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10 Year-End Vacation Spots Cheap Prices But Meaningful

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Looking for a year-end vacation spot? The end of the year is indeed the right vacation time for those of you who want to take your family on vacation, take a vacation from the piled up work routine, or invite loved ones to visit. holiday together.

indeed, at the end of this year all plane tickets and hotels are more expensive. Well this time I will share 10 Cheap Year-End Vacation Places, which will make your year-end vacation fun and definitely memorable guys, here are the recommendations for Year-End Vacation Places

1. Bali


image credit : @explorebali

Bali is indeed the first choice when thinking about where to go on vacation, right? Well, surely you think of the island of the gods which is full of these beautiful tourist attractions, guys. Bali is usually the traveler’s choice, even though ticket prices are expensive, hotels are also expensive, but everything will pay off by visiting waterfalls, lakes, hills, and some beautiful beaches such as Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, Blue Point Beach, Nusa Dua Island, Tanah Lot . To be able to take a vacation to Bali, bring around 5 million, guys, you can already explore the beautiful island of the gods.

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2. Yogyakarta


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the second one is also no less interesting to visit when you want to vacation with family, friends, or loved ones. In Yogjakarta, you can visit a very popular location, namely the location for the filming of “What’s Up With Love” which has recently become popular and has become a must-visit location while in Yogyakarta. Besides being able to visit the AADC shooting location, you can also visit Borobudur Temple, Ratu Boko Palace, Parangteritis Beach, Puntuk Setumbu, Papeermoon Puppet Theater, Rhema Hill, and many other tours that you can visit while you are here. To be able to go to Yogyakarta, provide a vacation money of around 3 million, you can explore the beauty of Yogyakarta.

3. Unlucky


image credit : @yoffiryn

This city does have a lot of tours, such as Batu City Square, Parayang Di Batu, Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Transport Museum, Batu Night Spectacular, or culinary tours there are lots of delicious foods that are ready to accompany you while holiday. In Malang, you can breathe fresh air, make your mind fresh, and for a vacation to Malang from Surabaya, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you only provide around 500 thousand, you can enjoy the beauty and coldness of Malang. For those of you outside East Java, then provide around 2 million for a vacation to the city of Malang.

4. Medan


image credit : @negrikece

Horas field!!! This field is also a vacation choice which is definitely fun in Medan, you can see the relics of the Deli Sultanate of the Maimun Palace and increase knowledge by knowing the life of the Medan nobility at Tjong Afie Mansion, and of course seeing the beauty of Lake Toba which is already famous in the world with its beautiful lake.
Besides Lake Toba, you can do trekking to Bukit Lawang, breathe the cool air at the Sibolangit Two Color Waterfall, see the beautiful Lumbini Natural Park, and of course enjoy delicious Medan cuisine. to get to Medan from Jakarta then you provide about 5 million vacation money, to be able to enjoy the beauty of tourism in Medan.

5. Field


image credit : @una_tami

Besides being famous for its delicious culinary delights, Padang also has many beautiful tours such as Lake Laut Residence which has beautiful views with its turquoise waters, exploring the beauty of the nine windings, experiencing the Minang culture inherent in the Pagarayung Palace, and there are many other tours that you can visit. beautiful in Padang, to be able to see the beauty of tourism in Padang you can prepare around 4 million money.

6. Palembang


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Palembang is also an option because here a traveler can see the beauty of the kbang iwak park in the middle of the city, or also see the beauty of Kemaro Island, breathe fresh air while walking along the beautiful Ampera Bridge, or explore some of the waterfalls in Palembag are also interesting. to be able to explore the beauty of Palembang you can provide around 1 million to be able to enjoy some of the tours that you must visit.

7. Balikpapan


image credit : @una_tami

The island of Borneo is also an option and one of them is Balikpapan, here you can enjoy the beauty of a tour that has been worldwide and is famous for its beauty. The tours that you can enjoy here are Mirror Lake, Refinery Beach, and swimming with jellyfish on Kakaban Island. for a vacation to Balikpapan you can provide around 4 million vacation money, you can enjoy the beauty of some of the tours in Balikpapan.

8. Thailand


image credit : @cailinbriagha

Thailand is indeed the place of choice for vacation at the close of the year here you can see the beauty of Bangkok by visiting Khao San Road, watching the beautiful sunset of Wat Arun, and finally shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market. To be able to see the beauty of Bangkok Thailand, you provide around 4 million for a vacation to Thailand with your loved ones.

9. Malaysia


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To close this beautiful year, you can choose to vacation in Malaysia, because here there are so many destinations that you can visit such as George Town, Street Art, National Park, and to Penang Hill. to be able to enjoy the beauty of large buildings in Malaysia with exotic tours, you only provide money for a vacation of around 3 million.

10. Singapore

year-end vacation spot

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The latter is always a traveler’s choice to close the year with friends, family, or loved ones. here you can do adrenaline-pumping activities such as hiking Mount Faber, or visit some of the must-visit tours such as Gardens By The Bay, Marina Barrage, Bukit Batok Town PARK, and of course hunting for Singapore culinary is an activity that you must do while you are in Singapore. Singapore. To be able to vacation in Singapore, you can provide around 5 million vacation money, Come on guys, hurry up on vacation to Singapore.

How about you guys. The 10 Year-End Vacation Places above are very interesting for you to visit at the end of the year. Come on, invite your friends, family, or loved ones to close the year by visiting the 10 Cheap but Meaningful Year-End Vacation Places listed above. Happy Holidays!!!

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