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12 Alternative Outbound Places in Bogor that are Exciting and Fun

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Bogor is one of the cities near Jakarta which is also frequently visited on weekends and long holidays. Bogor has a large area and also has various interesting tourist objects to visit. There are various tourist activities in Bogor. One of them is outbound. If you want to do outdoor activities like outbound, here are some recommendations for outbound places in Bogor that can be the best alternative.

1. Griya Sawah Lega

Griya Sawah Lega is one of the famous outbound locations in Bogor and is often visited by tourists who want to do outdoor activities. Most tourists who come are meant to do exciting activities.

Outbound packages at Griya Sawah Lega are also inexpensive, even cheap, for both children and adults. The outbound facilities at Griya Sawah Lega are also quite complete, even for tourists outside Bogor.

The famous outbound facilities in this place are rafting and paintball. In addition, tourists can also enjoy agro-tourism in this place, complete with existing fruit picking facilities. There are also campgrounds and accommodation available for rent.

2. Highland Park Resort

Highland Park ResortThis location is an inn as well as an interesting outbound place in Bogor. The concept of Resort in Puncak as well as an outbound place is indeed suitable for tourists who want to stay in Bogor while enjoying exciting activities with family or friends.

This location is also suitable for children’s tourism, because there is a waterpark that is quite large and very fun for children. If your child likes water rides, it’s a good idea to take them there.

For outbound facilities at Highland Park Resort itself, you can enjoy flying fox, highropes, and so on. You can also camp there with complete and attractive facilities.

3. New Panjang Jiwo Resort by Saung Dolken

New Panjang Jiwo Resort by Saung DolkenThis tourist location was formerly only known as Panjang Jiwo Resort. Currently, the new name Panjang Jiwo Resort has been pinned as a sign that this tourist location is more complete and interesting to visit.

This location is also one of the best locations for tourists who really like outdoor activities or outbound. In addition, this tourist location is also quite strategic because it is easily accessible from the exit of the South Sentul Toll Road.

Some of the outbound facilities at Panjang Jiwo Resort are flying fox, paintball, ATV, and there are other activities that can be done. This location is also often used as a location for training events or gatherings.

4. KM Zero Resort

KM Zero ResortOne more outbound location in Bogor, namely KM Zero Resort. KM Zero Resort is located in the Sentul area. This location is also often used as a tourist location or location for training and training with the concept of outdoor activities.

KM Zero Resort is near the Panjang Jiwo Resort and also the Bogor Bidadari Waterfall. KM Zero Resort has an atmosphere that is still very natural and natural so that outdoor activities in this area will be very exciting to do.

Outbound facilities at KM Zero Resort include flying fox, paintball, and also a number of interesting fun games. You and your friends and family can also stay there to rest after being tired of doing outbound activities all day long. This location is also suitable for Family Tourism Places in Bogor.

5. Guava Luwuk

Guava LuwukJambu Luwuk is one of the outbound places in Bogor which is close to Jambu Luwuk Village. This location is on Jalan Raya Tapos. Outbound in Jambu Luwuk can also be a fun alternative on weekends.

For those of you and your family who really like the natural atmosphere as well as outdoor activities, this location is perfect for you. There are many activities to do there. In fact, this location is also often used as an outbound location for companies for their employees.

Even though it is close to nature, Guava Luwuk does have complete facilities. In fact, you can still access the internet with free Wi-Fi facilities provided by the manager.

6. Sentul City Cultural Park

Sentul City Cultural ParkSentul City Cultural Park can also be used as a recommendation or alternative for outbound tourism in Sentul, Bogor which is attractive with fairly complete facilities. This location is suitable for children’s tours and family tours.

The outbound facilities in this place are also quite complete, including flying fox, trampoline, paintball, high ropes, mini rickshaws, shooting targets, archery, and also ponies. Suitable for sharpening dexterity and fun for children.

In addition there is also a Cultural Park to hone sensitivity to the arts for children. Some of the activities that can be done include coughing, painting, making crafts from clay, and also painting on kites.

7. Outbound Bumi Tapos

Outbound Bumi TaposAnother interesting outbound place in Bogor to visit is Ourbond Bumi Tapos. Outbound Bumi Tapos is indeed a tourist location that provides exciting activities to do. There are already many tourists and groups doing exciting activities in this place.

In addition, there are also inns that can be rented if tourists want to stay there. This inn also provides interesting facilities and is also quite complete. If you are interested, try staying there.

The outbound facilities at Bumi Tapos are also quite complete. This cheap tour in Bogor also provides paintball and fun rafting. In addition, there are also outbound facilities to hone the sensitivity of the team as well as family gatherings.

8. Kampoeng Tjaringin Camp

Kampoeng Tjaringin CampKampoeng Tjaringin Camp is one of the outbound locations that is also beautiful and close to nature. Suitable for introducing children to be able to love nature, especially if the children have been living in the city.

Kampoeng Tjaringin Camp is located in the middle of plantations and green rice fields. The scenery there will make you and the children feel in the village. The green plants will spoil the eyes and also treat the longing for nature.

One of the outbound activities that can be done there is white water rafting. This rafting is done on the Cisadane River. Suitable for family trips or tours with friends to stimulate adrenaline.

9. Villa Ratu

Queen's VillaVilla Ratu is one of the inns located in Bogor, precisely in Pancawati Village, Caringin Bogor. This inn has an area of ​​3 hectares and of course has a beautiful and pleasant surrounding view.

This location is indeed quite often used as a location to carry out outbound activities from various companies, for example for training or training their employees. Some of the outbound facilities there are also quite complete, such as flying fox and fishing pond.

In addition, tourists can also map and track around Villa Ratu. There are also complete facilities such as a BBQ area and music entertainment such as karaoke.

10. Mekarsari

MekarsariMekarsari is one of the tourist areas in Bogor whose name may be well known by the people of Bogor and outside Bogor. Mekarsari is a tourist area that is suitable for tourism for children and families.

There is also an area that provides outbound facilities for tourists with security that meets security standards. Outbon facilities such as flying fox and wall climbing are popular.

These facilities can be used for children as an alternative for Educational Tourism in Bogor. In addition, there are also various types of plants and other tourist facilities that can be enjoyed in Mekarsari besides outbound tours.

11. Grand Charm

Grand CharmGrand Pesona is a type of hotel and resort located in the Caringin area of ​​Bogor. This area is indeed an inn, but there are also quite complete outbound facilities there.

The purpose of outbound activities at Grand Pesona is to set strategies, increase cooperation with colleagues, foster intimacy, and train agility. In addition, the outbound facilities there are also quite complete.

This location is suitable for companies that want to provide recreation as well as education, while increasing the creativity of their employees. Or it could be for an interesting family tour for the education of children.

12. Jungle Village

Jungle VillageKampung Rimba is one of the tourist attractions in West Java with a natural concept that is still quiet from tourists. This location has an unspoiled pine forest. In addition, there is also a water source close to Kampung Jungle.

This location can be used as an outbound location in Bogor, because it is suitable for carrying out various outbound tourism activities there. This location is also suitable for adventure and also a means of education for tourists.

The location is on the tourist route Puncak, Cisarua, Bogor. This location is usually chosen by companies that want to train their employees for agility and also for good teamwork. The facilities at Kampung Rimba are also quite complete.

Those are some alternative outbound places in Bogor and its surroundings that can be used as references for outbound travel. Hopefully this article can provide useful information.

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