraction in 2015.

If you want to camp on this beach, come in the afternoon before sunset. This is because this beach has a charming sunset panorama and it’s a shame if you miss it.

The waves on this beach are also not that big, so camping on this beach can be a recommended alternative.

Location: Blue Spring, Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing, Malang Regency

7. Nganteb Beach

Nganteb BeachNganteb Beach is the next beach that can be used as a camping location. Although not as crowded as Goa Cina Beach or Balai Kambang, Nganteb Beach already has several tourist support facilities.

This beach can be reached from the Balai Kambang route. This west-facing beach is also a suitable location to wait for the sun to set.

However, this beach has quite big waves, so if you want to camp there, look for a camp location that is really right so that the tent doesn’t get wet because of the tide.

Location: Tumpakrejo, Sidurejo, Gedangan, Malang Regency

8. Banyu Beach Dropped

Banyu Beach DropsBanyu Anjlok Beach has a beautiful panorama that is different from other beaches. Banyu Anjlok Beach has a waterfall which is the estuary of the meeting between sea water and fresh water.

This waterfall is indeed very stunning and rarely found on other beaches. This is what makes this beach so phenomenal. Tourists can camp on this beach. Banyu Anjlok Beach is also one of the unique Waterfall Tours in Malang.

Camping in Banyu Anjlok will provide a different panorama. Not only from the waterfall, but also from the sunset and surise views that can be enjoyed from there.

Location: Lenggoksono, Purwodadi, Tirto Yudo, Malang Regency

9. Gatra Beach

Gatra BeachGatra Beach is adjacent to Tiga Warna Beach, Malang. However, at Tiga Warna Beach, tourists are very limited in their activities and are not allowed to camp there.

Therefore, if you want to camp around Tiga Warna, Gatra Beach can be a recommended alternative. The view of Gatra beach is also quite beautiful and can provide its own experience for tourists.

This beach is quite often used as a camping location by tourists. Because this beach faces west, of course, sunset views are often hunted by camping tourists.

Location: Blue Spring, Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing, Malang Regency

10. Famous Iwak

Famous IwakKondang Iwak Beach is one of the beaches that can also be used as a camping location. This beach tourism is already known by the people of Malang and its surroundings. However, this beach is not so crowded so it is convenient for camping.

This beach does not have white sand. The sand there is brown. In addition, the waves are also quite large and are not recommended for swimming.

Kondang Iwak Beach is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and faces south. But if the weather is friendly, sunset views can be obtained.

Location: Sumberpucung Hamlet, Tulungrejo Village, Donomulyo District, Malang Regency

11. Sendiki

SendikiSendiki Beach is one of the tourist attractions in South Malang which has quite complete facilities. This beach is also a clean and white sandy beach.

The manager also allows visitors who want to camp on the beach by paying some money for the camping ground retribution. While camping, tourists can take pictures on some of the swings and gazebos that are there.

Although it was only opened as a tourist attraction in 2015, this beach was previously well known to the public. It’s just that after it opened as a tourist attraction, more and more tourists came.

Location: Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing, Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing, Malang Regency

12. Watu Leter

Stone LetterWatu Leter Beach is a beach that can be reached by a 3 hour drive from the city center of Malang. The location is still one lane with Goa China Beach and Bajul Mati.

The name Watu Leter itself is taken from a rock cliff that is flat in shape. The flat rock is in the middle of the sea and appears to emerge from the surface of the sea.

This beach has many green trees, suitable as a tourist location for those who do not like the excessive heat of the sun. This beach has white sand with beautiful views.

Location: Rowotrate, Sitiarjo, Sumbermanjing, Malang Regency

Those are some recommended camping spots on South Malang Beach. If you want to camp on the beach, also check out some tips for packing a vacation to the beach so that your activities while on the beach will be more fun. Hope it is useful.

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