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11 Photo Spots of Kuta Beach in BALI (HTM, Routes, Tourist Attractions)

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Who doesn’t know Kuta Island, Bali? Is one of the islands in Indonesia which is famous for the beauty of its tourist destinations.

Even beach tourism on the island of Bali has received international recognition for its beauty and tourist attraction.

If you are on vacation to the island of Bali, don’t forget to visit the beach.

Around the 1970s this beach was already crowded with tourists, both domestic and foreign, to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Before becoming the most popular tourist attraction in Bali, this place used to be a trading port center.

For local traders and merchants who came from Europe.

With a view of the white and beautiful stretch of beach sand, the main attraction of this beach.

So if you visit the island of Bali and want to stop by this beach, you should refer to more information in the following paragraph.

Kuta Beach Location

For the location of this beach, it is more precisely located in the south of Denpasar City which is only about 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The location is very strategic and easily accessible by tourists. This beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean which makes the natural scenery more enchanting.

Kuta Beach Entrance Fee

Kuta beach entrance fee
Kuta beach entrance fee (

The entrance fee that you have to pay if you visit this beach is free or there is no entrance fee for visitors.

Vehicle parking fees are charged at a rate of Rp. 2000, – for motorbikes and Rp. 5000, – for cars.

No. Tourist attraction Price of admission
1. Kuta beach There is no entry fee.
2. Sanur Beach There is no entry fee.
3. Melasti Beach IDR 5,000/adult for children, there is no entrance fee.
4. Dreamland Beach There is no entry fee.
5. Pandawa Beach IDR 8,000/person
6. Badung Beach IDR 60,000/pax

Route to Kuta Beach

kuta beach route
Kuta beach route (backpacker

For the route to this beach you can choose one of the routes used, namely the direction to Jalan Kartika Plaza.

After that you will find the first intersection point the vehicle straight, then follow the road until you meet a delicious food stall.

After that, go straight until the T-junction and then turn left.

Then you will meet a hard rock cafe after that straight a bit you will enter this beach path. It is located very close to Bedugul Sari and Sky Garden Bali.

Attractions in Kuta Beach

Kuta beach attraction
Kuta beach attraction (

Kuta Beach is the most favorite tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

This is because here is a suitable location to enjoy the sunset panorama.

In addition, this beach has the best stretch of coastline reaching 5 kilometers with gentle waves.

With a very wide beach, this beach is a safe and comfortable tourist spot. So it’s not surprising that many tourists call it the most beautiful beach on the island of Bali.

In addition, the cleanliness of the beach is very well maintained which makes tourists more comfortable to linger enjoying the view of this beach.

There are various other activities you can do, from surfing to hunting for this beach’s specialty.

Facilities at Kuta Beach

Kuta beach facilities
Kuta beach facilities (

If other tourist attractions in Bali apply entrance ticket prices for visiting tourists.

However, this beach is different, which does not charge a fee or is free for all tourists to enter.

But for those of you who bring a vehicle parking fees are charged around Rp. 2000, – to Rp. 5000, -.

There are various facilities and facilities available for tourists.

Starting from those who want to shop for beach souvenirs, beach clothes to the work of local people such as beach pictures.

Parking Fees at Kuta Beach

Kuta beach parking
Kuta beach parking (

For the vehicle parking area which is still very limited, especially when entering the holiday season.

So the parking lot will be full and make you have to park your vehicle some distance from the location.

The parking fee for each vehicle is Rp. 2000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5000 for cars.

Attractions in Kuta Beach

Kuta beach attractions
Kuta beach tourist attraction (wikipedia)

Tourist destinations located on this beach stretches widely from north to south by presenting beautiful views especially at sunset.

So it is very possible various activities that you can do here. Like enjoying the soft white sand while breathing the fresh morning air typical of the beach.

There is a beautiful view of the surfers twisting the waves and so on.

So, that was information about Kuta Beach that you can use as a recommendation for vacation choices with family and friends.

So that your vacation is safer, you should seek information in advance about good and correct beach travel tips.

Hope this information can help you.

Kuta Beach Pictures Collection

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