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12 Inspirations for Mix and Match Boots a la Seulgi Red Velvet, Swag and Trendy! | IDN Times

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12 Inspirations for Mix and Match Boots a la Seulgi Red Velvet, Swag and Trendy!

Shoe boots is one of fashion items which is quite popular in various circles, especially fashion lovers edgydefinitely like fashion items this one. Often wear shoes boots in various appearances both on stage and for outfit casually, Seulgi Red Velvet looks up to date with a solid match outfit and shoes boots-his.

For those of you who are looking for a match outfit with bootsCheck out some shoe-matching inspiration boots ala Seulgi Red Velvet, let’s see!

1. You can combine a yellow short-sleeved shirt, black laether skirt, black brogue boots and hat accessories, it’s really cool!

2. Combining a black turtle neck shirt, cream color blazer, jeans and ankle boots and hat accessories will be really catchy!

3. Or try to combine a black crop top shirt with a plaid motif, a jeans jacket and ripped jeans and ankle boots, it’s really trendy!

4. You can also combine a white hoodie, black pleated mini skirt and ankle boots, simple but still trendy!

5. Look classy by combining a t-shirt, black blazer, white pleated skirt and black chelsea boots, really eye catching!

6. To make your appearance more girly, combine a hazelnut fluffy shirt, dark brown mini skirt and black ugg boots, super catchy!

7. Look cool and trendy, mix bright color shirts like yellow, black short pants, black calf length boots and beret hat accessories

8. Make your appearance stylish and edgy, mix a lilac blouse with white flared pants and purple bondage boots

9. Simple and trendy by combining plain black t-shirt, white fluffy jacket, black skinny jeans and black calf length boots

10. Combine a plain cream t-shirt with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and mocha ankle boots, super catchy!

11. Or combine a black crop top shirt with skinny jeans and black ankle boots, simple and trendy!

12. To make your appearance more stylish, combine a black jumpsuit with a pink sling bag, and black bondage boots

Those are some solid and match inspirations boots Super Red Velvet’s Seulgi catchy and trendy to cheat. Very suitable for those of you who want to appear catchy and edgyyou know!

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