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11 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Kupang

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Homeland tourism that may not be noticed by many tourists but has so many wonders is Kupang which is the capital of the province of East Nusa Tenggara. A variety of exotic locations can be found while in Kupang, although some places have not been properly managed and have not been touched much. Any plans to spend your vacation in Kupang? This is a tourist spot in Kupang that can be the right choice.

Komodo island

Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, of course Komodo Island is a spot that cannot be missed. For tourists who want to add to their experience by directly witnessing Komodo dragons like AOA, please come directly to East Nusa Tenggara so that Komodo dragons can be seen from a close distance. Don’t worry, there is a team of rangers who will accompany you during the process of exploring the island so that visitors are guaranteed security and safety from the attacks of Komodo dragons that live freely on the island.

Besides being able to see Komodo dragons, there are fun water activities that are worth trying. Diving and snorkeling at Pink Beach will be more exciting for your vacation. However, just walking around exploring the pink sand beach while looking at the green hills and blue sea is also fun. Cool, this place has approximately 1,000 species of fish, 70 species of sponges, and 250 species of coral reefs.

If you go to Komodo National Park, you don’t feel complete if you don’t visit the surrounding islands, such as Moyo Island with waterfalls as its main attraction. Calm waves and clean beaches are the hallmarks of the beaches on Moyo Island. On this island only motorbikes are the only means of transportation, and even then the road that is passed is not too smooth.

  • Visitors per head are charged an entrance fee of Rp. 90 thousand.
  • This fee includes paying for trekking activities. With this canal ticket, there are two islands that can be visited, namely Rinca Island and Komodo Island.
  • You need to spend more money to tip the ranger team and buy souvenirs.
  • Visitors must have a strong physique because trekking activities with a guide are quite exhausting.

Lasiana Beach

Lasiana BeachNature tourism in Kupang that must be visited next is Lasiana Beach which is located east of Kupang city center with a distance of 12 kilometers. Located in Kelapa Lima District and Lasiana Village, this beach has calm water with pleasant white sand. Everything that can be enjoyed here is not only the view of the sea and around the beach, but also young coconut ice, grilled bananas, and roasted corn which are certainly appetizing.

Activities that can be done on this beach include swimming, fishing, karaoke, soccer and so on. Public transportation is often found in this coastal area because of its location on the main transportation route of Timor Island so that rented vehicles and motorcycle taxis are available for easy access for visitors to the beach. The needs of tourists will also be met by the presence of restaurants and restaurants home stay.

  • Visitors can enjoy Lasiana Beach only by paying IDR 1 thousand per head.
  • Visitors with two-wheeled vehicles are charged Rp. 1 thousand and those who bring four-wheeled vehicles are charged Rp. 2 thousand.

Crystal Cave

Crystal CaveIf you have the opportunity to vacation in Kupang, one location that will not disappoint is Crystal Cave. This cave has a pool whose contents are known as clear brackish water whose clarity is equated with crystal. Because of this attraction, this cave is now known as the Crystal Cave. Arriving inside, tourists will be served with the coolness of the water, and because the name is brackish water, the taste of the water is not salty.

From the surface of the cave, visitors can already see the bottom of the cave. But don’t be surprised if there are rarely other visitors who come at the same time as you. This cave is still untouched and fairly quiet. To get to this place you also need to take time to walk because the location is behind the bushes. Near this cave there is a beach that can also be enjoyed by its beauty.

Neam Beach

Neam Beach...If you have a true adventurous spirit, this beach is the right destination for an adventure to your heart’s content. This beach is not easily accessible because there are many paths that need to be passed and the terrain is tortuous. From the city of Kupang itself, tourists have to take 3 hours plus passing through the wilderness which is increasingly draining.

Although it requires a good and healthy physical condition, adrenaline will automatically be stimulated. The struggle to this beach will not be in vain because visitors can be satisfied looking at the unique and exotic side that is around this Neam beach.

Tablolong Beach

Tablolong BeachTourists who are interested in coming and trying to explore West Kupang, there is a beach called Tablolong whose beauty is not inferior to Lasiana Beach. The attraction of this beach is the clear water and the vast expanse of white sand. You will see for yourself and admire the clear water with gradations of green to dark blue. The activities offered here are also varied, such as sailing, fishing, and swimming.

No need to worry about big waves when planning to swim at Tablolong Beach because the waves here are small and calm. However, the more popular activity in this spot is fishing. Often fishing competitions are held on this beach, from traditional to national scale. In terms of facilities, this beach is more complete and better in meeting the needs of tourists than Lasiana.

Long Sand Beach

Long Sand BeachIt seems that marine tourism in Kupang is endless and one more tourist attraction that can be found is Pasir Panjang Beach. This beach is a tourist location that will not charge an entrance fee or free to visitors. This beach, which is located right in the center of Kupang city, has clear blue water with a green surrounding because there are large rocks.

The reason why this beach is named Pasir Panjang is because the side of the beach is indeed long and the sand is so wide. To relax and enjoy the view of the beach, visitors don’t mind sitting on the sand.

Oenesu Falls

Oenesu FallsApart from the beach, there is a waterfall which is also a famous spot in Kupang. This waterfall, which can be accessed with a distance of about 17 kilometers from the city of Kupang, has a unique side that does not exist in other waterfall tourist sites.

The uniqueness that appears is the rock that looks exactly like the mouth of a gorilla and a lion. The exotic side is still added with trees that make this area always cool.

  • Visitors are charged an entrance ticket for Rp. 2 thousand.
  • Visitors who ride motorbikes can park it by paying only Rp. 1 thousand.

Kolbano Beach

Kolbano BeachAnother beach that is able to attract the hearts of tourists is Kolbano Beach with many rocks that meet this beach. In other words, this beach does not have sand like the beaches we generally encounter. However, that is what is unique about this beach with the spread of rocks with varied colors.

These rocks can be found along the beach as you explore this location. From downtown Kupang, you only need to take about 4 hours to get to the beach which does not charge an entrance fee to visitors.

Monkey Island

Monkey IslandIn Kupang, there is an island called Pulau Kera and its location is right in the middle of the wide sea. Just to look at it, from the shore of Kupang beach is actually enough. But if you want to try to come visit for a close look, tourists are advised to use fishing boats to get to the island safely.

The trip by boat will take approximately 1 hour. The attraction of Monkey Island, among others, is the white sand with a combination of panoramic views of the turquoise and purplish sea water which still blends beautifully with the red coral. Fun activities that can be done on this beach are playing in the sand, playing in the waves, sunbathing or even sitting on the beach. Visitors can be calm because the waves on this beach are small. Visitors can enjoy this beach only by spending Rp. 5 thousand.

Timor Beach

Timor BeachLocated close to Solor Village, Kupang, visitors will have an exciting experience in this place with mossy rocks that are randomly arranged so that they give an exotic impression. On this Timor Beach, tourists are also free to wait until the sun sets to capture it.

Around the beach there are many places to sit and stalls so that it adds to the comfortable side of this beach. Visitors are charged Rp. 1 thousand to be able to enter and explore the beach area. However, these prices can change at any time.

Oehala Falls

Oehala FallsBesides Oenesu, there is Oehala Waterfall which is indeed far from the center of Kupang but is very worth visiting. The uniqueness of this beach which is often mentioned is its shape that resembles a mattress. The atmosphere in this area is also very cool with the many trees around the waterfall. The freshness of the water is also one of the advantages of this tourist location so that visitors are certainly reluctant to miss enjoying this one object. Visitors are only charged an entrance fee of IDR 3 thousand. However, the entrance fee is subject to change at any time.

Thus a series of tourist attractions in Kupang that can be a fun and unforgettable recreation place. By visiting tourist objects in Kupang, of course you will recognize Indonesian tourism in more depth.

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