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12 Exciting Outbound Places in Jakarta and Surrounding Areas

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Jakarta is one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia which is very densely populated. Jakarta is also a busy city. There are almost no holidays in Jakarta. Even if there are holidays, usually Jakarta residents will be lazy to travel or travel because tourist attractions in Jakarta are considered boring. But apparently in the middle and around the big city there are some recommendations for exciting tourist activities that you can try. One of them is doing outbound activities. For those of you who like outbound, here are some recommendations for outbound places in Jakarta and its surroundings that are interesting and close.

1. Outbound Situ Gintung

If you live near Situ Gintung, then there is also an outbound location that you can try. The location of Situ Gintung which is a Natural Tourist Place in Jakarta and easy to reach from the center of Jakarta also makes many tourists visit there on weekends or during holidays.

This location is also often used as a family outbound location and a company outbound location for training. Outbound at Situ Gintung also has a security guarantee with international security standards so that doing outbound there will be very fun and safe.

Outbound facilities at Situ Gintung are also quite complete. Some of the popular outbound facilities there are flying fox, spider net, suspension bridge, and many more. This location is suitable for both children and adults.

Location: Jalan Kerta mukti Pisangan Raya No. 20. Cirendeu Village – East Ciputat, South Tangerang

2. Citarik One Stop Adventure

Citarik One Stop AdventureThe next outbound place in Jakarta is Citarik One Stop Adventure. This outbound location is also one of the outbound locations that is easily accessible from Jakarta. If you and your family or office colleagues really like outbound activities, then this location can be a recommended alternative.

Citarik One Stop Adventure has several outbound facilities and is quite complete. Some of the popular facilities include rafting trips, paintball, tracking trips, and there is also a family BBQ. The excitement at this location is suitable for you and your family who like outdoor activities.

Even at this location you can also do offroad sports. The price of each facility varies depending on each variation.

Location: Macula, Ground Floor, Jl. KH Abdullah Syafi’ie No. 5 (d/h: Jl. Lapangan Roos Raya)

3. Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden

Pasir Mukti Tourism GardenPasir Mukti Tourism Garden is one of the most attractive outdoor tourism locations near Jakarta. This tourist garden is one of the well-managed agratourism and is suitable for outbound locations.

There are campgrounds and outbound facilities that tourists can enjoy. This location is suitable for Children’s Playground in Jakarta and this family tour also allows tourists to do exciting activities. Such as picking fruit, planting rice, fishing, bathing animals, and harvesting garden produce.

This location is suitable for treating a longing for nature and rural life. If you wish, you can also stay there. At night, a bonfire event can also be held as one of a series of interesting outbound events.

Location: Highway Tajur Pasir Mukti Km 4.

4. Land

LandThe next outbound place in Jakarta is Tanah Tingal. Tanah Tingal is one of the most comfortable outdoor tourist locations in Jakarta. This location is suitable for educational tours in Jakarta, also suitable for family tours that are easily accessible.

There are many interesting outbound activities that can be done there, such as learning how to grow rice, learning how to cultivate paddy fields, and how to harvest and get quality rice. It is perfect for introducing children to rural activities that no longer exist in cities.

Outbound at this location has the aim of building character, fostering self-confidence, and adding fun at an early age for children. Some of the outbound facilities there are mud fan flying fox rides. There is also a bird watching location.

Location: Jl. Merpati Raya 32B, Ex. Sawah Baru, Kec. Ciputat, South Tangerang

5. Cipulir Main Village

Cipulir Main VillageThere is another outbound tourist location in Jakarta which is in Jakarta, South Jakarta to be exact. Cipulir Main Village can be visited by tourists to enjoy outbound tourism.

There are many outbound facilities that tourists can use. A popular outbound facility is the flying fox. There are also outbound facilities for children, teenagers, and adults which can be chosen according to taste. Outbound games there have a function to stimulate psychomotor physics, and also stimulate thinking skills, especially for children.

The concept of this tour is intended as a simple but complete tourist location and can create fun while learning. For tourists outside Jakarta, there are also lodgings provided if you want to get to know each other there.

Location: Jalan Masjid Cidodol, Gang H Sairi No. 1A South Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

6. Ragunan Campground

Ragunan CampgroundThere is one more outbound place in Jakarta which is also very affordable and suitable to visit to enjoy the fun with family and friends. You can come to Ragunan, to be precise at the Ragunan Campground.

This easy-to-reach location also makes your trip easier. In addition, this campground is also a part of the Ragunan Zoo so you can also take a trip to the Ragunan Zoo for educational tours for children.

Ragunan Campground is also often used as an outbound location by many offices who want to hold certain events. But you can also come and camp there privately to enjoy sightseeing with your family.

Location: Jalan RM. Harsono No. 1, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, RT.9/RW.4, Ragunan, RT.9/RW.4, Ragunan, Ps. Sunday, South Jakarta City

7. Cibubur Campground

Cibubur CampgroundCibubur Campground is also often referred to as BUPERTA Cibubur. This location is in the East Jakarta area and is one of the tourist attractions not far from Jakarta. Having an area of ​​210 hectares, this area is very wide and exciting to be an outbound location in Jakarta.

This location has also been managed by the management very well for a long time. In fact, this location is also often used as an outbound location for inauguration events, scouts, and others.

This green area has a cool area with shady trees. The facilities there are also quite complete and comfortable to be used as a family outbound location, school trips, or tours with work colleagues.

Location: Jalan Buperta – Jamboree RW.5, Cibubur, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, RW.5, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, City of East Jakarta

8. Mermaid Cottage Ancol

Mermaid Cottage AncolWant to feel a different outbound sensation? Maybe this Ancol Cottage Mermaid can answer that. The reason is its location near the beach.

The atmosphere of outbound tourism and training in the North Jakarta area can certainly provide recommendations or different outbound tourism alternatives. The waves and the breezy atmosphere of the north coast of Jakarta will feel very interesting.

This location is also quite often used as an outbound location for companies that hold separate training or education. If you are interested, also enjoy the nearby attractions for family trips.

Location: East Lodan Street No. 7 North Jakarta

9. Cibubur Wiladatika Flower Garden

Cibubur Wiladatika Flower ParkOne more outbound place in East Jakarta, namely Cibubur Wiladatika Flower Park. As the name implies, this garden is actually a flower garden that stores a collection of various beautiful flower variants.

The flowers are neatly arranged in combination with green and shady trees. The right location to relieve fatigue for a moment.

In this flower garden there are also several tourists who do outbound activities. These activities will be very exciting and also challenging. The cool atmosphere will make you feel at home doing activities there.

Location: Jalan Jamboree I, Cibubur – East Jakarta

10. Kandank Jurank Doan

Kandank Jurank DoankKandank Kurank Doan is not actually a tourist place. But more to the concept of a natural school. But even so, you can still stop by there to enjoy the challenging outbound games.

This nature school was founded by the artist Dik Doan and is gaining popularity to this day. This nature school is suitable for children to hone their dexterity, sensitivity, and also the feeling of loving the universe.

There are many outbound game rides that can be used as an interesting educational tool and are slightly different from the others. Try to stop by and take your child to practice agility there.

Location: Alvita Complex Blok Q No. 14, Sawah Baru Village, Sawah Lama, Ciputat, Tangerang

11. Buni Ropes Camp

Buni Ropes CampBuni Ropes Camp is a fun picnic location for residents of Jakarta and Tangerang. This is because the environment is still beautiful and can be used as a tourist location for a moment to unwind.

When ink the location can be visited for free, so it can be an alternative for free tourism in Jakarta and its surroundings. There are many activities that can be done there, one of which is a picnic.

In addition, there are also various outbound facilities that you can try. For example flying fox and other exciting activities. If you want to spend vacation time at Cheap Jakarta Tourist Places, even for free, then come there.

Location: Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara No. 6X, RT 01 / RW 05, Sawah Lama, Ciputat, Sawah Lama, Ciputat, South Tangerang City

12. Lubana Sengkol

Lubana SengkolAt first, Lubana Sengkol was a fishing location around Jakarta, namely in South Tangerang which was later developed as a wider and well-organized tour. Currently this location is one of the attractive outbound locations.

The location is near the Cisadane River and occupies an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares. Doing activities at this location will be very challenging because it is directly adjacent to the river.

There are several outbound facilities that you can try, including flying fox, paintball, canoe, gowes duck, highropes bridge, and many more. You could say the outbound facilities here are quite complete and exciting.

Location: Jalan Baru Hutama Karya KM. 1.5, Sengkol Muncul Village, Setu, South Tangerang.

Those are some recommendations for outbound places in Jakarta and its surroundings that can be visited easily from the center of the capital city. Choose your favorite outbound place and schedule your visit. Hope it is useful.

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