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11 Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong Recommended for Vacations

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Tourist attractions in Hong Kong– One of the suitable places for your vacation is Hong Kong, which Hong Kong is located on the Asian continent to the southeast of the South China Sea. Hong Kong is so amazing if you visit here you will be amazed by the sea port that is so natural. Even the visitors who visit interesting places here are not only from within the country but even from abroad both from countries in Europe and others. Here are some places that are suitable as a vacation spot in Hong Kong.

1. Man Fat Tze or Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Man Fat Tze

This one place is very interesting because before you go to this monastery you will climb tens to hundreds of stairs. When you get to Kelentang you will find various very small Buddha statues. But here also there are statues that are large in size but not so many. If you come here you don’t lose so much because here the scenery is very interesting and beautiful.

Nearby in this place there is also a restaurant with a vegetarian menu and you can of course stop by this place to rest if you feel tired after climbing. If you want to see the jumping monkeys it’s right behind.

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2. Stanley Market and Slanley Beach

Stanley Market And Slanley Beach

If you want to buy Buddhist souvenirs, you can visit Stanley Market. Because in this place not only sell clothes, toys, bags, even here also sell various souvenirs that captivate your heart.

While you are visiting Stanley Market you can also visit Stanley Beach which is located on the beach which is no less interesting in Hong Kong. The location is near Stanley Village or what is often known by many people, namely the fishing village in Hong Kong. Which here are very many boats on the beach, which is safe the scenery is very interesting.

3. Mongkok


Mongkok is located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, this place is a place that offers a variety of Chinese-style shopping items that are very much in demand by tourists visiting Hong Kong. The goods sold here are not expensive, ranging from souvenirs sold to beautiful clothes and bags.

4. Sky 100 Hongkong Kong or Observation Deck

Sky 100 Hongkong Kong

Sky 100 or what is often called the Observation Deck is a place that is indoors with a temperature of 360 degrees. This one place is very interesting to visit if you don’t visit here it means you have missed one of the paradises for tourists. Sky 100 is located in West Kowloon. To reach this place you can use the elevator very quickly. This building is the tallest building in Hong Kong since 2011.

5. Miu Fat Monastery

Miu Fat Monastery

This monastery is located in Lam Tei where this one is no less interesting than other monasteries in Hong Kong. If you come here you will pass a stone garden, so of course the tourists will see an elephant statue and also here you also see two lion statues as guards at the entrance. When you enter you will see the gleam of the Golden Buddha statue around which there are three very large statues of Gautama.

In this place there is also a very high tower up to 45 meters in the shape of a crystal lotus flower which is so amazing and beautiful besides that at night this tower will emit its light.

6. Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

The place that is also mandatory for you to visit in Hong Kong is the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Because in this place there are various wax statues of world famous figures such as state leaders, celebrities, film and animation characters. Besides this place is located in Bangkok and also close to Indonesia. Of course if you come here you will not lose to other tourists who take pictures here with these statues. The ticket to enter this place is not so expensive and fits your pocket.

7. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

For a vacation in this place, there is the peak tower that you can visit at the top of Victoria Peak. This place is also known as the highest place on the island of Hong Kong. If you go to this place you will be presented with a very interesting view. Jam that you can also enjoy typical Hong Kong food here.

8. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

You must visit this Hong Kong tourist spot with your family because this one place is Disney-themed. This Disneyland is indeed the third in the world and also not far from our country, of course. This interesting place just opened in 2005. You will enjoy a variety of amazing attaksi from Disney characters with your family. you and your family can also enjoy the fireworks attraction at the sleeping beauty palace.

9. Noa’s Ark

Noa's Ark

If you visit Hong Kong Disneyland, you also can’t miss one of the other tourist spots in Hong Kong, namely Noa’s Ark which is located in Ma Wan Park. If you have arrived at this place you will enjoy various amazing attractions, this place is also suitable for taking pictures and also here besides the beautiful scenery here there is also a beach that is no less beautiful which is located towards the Tsing Ma Bridge.

10. Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

In this Hong Kong tourist spot, precisely at Tian Tan Buddha, which is located on Lantau Island, where there is a Buddha statue formed from bronze material and its size is very large. The reason tourists visit this place is because it has an attractive beauty. The statue was also formed in 1993.

The tourists who visit this place are of course Buddhist because they want to see various Tian Tan Buddha statues. In this place there is also a very large statue, even the largest statue in Hong Kong, so that people call it a giant statue whose height reaches 34 meters. Many say that the meaning of this statue is calm because the statue is sitting.

11. Flower Market Road

Flower Market Road

As the name implies, this Hong Kong tourist spot presents a variety of beautiful and beautiful flowers. Here there are many choices of flowers ranging from types that have a variety of attractive colors and others. For people who visit this place are definitely hunters and flower lovers. If you are not satisfied when you visit this place, you should come to this place around 7 am for sure you will feel very satisfied, this place will close at 7 pm.

Those are some tourist attractions in Hong Kong, hopefully useful and happy holidays.

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