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10 Useful and Memorable Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Each hobby certainly has its own uniqueness and excitement. For example, with a hobby of traveling or sightseeing. Those who like to travel, of course, have certain needs that are not necessarily needed by other people with different hobbies. So, if you happen to have a partner or loved one who has a hobby of traveling or traveling, have you ever given them what they need for their hobby? If soon it is their birthday or the day they will start their journey again, make sure you have to prepare a special gift for them, which of course is related to their hobby, which is also useful. Well, here are the inspirational gifts for travelers that you can choose

1. Travel Journal

The prize for the first traveler is a Travel Journal. This journal is arguably quite important for travelers because it can accommodate a variety of stationery and can be a suitable travel companion.

Travel Journal can also be a place to store memories or memories after a vacation. So that memories during traveling can be stored neatly and can be reopened. Not only that, the travel journal can also be a place to write your travel plans with every detail. Such as noting the hotel address, transportation that must be used to noting the tourist and culinary destinations to be visited.


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2. Compass Clock

Compass Clock

The prize for the next traveler is a Compass Clock. Although nowadays there are many applications that can be accessed easily, there are also many travelers who explore remote places that are far away and in remote areas so that it is very difficult to get a signal.

This compass clock can be a solution because in the absence of a signal or internet, this watch will be very useful as a direction indicator and also a timepiece. This compass clock is perfect as a gift for loved ones who are very fond of adventure in the wild.

3. Waterproof Solar Charger

  Solar Charger Waterproof

The next gift for travelers that you can give to your loved ones is the Anti-Water Solar Charger. Power banks can indeed be a savior when we are away from plugs or electricity.

You can give a power bank that can be recharged by solar power but is water and dust resistant. This Solar Charger will certainly be very helpful when your loved ones are traveling in various terrain conditions.

4. USB LED Stick


This gift for travelers is perfect for those who like camping activities. This USB LED Stick has a small size and is very light but can provide a very bright light with a power source that comes from the USB post.

You can get this USB LED Stick at a price that varies, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Not only that, you can also get this USB LED Stick easily at electronics stores or online stores.

5. Bathroom Kit

Bathroom Kit

Bathroom Kits or toiletries are also quite important for travelers, so don’t be surprised if you can make a Bathroom Kit as a gift choice for travelers.

Batroom Kit is a very useful container or place to put all toiletries in a practical place. You can also make it yourself and of course you have to fill some slots in the bathroom kit so that your loved ones understand the use of these objects.

6. Quick Dry T-shirt

Quick Dry T-shirt

The gift for the next traveler is a quick dry t-shirt. This t-shirt can be said to be one of the outfits that is quite popular with travelers because it is very practical to use for traveling.

Quick dry t-shirts dry very easily and don’t heat up if you have to use them for a long time. Before giving this one gift, you have to make sure in advance the size of the clothes and their favorite color.

7. Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti Theft Backpack

Backpacks are certainly a very important thing for travelers because backpacks are often chosen to accompany every traveler’s trip. Backpacks are not only easier to carry into the aircraft cabin, but also more compact and simple to take traveling anywhere.

One of the backpacks that you can choose as a gift is an anti-theft backpack. This backpack is of course equipped with safety so that it cannot be easily opened by others. Besides being able to be used for traveling, this anti-theft backpack can also be used for daily activities, such as going to campus or going to the office. Especially if your loved ones are required to take public transportation such as public transportation, buses or commuter lines, which are possible for pickpocketing. So, this anti-theft backpack can be an alternative gift choice for travelers.

8. Waist Bag

Waist bag

In addition to an anti-theft backpack, a waist bag can also be an important item for travelers. Waist bags are the most comfortable and safer items for storing wallets, passports and other important documents.

Currently, there are various variations and models of waist bags. You can also choose a waist bag with quality materials. It can be made of leather or codura such as a mountain bag which is more waterproof. For that, a waist bag can also be a gift for traveling that you can choose, but first you have to choose the right model and color for him.

9. Folding Drinking Place

  Folding Drinks

If your loved ones like to travel abroad or like backpackers, this gift is perfect for you to give. If you are traveling by plane, of course, there are rules for bringing liquids into your luggage. Instead of having to carry a regular water bottle with you, bringing a folding drinking holder like this can certainly be a solution.

This folding drinking place has several advantages, such as not taking up much space and being lighter to carry around because it can be folded. The price of mineral water abroad is known to be very expensive, so bringing your own drink can certainly be an option to save expenses while there. Bring this folding drinking place and just fill it from the drinking water faucet that is available for free there. For this reason, this folding drinking holder can be a practical but very useful gift solution for travelers.

10. Pillow


The last gift for the traveler is a pillow. Pillows will certainly be the thing you miss the most after traveling. For that, bringing a pillow will certainly make the trip feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Especially if the plane has to be delayed and there is no certainty when it will depart, then a pillow can certainly be the right friend. Especially now that pillows have been available in various forms that can make it easier to carry anywhere. Not only that, today’s pillows can also be added with various motifs related to the world of traveling so that it will look very attractive.

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