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11 Beautiful and Natural Sunset Spots in Lombok

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Lombok is a tourist area that has an attraction in the form of unspoiled natural tourism. Lombok is often used as a tourist alternative besides Bali by most people. No wonder, because Lombok presents a slightly different atmosphere from Bali, but still has a natural beauty that is no less beautiful than Bali. If you want to visit Lombok and want to explore Lombok in the afternoon, maybe the following sunset spots in Lombok will attract your attention.

1. Malimbu Hill

Malimbu Hill is a Nature Tourism Place in North Lombok which is suitable for nature and photography connoisseurs. This is because the view from Malimbu Hill is very special, especially in the afternoon when the sun will set. Visitors are sure to enjoy the atmosphere there.

How come? From the hill, visitors can enjoy views of three dyke at once, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Complete with the silhouette of Mount Agung on the island of Bali if the weather is favorable.

The distance from the city of Mataram is also not far, which can be reached in approximately 30 minutes. Malimbu Hill is often visited by tourists who are in the Senggigi area. You can visit there in the afternoon to wait for the sun to return to the contest.

2. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi BeachOne of the beaches in Lombok which is quite famous is Senggigi Beach. Senggigi Beach is part of the coast of West Lombok which has white sand. In addition, the blue sea water and facing the west side makes the sunset very exotic when viewed from there.

The distance from the airport is quite far. You can reach it in approximately 2 hours. However, the fatigue during the trip will disappear when you arrive at Senggigi Beach in the afternoon. This place is also suitable for Honeymoon Place.

There are so many coconut trees that provide shade for tourists. In addition, there are green views around it, so it is suitable for relaxing. When the afternoon approaches, the reflection of the sun that will set will make the ocean very beautiful.

3. Gili Trawangan

Gili TrawanganWho doesn’t know Gili Trawangan? This island is one of the best tourist dykes in Lombok, and is definitely visited by tourists when visiting Lombok.

The interesting thing about Tourist Attractions on Gili Trawangan is the natural beauty of the underwater because it has beautiful coral reefs. In addition, there are many tourist activities that can be done on Gili Trawangan. The facilities and accommodation are complete.

Not only that, Gili Trawangan also has a beautiful beauty in the afternoon. This is because the view of the sunset at the sunset in Lombok, this one is indeed the most beautiful sunset view in Indonesia.

4. Gili Nanggu

Gili NangguAlthough the name Gili Nanggu is not as popular as Gili Trawangan, this small island also offers spectacular views in the afternoon. What else if not the view of the setting sun?

Gili Nanggu Lombok is located in West Lombok Regency. Visitors can reach Gili Nanggu for approximately 1 hour from Mataram City. In addition, visitors also need to cross there. The view of Gili Nanggu is filled with clean sea water and white sand beaches.

When the sun will set, visitors can see beautiful and different views from other beaches. Why? Because the sun will disappear behind the exotic silhouette of Mount Rinjani.

5. Batu Layar Beach

Sail Rock BeachThe next beach that is suitable for sunset spots in Lombok is Batu Layar Beach. Batu Layar Beach is located near Senggigi Beach. Although this place is often used as a place of pilgrimage, but if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of dusk, this place can also be visited.

Batu Layar Beach is not a favorite tourist spot for tourists. However, this place still has its own charm. The interesting thing about this beach is that there is a rock that looks like a sail.

In addition, another interesting thing about this beach is the sunset view that can be seen directly from the highway so it is quite different from other beaches.

6. Gili Kedis

Gili KedisBesides Gili Nanggu and Gili Trawangan, there is another dyke in Lombok that is suitable as a hunting location for sunset views, namely Gili Kedis. This Gili is also located in West Lombok Regency and is one of the most visited Gili in Lombok.

Gili Kedis is one of the favorite places for a honeymoon for newly married tourists. This is because one of its romantic attractions is the view of the sunset.

The interesting thing about the sunset on Gili Kedis is the phenomenon of the sun which will look bigger when compared to sunsets in other places. So that the scenery will be more interesting and also exotic.

7. Ampenan Beach

Ampenan BeachIf you like historical tours as well as beautiful natural attractions, try coming to Ampenan. Ampenan is a city where there are many ancient buildings typical of Dutch colonial architecture.

Ampenan was once the largest port city in Lombok. This can be seen from the remains of ports and iron stakes from ancient times. From there you can also observe a pretty beautiful sunset with a quite different impression from other tourist attractions.

In the afternoon, this place will also be quite crowded with visitors to wait for the sunset together. They will sit and enjoy the atmosphere. There are also several food vendors who usually sell there.

8. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak BeachWest Nusa Tenggara never runs out to provide tourist attractions in Lombok in the form of beaches, because the island of Lombok has a fairly long and interesting coastline. One of the next sunset spots in Lombok in the form of a beach is Selong Belanak Beach.

Selong Belanak Beach is one of the right locations to enjoy the evening atmosphere in Lombok. Not only sunset views can be obtained, you can also see the activities of fishermen who will go to sea there.

Of course, the atmosphere will remind you of the villages in the coastal area. Especially when the sun is almost setting. The orange color that will disappear between the hills on the west side will provide a beautiful and quite different view.

9. Idung Rock Hill

Idung Rock HillBesides Malimbu Hill, there is another hill that is suitable for enjoying the afternoon atmosphere in Lombok, namely Bukit Batu Idung. Bukit Batu Idung is a tourist attraction that has recently become popular.

This hill is not very high so it is quite easy to climb. The location is in West Lombok Regency and is quite easy to reach by tourists. Travel time to reach his shoulders is only about 15 minutes on foot.

The interesting thing about this place is the atmosphere of the sunset in the afternoon which is very beautiful. The sun will set on the horizon line and visitors can capture the scene with a camera.

10. Nipah Beach

Nipah BeachLooking for an evening atmosphere in Lombok, there are many alternatives. If you want to enjoy the sunset by enjoying grilled fish and also pelecing typical of Lombok, maybe Nipah Beach can be one of the recommended beaches.

There you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach which has a fairly long coastline. White sand and calm sea water will allow you to eat with a different atmosphere.

Moreover, the location is also not far from Mataram. You just need to drive for about 45 minutes and you will arrive at Nipah Beach to hunt for the beauty of the sunset while enjoying culinary tours.

11. Hatory Hill

Hatory HillHatory Hill may not be familiar to tourists. However, this hill is also one of the places to enjoy sunset views in Lombok which is quite recommended.

Benefits will certainly be obtained because this place is not yet fully popular. So there are not many visitors. You can visit there quite easily. This hill is located on Mandalika Beach or also known as Seger Beach.

In addition to enjoying the sunset at the top of the hill, you can also enjoy the afternoon atmosphere by enjoying the beach with white sand and calm sea water. Hatory Hill itself is quite wide and has green grass making it suitable for lounging.

Those are some recommendations for sunset places in Lombok that can be given. Immediately determine your favorite tourist destination and enjoy the best views from the best places. Hope it is useful.

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