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11 Culinary Places in Jakarta and Surroundings

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Talking about tourism in Jakarta feels less without discussing the culinary delights that are there. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which every year has many visitors or tourists from various regions. Indeed, in Jakarta, there are many interesting tourist attractions to visit, for example, Ancol Dreamland Park, Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, Jakarta Old Town Tour, Jakarta National Monument and many others.

No less interesting is culinary tourism in Jakarta. Traveling to Jakarta will not feel complete if we do not taste the various typical culinary delights that are there. Therefore, before you go to Jakarta, you should first know what typical culinary delights in Jakarta you must try. The following are culinary attractions in Jakarta that are interesting to visit:

  1. Kwetiaw Brother

A culinary tourist spot that you must visit while in Jakarta is kwetiaw Akang. Of course we are all familiar with this one kwetiaw. Kwetiaw is a Chinese food that is well known to the Indonesian public. Indonesian people also love kwetiaw food. Many restaurants and street vendors also offer the Kwetiaw menu.

At this kwetiaw brother you can choose various kinds of kwetiaw menus ranging from seafood kwetiaw, meat kwetiaw and many others. Kwetiaw Kakang, which is in Jakarta, has several branches, for example, Kwetiaw Kakang, the Cengkareng branch, Kwetiaw Akang, the Muara Karang branch, Kwetiaw Kakang, the Mangga Besar branch, Kwetiaw Kakang, the Pondok Indah branch, and Kwetiaw Kakang, the Kelapa Gading branch. In this place there is not only kwetiaw, but there are other foods that you can taste, for example, flush rice. This flushed rice has a distinctive and fragrant aroma that will arouse your taste buds to eat it.

At the weekend you have to get ready to eat in crowded conditions because this kwetiaw is a favorite place to eat when the weekend comes. In addition to the delicious kwetiaw food menu, the price of food here is quite cheap, you can consume food in this place with prices starting at only 30 thousand rupiah. Cheap enough right?. What are you waiting for, immediately taste this delicious kwetiaw when visiting Jakarta

  1. Holycow Steak

Holycow-SteakAnother culinary place in Jakarta that you can visit while in Jakarta is Holycow Steak. From the name, of course, we already know what kind of cuisine is in this place. Holycow Steak is a steak restaurant that is quite famous in Jakarta. Besides being famous, Holycow Steak has a distinctive and delicious taste. Not surprisingly, the restaurant is always full on the weekends. This restaurant has branches in various big cities besides Jakarta, for example in Jogja, Surabaya and Bali.

The location of this restaurant is on Jalan Panang and Kelapa Gading. What’s interesting about the steak here is that you can have a variety of sauces for your steak, besides that you can choose the level of doneness of the steak that you will consume. Interestingly, if it’s your birthday, you can get a free steak at this place just by showing your ID card. The condition for getting a free steak is that you must also be willing to wear the crown that has been prepared by the restaurant, you cannot refuse the conditions made by the restaurant.

  1. Tony Roma’s

Tony-RomasAn interesting culinary place in Jakarta to visit next is Tony Roma’s. Tony Roma’s is a restaurant that you should try, especially for those of you who like ribs. Indeed, the obstacle that must be faced is the price of the ribs which are expensive, but the price of the ribs is commensurate with the taste you will get. After you try the ribs that are here, you will feel the delicacy of the ribs, besides that you will also feel addicted because the ribs here are really soft and not tough.

This place prepares the best quality ribs using a secret seasoning. The portions offered at this restaurant are large portions, so you will not feel lost when you pay a fairly high price. Besides ribs, the mainstay of food here is steak. The restaurant opening hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The location of this restaurant is Gandaria City, Puri Indah and also Thamrin.

  1. Pecenongan

PecenonganAnother culinary paradise that you can try while in Jakarta is the Pecenongan area. You must be wondering if Pecenongan is, Pecenongan is a culinary paradise at night in the form of tents and stalls that line each other at the location of Jalan Pecenongan. You can visit here starting at 5 pm and usually when the atmosphere is getting late, the Pecenongan area will be more crowded by visitors.

Even though you’re in stalls and tents, make no mistake. The price of food in Pecenongan is quite expensive, not inferior to luxury restaurants and malls in Jakarta. Most of the food sold here is seafood, Chinese food and also Martabak. This tourist spot has become famous since the 1970s. Most people who come to Pecenongan are foreign tourists or foreign tourists.

  1. Martabak Boss

Martabak-BossFor those of you who love martabak, when visiting Jakarta, don’t forget to visit Martabak Boss. The location of this tourist spot is in Menteng. While here you will be offered the sensation of eating martabak with a different taste. Not only the taste sensation is different, you can also see the unique and quirky shop of this martabak. This Martabak Boss shop has a yellow color and has a caricature.

You can order original martabak, egg martabak and sweet martabak. Another menu that you won’t find at other martabak places is that here you can find nutella martabak, skippy martabak, durian martabak, pineapple martabak, ovomaltine martabak, toblerone martabak and also martabak with pandan flavor. Indeed, the price set here is quite expensive, but you can taste martabak with a unique and different taste. For those of you who want to visit this place, you should come before 6 pm, the reason is that after 6 pm the queue at this shop will be long. To enjoy the martabak that you order when the queue is long, it can take up to an hour.

  1. Magnum Cafe

Magnum-CafeFor those of you who are ice cream lovers, you are certainly familiar with an ice cream brand called Magnum. Magnum cafe is heaven for ice cream lovers and chocolate lovers. Magnum Cafe is located at Grand Indonesia Mall and Pondok Indah Mall. If you can enjoy ice cream in the same way, you can come to this place.

Here you can eat ice cream in a different and unique way. The menu served, of course, is magnum ice cream that has been modified. Not only ice cream that you can get here, you can enjoy various kinds of snacks such as french fries with various flavors, spaghetti, cakes, waffles, calamari and many others. To enjoy a serving of modified Magnum ice cream, you have to spend around 45 thousand rupiahs per ice cream.

  1. Bandar Djakarta

Bandar-DjakartaA delicious culinary tourist spot that you must visit while in Jakarta is Bandar Djakarta. You could say this place is the first good place to eat in Jakarta. The location is also quite strategic, which is on the waterfront of Ancol Jakarta. This tourist spot is often used as a hangout place for young Jakartans at night so it is not surprising that at night this place is always crowded with young people.

This restaurant has a comfortable place and has an attractive design. This makes visitors who come there feel at home to sit for a long time enjoying the beauty of the beach and also the atmosphere of the restaurant at night. This restaurant has a capacity of 200 people and was built in 2001. The mainstay menu in Bandar Djakarta is the seafood menu. Its location close to the beach makes the freshness of the seafood in Bandar Djakarta guaranteed.

  1. Kemang Food Festival

Kemang-Food-FestivalFor those who come and travel to Jakarta, don’t forget to come to the Kemang Food Festival. This restaurant is a delicious place to eat in Jakarta, precisely in the Kemang area that you shouldn’t miss. For the people of Kemang, this place is quite popular, so when the weekend comes, it is not surprising that this place is always crowded with visitors.

The concept of this place is in the form of a food court, so many students are interested in visiting here. Students in Jakarta also like to eat here. Another advantage of the Kemang Food Festival is that there are many different kinds of food on offer. The price for the food here is also priced at an affordable price so it is suitable for the lower middle class. For those of you who want to come and taste the food here, you should come at 5 pm to midnight. This place gets very crowded at 7pm and above. When the weekend arrives, in this place there will be live music so that the atmosphere will be more lively with the presence of the live music.

  1. Naniura Sushi Bar and Restaurant

naniura sushi bar and restaurantYou could say Jakarta is a paradise for culinary lovers. That’s because Jakarta has many kinds of interesting culinary delights to try, ranging from Jakarta specialties, Chinese specialties and also Japanese specialties. For those who like Japanese cuisine, Jakarta has many Japanese restaurants that offer Japanese specialties, one of which is Sushi. Who is not familiar with sushi, surely everyone is familiar with this Japanese food. The restaurant that serves Japanese food and is well known in Jakarta is Nanira Sshi Bar and Resto. This place is a theme that serves a variety of Japanese dishes with delicious flavors and with high quality ingredients. The location of this restaurant is in Kalimalang, East Jakarta. The favorite and mainstay menu in this restaurant is Flaming Dragon. This sushi is sushi from shrimp that is rolled in aluminum foil, then the sushi is baked on the diner’s table. Although this restaurant is famous, the price of food offered here is quite affordable, which is around 35 thousand to 50 thousand per portion. The sushi menu offered is also quite large so it is quite filling for visitors.

  1. Hospital Restaurant and Bar

hospital restaurant bar jakartaFor those of you who want a delicious and unique culinary tour in Jakarta, don’t forget to come to the hospital restaurant and bar. The reason this restaurant is unique is because this resaurant is designed in such a way like a hospital. Even the menu served is very unique. There is a drink menu similar to blood, human fingers, intravenous fluids and many others. The equipment and services in this restaurant are like a hospital. Many of the servants were dressed like nurses and doctors.

The location of the restaurant is on Jalan KH Achmad Dahlan Number 3 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. When eating there you will get a different eating sensation.

  1. Indomie Brother Adek

Warung-Indomie-Abang-AdekAnother interesting culinary sights to visit while in Jakarta is the Indomie Abang Adek cafe. Here you can get a variety of cheap Indomie food menus. Even though they are cheap, the menus here are not cheap. Visitors who come here can choose boiled indomie or fried indomie. Spicy lovers can also come to this place because you can choose the spicy level according to your wishes.

This Indomie Abang Adek stall is on the side of the road, so the impression is so populist. Many young people in Jakarta make this place a fun and inexpensive place to hang out. So it is not surprising that every night this place is always filled with young people.

Those are the culinary attractions in Jakarta that are interesting for you to visit when you are in Jakarta. You can choose a fancy and expensive restaurant or you can choose to eat at a cheap Jakarta culinary tour. It all depends on you, the most important thing is that it must be adjusted to your budget.

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