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11 Spot Padang Padang Beach Photo BALI (HTM, Route, Opening Hours)

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Padang Padang beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

This beach is one of Bali’s tourist attractions that has been a shooting location for the Hollywood film Eat Pray Love and the video clip of the music group Michael Learn To Rock.

The unique thing about Padang Beach which is one of hundreds of beaches in Bali is the panorama surrounded by shady hills and cliffs.

Not only that, to reach the beach location, visitors must first descend a narrow staircase.

The uniqueness of this beach makes it popular among local and foreign tourists.

In this tourist attraction which is also known as Labuan Sait Beach, visitors will be treated to many beach activities that are no less fun than Kuta beach for example.

So, the purpose of visiting Labuan Sait to unwind is the right choice.

Where is the location and route to Padang Padang Beach?

Padang Padang beach route address
Padang Padang beach route address, image: TripAdvisor

This unspoiled Padang Padang beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

The beach location from Ngurah Rai Airport is 20 km or about 30 minutes using a motorized vehicle.

From the airport, visitors can choose the type of transportation such as renting a car, motorbike, taxi meter or private vehicle.

From the airport head south through the By Pass Ngurah Rai then turn right onto Jalan Uluwatu II. Follow directions to Hideaway Villas Pecatu and turn onto Jalan Labuan Sait.

How much is the entrance ticket to Padang Padang Beach?

Padang beach ticket prices
Padang Padang beach ticket prices, image:

Visiting this beach will not drain your pocket because the entrance fee for Padang Padang Beach Bali is very affordable.

There is a difference in ticket prices for local and foreign tourists. But even so, the cost is still very friendly.

Here are the details of the entrance ticket price along with the parking ticket.

Fee name Price
Local Tourist Admission Ticket IDR 5,000
International Tourist Entrance Ticket IDR 10,000
Car park IDR 5,000
Motorcycle Parking Only IDR 2,000

Cheap, isn’t it?

Even though it is very economical, the panorama that is presented is very beautiful and natural because this beach is an unspoiled beach.

The exoticism is still natural and clean.

What time is Padang Padang Beach open?

Padang Padang beach operating hours
Padang Padang beach operating hours, image:

Did you know that some beaches in Badung Regency can be accessed at any time.

And Labuan Sait Beach is one of them so it is a distinct advantage to get a beautiful view at night and in the morning.

Padang Padang Beach Bali operational hours are Monday-Sunday for 24 hours.

Visitors can do many night activities on the beach such as camping, starting a bonfire and so on.

What are the interesting attractions on Padang Padang Beach?

Padang Padang beach tourist spots
Padang Padang beach tourist spot, picture:

Beaches in the Province of Bali have been known in the world as the most beautiful beaches including the challenging waves. No wonder Bali is filled with foreign tourists who specifically visit tourist attractions in this area.

There are many activities that visitors can do on this beach, let alone many of the most interesting tourist spots that are instagramable.

Not infrequently young people make Labuan Sait a place to get beach photos that cannot be found on other beaches.

Well, in full, this is a tourist attraction that can be enjoyed.

1. Natural beach

Padang Padang beach natural beach
Padang Padang beach natural beach, image: Pinterest

The scenery on this beach is still natural with white and clean beach sand.

Large rocks popping up at several points add to the fun of vacationing at Padang Padang Beach.

Behind the beach is also surrounded by cliffs full of shady trees and from one corner of the cliff the stairs to enter the beach location are located.

Wild monkeys that live in cliff areas sometimes appear to follow passers-by and steal the show.

However, you have to be careful with your belongings, including the food that the monkeys are targeting.

The virginity of the beach makes Labuan Sait one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali.

2. Surfing

Padang beach surfing
Padang Padang beach surfing, picture:

Uniquely, many here offer services to learn to surf or surf for tourists.

The coach is a professional who will teach from scratch and guarantee every development.

The waves on the beach are quite calm so it is suitable for beginners.

3. Enjoying the sunset

desert beach sunset
Padang Padang beach sunset, image:

Towards the afternoon the romantic atmosphere on the beach was felt. The orange color of the sunset has spread on the surface of the beach.

Many local youths come at this hour to enjoy the atmosphere including getting pictures of the natural beach in the afternoon.

4. Culinary tourism on the beach

Padang Padang beach culinary tour
Padang Padang beach culinary tour, image:

Many restaurants and restaurants that provide beach specialties such as seafood.

Fast food, home-cooked menus such as soup, fried rice, and juice drinks are also available in the row of beachside restaurants.

Lunch with a view of the beach is very exciting, right?

5. Swimming

swimming at the desert beach
Padang Padang beach swimming, image:

Swimming activity here is also a favorite activity.

The waves on the beach are quite calm so you don’t need to worry, in contrast to the middle of the beach which is a favorite of surfers who are looking for waves.

Not only that, tourists also often sunbathe while talking warmly.

Satisfied with their activities, visitors can also buy beach souvenirs at a shop not far from the location.

Typical beach knick-knacks such as beach clothes and marine accessories are sold cheaply with a variety of choices.

To make your vacation even more memorable, there are some travel tips on the beach that you can try.

For example, visiting during the dry season so that the sunset is visible and free from clouds.

In addition, bring a waterproof bag to protect the camera so that fun moments anywhere are never missed.

Padang Padang Beach Picture Collection

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