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11 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Hawaii

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Hawaii is included in the United States state which was discovered by a British explorer named James Cook on January 10, 1778. Native Hawaiians are a polynesian tribe. With King Kamehameha who is the great King who once ruled the Hawaiian Islands in 1810. That’s a glimpse of Hawaii. And of course everyone already knows that Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Here are Hawaiian tourist attractions that are a pity to miss.

  1. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach in English is called Heavenly Sea. When viewed really like heaven and very charming. Many tourists visit and really like to see the beauty of white sandy beaches and clear water. All tourists who come here are very happy and amazed by the scenery on this beach. The hallmark of this beach is the very clear beach water supported by white sand beaches. While here, tourists like to see heaven in front of their eyes. Lanika Beach past Kailua Beach.

To get to this place, the route is not too difficult. Visitors just point to Waiki. From Waiki you can go to the Pali Highway area. Once in Pali you can head to the road that leads to Windward Oahu. For visitors who have come to this beach, don’t forget to fill your vacation by visiting tourist attractions close to Lanikai Beach, namely Hanauma Bay, Lahaina and Panaaewa Rainforest zoo.

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  1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkHawaii Volcanoes National Park includes 2 active volcanoes in Hawaii. The first are Kilaulea Volcano (the most active volcano) and Mauna Loa Volcano (the largest subaerial volcano). Here you will have an interesting experience seeing the lava directly and witnessing rare flora and fauna. In this tourist location you can do climbing activities and also photography. Two of the volcanoes in Hawaii are the most active volcanoes in the world.

Mauna Loa is an active volcano as well as the largest volcano in the world. When it erupts, Mauna Loa and Mount Kilaulea produce fountains of fire and the Molden Lava River. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is capable of producing 70 million years of volcanism, migration and evolution in Hawaii. This tourist spot was established to be able to escape the natural settings that exist in the two mountains. Not only that, this place is also used to preserve living creatures or native animals on the mountain. The native plants on the mountain are also protected by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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  1. hello

HilloHilo is a city on the coast and has several interesting places. These include a golf course, beautiful classical theatre, museums and downtown shops. Downtown Hilo is a small but most populous city in Hawaii. That’s because in this city there are various kinds of places that are luxurious and modern. While in Hilo City, take the time to visit Kamahameda Road. On that street you can find many local shops selling various kinds of merchandise. In addition, on the road you will find a variety of attractive attractions. The alluring attraction is in the Palace Theatre.

Hilo city is also full of culture. This is indicated by the many art galleries that you will find here. The art galleries in Hilo City come from painting galleries, wooden galleries and also glass titles. This city has experienced gloomy times, it was because of the tsunami that occurred in 1946 and 1960.

  1. Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge

Kilauea National Wildlife RefugeOne of the attractions belonging to Hawaii’s natural attractions. The area is approximately 203 hectares with its location in the northern part of Kilauea Beach. This tourist spot is a tourist spot close to Lanikai Beach. So when you want to go to Lanikai Beach you will pass this beach first. Kilauea Beach is different from Lanikai Beach. If Lanikai Beach has low and light waves, this beach has big waves. There are even cliffs on this beach. You can see the beauty of this beach from the top of the cliff. Kilauea also has a longer stretch of beach than Lanikai beach. This stretch of beach is more than 4 km, while Lanikai is only 1 km. Even so, those of you who come to this place should be careful if you see this beach from the top of the cliff. This tourist spot is supported by adequate facilities. This makes many visitors happy to visit this place.

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  1. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki BeachNext there is a tourist attraction Waikiki Beach. This beach, which is located on Oahu, has always been the center of attention of tourists visiting Hawaii. This beach is a favorite surfing location. No wonder this tourist attraction has existed since 1950, plus the background in the form of Diamond Head, beautifies the panorama. Beaches in Waikiki have their own names. One of the famous ones is Kuhio Beach which contains a statue of Duke Kahanamoku (a professional surfer who is designated as the father of modern surfing). Kuhio Beach is quite calm and has a breakwater wall.

Next is Queen’s Surf Beach (where body surfing is a very popular sport). In Waikiki you can also find Honolulu Zoo, Kapiolani Park, to the Waikiki Aquarium.

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  1. Haleakala

HaleakalaHaleakala is one of the largest mountains in the world. This is also one of the volcanoes that is no longer active. This mountain will be seen from afar because of its vast location. Haleakala stretches to the south and east of Maui. The graceful slopes of Haleakala can be seen in every corner of the island in Hawaii. Of course you are curious about what Haleakala means. The name Halaekala means house of the sun. This tourist spot is a tourist spot that will make it easier for sunlight to penetrate into this place. The Halaekala was shrouded in legend. Legnda said that there was a demi-god of the Sun who crossed Halaekala. The demigod stopped at the peak of Halaekala after going through a long celestial journey. Tourist activities that you can do here are to see the sunrise and sunset at Halaekala Peak. Of course, to see the sunrise requires a fairly tiring journey. It takes sufficient physical and mental preparation to climb Halaekala hill in order to see the sunrise.

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  1. Molokini

MolokiniThis is an island with clean and clear water with an area between 80 to 200 feet, will look full of clear water like crystal. This is the most popular snorkeling spot in Hawaii. This tourist spot is suitable for those of you who like to do diving and snorkeling. When seen from above, Molokini is shaped like a crescent moon. The crescent moon is useful for protecting divers from big waves and strong ocean currents. Unfortunately for those who want to dive in Molokini, be careful, because it is possible to be carried away by strong ocean currents.

Molokini in the morning is filled with small boats. That’s because in the morning Molokini’s atmosphere is calmer and the wind is calmer. Different from what is felt during the day or evening. The sea waves are big and the wind is getting stronger. It would be dangerous if there was a small ship sailing in Molokini. Divers will find about 250 species of fish and will see the marine ecology that is still preserved.

  1. Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural CenterThe next place is the Polynesian Cultural Center. This one location has entered into the 10 best places in Hawaii. Tourists and visitors will definitely come here to see the high culture around it. This place is suitable for those of you who want to tour history. Traveling in an area or city will be incomplete if it is not balanced with history or knowledge. That’s because it will be inefficient if all you get while on vacation is just pleasure.

While here, visitors will be shown the culture of Polynesia. This Polynesian cultural presentation is presented with music, performances and other entertainment with cultural elements. Even at night, the evening shows served here are quite entertaining. The location of this place is north of East Oahu.

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  1. Waimea Canyon

Waimea CanyonThe canyon that presents this stunning view is 1 mile wide, more than 100 miles long, and up to 3,600 deep. Tourists who visit this place will be presented with a view of a cliff with a green color. This place is suitable as the right place to calm down and unwind. Hearing his name, we are reminded of the global Green Canyon tour. Waimea Canyon is a cliff with verdant views. Although this cliff is not as old as Arizona, visitors who come here can see this geological wonder in Hawaii. Visitors will be presented with a variety of views ranging from crested buttes, steep cliffs but full of green scenery and steep ravines and valleys. When you’re here, don’t forget to capture every spot or point in Waimea Canyon.

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  1. Oahu

OahuOahu, his name is already familiar and has been heard overseas. Oahu is a spectacular area that is a tourist magnet. This most populous area with the capital city in Honolulu is where everyone in Hawaii gathers. The people of Oahu call themselves Native Hawaiians so they have great respect and honor for tradition.

Various activities can be done while visiting Oahu, including enjoying its natural beauty (such as the charming Kailua Beach), stopping by historical places and museums (such as the Kawaiahao Church, Lolani Palace, to the Statue of King Kamehameha I, Honolulu Museum of Arts). , Bishop Museum, and Queen Emma Summer Palace). Well, the favorite activity when you come here is surfing or surfing. Surf season occurs from November to February. Meanwhile, international surfing competitions are held in November and December.

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  1. Diamond Head

Diamond HeadThis monument is so famous in Hawaii. Uniquely in this one place you will be able to find diamonds. However, the only diamonds that exist are calcite crystals which are only valuable for mining. Besides being able to enjoy the diamond mines found on the slopes of the crater in 1700, you can also hike through the former military bunkers during World War II. Because the field to be taken is quite far and dark, it is advisable for you to bring a flashlight or other lighting device.

For those of you who like hiking or climbing mountains, don’t forget to visit this tourist spot. That’s because Diamond Head is a very famous climbing place. It happened in the 1800’s. When the year vegetation and birds are introduced, the hiking trails at Diamond Head almost become popular. Therefore, in 1908 a climbing trail was made that can be used for climbers to climb the diamond head to its peak. In addition, the trail is used as a defense system from the coast of the island. The climbing process at Diamond Head is quite heavy so it is not allowed for novice climbers. Only professional and experienced climbers can climb the cliffs or diamond peaks. It takes an hour to reach the top of the diamond. From the top of the peak, you can see the view under the diamond, namely Oahu beach.

Those are some tourist attractions in Hawaii, United States that you can visit. All of these tourist attractions are beautiful and have their own uniqueness. Therefore, for those of you who have a long vacation time, you can visit all these tourist attractions. For those who have little vacation time, you can choose some of the tourist attractions mentioned above.

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