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10 Typical Russian Desserts With Tempting Delicacy

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Russia is one of the countries on the European continent which is famous for its extreme winters. Russia is also known to have many delicious culinary delights with a variety of unique tastes and appearances, one of which is dessert. Russian desserts are known for their creamy and soft texture and sweet taste. Apparently, this typical Russian dessert is not small in number, you can even find it easily in many cafes there. Well, if you are planning a vacation to Russia, here is a list of must-try desserts.

1. Napoleon

The first typical Russian dessert you must try is Napoleon. This Napoleon is a dessert that looks similar to French millefeuille or custard slices.

Despite their resemblance, this napoleon is actually a classic Russian cake that dates back to pre-Soviet times. This cake is filled with custard and is a common dish throughout Europe. This Napoleon is a custard-covered crepe usually decorated with a cake house to symbolize the Russian snow that managed to thwart Napoleon’s army.


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2. Pticye Moloko

Ptuchye Moloko

Pticye Moloko is also one of the typical Russian desserts that is a shame to miss. This dessert is quite popular even though it has a simple appearance.

Literally, this moloko ptichye means bird’s milk or bird’s milk. Basically, this cake is a soft, milk-based souffle covered with chocolate and cut into rectangles. This cake has been around since 1936 and was first made in Warsaw, Poland. In 1967, the Soviet Minister paid a visit to Czechoslovakia and was so impressed with this dessert that he ordered Russian sugar factories to try and replicate it until the end of 1978 this dessert was first served in Russia.

3. Sharlotka


The next popular Russian dessert is sharlotka. Sharlotka is a typical Russian apple pie that is quite popular because it is easy to make and the ingredients used are quite affordable.

This Sharlotka is made with flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda and apple slices. However, some people like to add cinnamon or honey to make it even more delicious. Sharlotka has a low calorie content so it can be consumed by people who are on a diet. Before serving and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top, it is recommended to let this cake cool first.

4. Guriev Kasha

Guriev Kasha

Guriev kasha is a traditional Russian semolina porridge. Unlike other types of porridge, this guriev kasha is not only made with milk, but also oven-baked cream and crust formed on a crunchy skin.

Usually this guriev kasha is topped with a layer of fruit, nuts or jam sandwiched between a semolina filling and a milk crust. This dessert has a long history. In fact, it was first served in 1881 during the coronation of Tsar Alexander III. Until now, this classic Russian dish is still often found, especially during special occasions and ceremonies.

5. Syrniki


If you are a cheese lover, then this Russian dessert is a must for you to taste. Syrniki is a curd cheese pancake that is much liked by the Russian people because it has a soft, light texture and a balanced sweet and savory taste.

Syrniki first appeared because many families in Russia have excess milk when there is no refrigerator. In order not to waste milk, many people then add flour and curd cheese to it and make a light and fluffy pancake mixture. Syrniki are usually served with additional jam, honey and yogurt, depending on the taste of each person.

6. Chak-Chak


The next delicious Russian dessert is Chak-Chak. Chak-Chak is a deep-fried almond and honey cake that has a unique yet delicious taste.

This cake is quite popular in Russia, especially in the Tatarstan region where this region is known for producing high-quality honey which is one of the main ingredients in most Russian desserts.

Chak-Chak is usually served in individual portions or in the form of sweet flat balls that are arranged in a stack to resemble a tower of profiteroles. Although it is quite common to find, chak-chak is one dish that must always be present during celebrations.

7. Pashalnii Kulichi

Pashalnii Kulichi

Pashalnii Kulichi or also known as Paskha has the meaning of Easter. This dish is one of the most popular Russian desserts and is usually served as dessert on Good Friday or Easter.

Interestingly, the process of making Kulichi is very sacred to Russian society because the whole family bakes this cake together and spends time together at home. This cake can only be enjoyed after the service at the Church on Holy Saturday night. This dish is made of tvorog or farmer’s cheese, butter, sugar, egg yolks, cream and vanilla. The white color on this bread symbolizes the purity of Christ and the Passover Lamb.

8. Zefir


The typical Russian dessert that you must try next is zefir or zephyr. This zefir is a candied fruit similar to homemade marshmallows. Usually, zefir is made from pureed fruit that is cooked and added with egg white and gelatin syrup before being put in parchment paper and allowed to harden.

This dessert has a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, cherry or chocolate. To make it even more delicious, usually enjoy this zefir accompanied by a cup of delicious black coffee.

9. Medovik


Medovik is one of the most famous and popular Russian desserts because it has an unexpected origin story. This cake has a beautiful golden color and a delicious taste.

Medovik is made from buttermilk, custard and condensed milk. This cake is similar to Napoleon cake, which is both have a thin layer. Medovik is also made from leftover pastry which is crushed into crumbs and used to coat cakes. This part is the most liked by many people.

10. Chocolate Salami

Russian Dessert

The last typical Russian dessert is Chocolate Salami. This dessert is one of my favorites because it has a delicious taste.

Chocolate Salami is made from crushed milk biscuits then added with toasted walnuts mixed with chocolate sauce. This chocolate sauce is made from butter, cocoa, milk and sugar. The dough is then put in the freezer, rolled into bars and then stored in the refrigerator overnight to freeze.

That was a list of 10 of the most delicious Russian desserts and a must-try. Which dessert would you most like to try?

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