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10 Types of Italian Pizza With a Tempting Taste

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Italy and pizza certainly become an inseparable unit. Pizza is one of the typical Italian foods that has been worldwide and loved by many people, it’s no wonder you can find lots of pizza restaurants in various countries. The types of Italian pizza also turn out to be quite diverse and offer delicious toppings. Well, if you are a pizza lover, here are various types of typical Italian pizza that you should try.

1. Neapolitan pizza

The first type of Italian pizza that you must try is Neapolitan Pizza. Maybe this type of pizza is quite familiar because it can be found easily in several Italian restaurants in Indonesia.

This Neapolitan pizza is the first type of pizza created and originated in the city of Naples. The pizza, which was first made in the 18th century, is usually topped with a simple topping, namely tomatoes, oil, cheese and garlic. The bread used to make this pizza is flatbread which is neither too thin nor too thick.


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2. Pizza Margherita

Pizza Mergherita

Pizza Margherita has also become one type of Italian pizza that is quite popular outside of Italy. This pizza is said to be very representative of Italy and has a delicious taste.

This Margherita pizza is made with tomato sauce, Italian olive oil, basil and mozzarella cheese. Margherita pizza is also a type of pizza that can be made in various variations. If you visit Naples, you can find another version of margherita called Margherita con mozzarella in bufala, which uses buffalo mozzarella.

3. Sicilian pizza

Sicilian Pizza

The type of Italian pizza that you must try next is Pizza Sicilia. As the name implies, this pizza comes from the Sicilian Islands in Italy.

This Sicilian pizza has a similar appearance to American pizza with a chewy and thick dough. This is because many Sicilians migrated to the United States, which has an effect on the American diet. This pizza dough is made from wheat flour so that the taste offered is more delicious. As a topping, this pizza usually uses local tomatoes and oregano. In Sicily itself, this pizza can be found easily in food carts that say Sfincione.

4. Pizza Fritta

Pizza Fritta

Pizza Fritta is known as one of the most popular types of Italian pizza. This pizza is a classic Neapolitan street food that comes in many shapes and appearances. Like the calzone which is shaped like a crescent moon and the montanara which is round.

This Frita pizza was made during a crisis due to the war. After World War II there was an increase in the price of mozzarella and wood for the oven, prompting a cook in Naples to make pizza by frying it.

This pizza is then filled with makeshift ingredients, one type of pizza fritta is panzerotti. This panzerotti is shaped like a crescent moon made from tomatoes, ricotta and mozzarella. After that, this pizza is processed by frying until the color turns golden.

5. Pizza Quatro Stagioni

Pizza Quatro Stagioni

The type of Italian pizza that offers the next delicious taste is Pizza Quatro Stagioni. Quatro Stagioni means ‘four seasons’ and this pizza is made from a strong blend of mozzarella and tomato flavors.

This pizza is topped with various toppings, ranging from mushrooms, ham, artichokes and cooked black olives. In fact, you can find this Quatro Stagioni Pizza which is given a small addition in the form of anchovies or other toppings typical of the region. The most important factor of this pizza is in the ingredients, where each ingredient used must be on its own part.

6. Pizza Capriccio

Pizza Capriccio

Pizza Capricciosa is also included in the list of types of Italian pizza that is too bad to be missed. Literally, the name of this pizza translates to various and seems appropriate because the toppings of this pizza tend to vary from region to region.

The ingredients for making this type of pizza are indeed never the same combination and the most frequently used toppings are tomatoes, herbs, mozzarella, artichokes, ham, olives and sliced ​​boiled eggs. Meanwhile, if you go to central and northern Italy, this pizza is sometimes topped with sausage, capers and sometimes teru fish. This Capricciosa pizza has indeed become one of Italy’s favorite types of pizza since the 1980s and is still popular today.

7. Pizza Al Taglio

Al Taglio pizza

The next popular type of Italian pizza is Pizza Al Taglio. The name Al Taglio means cut, this is because this pizza has a rectangular sheet shape and is cut into squares. Then, the price of this pizza is also determined by the weight of the pieces.

This Al Taglio pizza is usually topped with many toppings, from classic rossa or tomato sauce to potatoes, cheese, parmesan and figs. Pizza Al Taglio also has other names such as pizza in teglia and pizza al trancio. When making this al taglio pizza the important thing to do is make sure the dough rises and ferments longer.

8. Romana Pizza

Romana Pizza

The interesting thing about this Pizza Romana is crustits thin with a crunchy texture like crackers. This type of Italian pizza is also known by another name, namely scrocchiarellawhich means crunchy.

There are several factors that make this pizza crispy and light, one of which is the olive oil added to the base dough. Not only that, the amount of water used is also less because this pizza dough has a maximum hydration of 55%.

Once formed, this pizza dough is smeared with a thin layer of tomato sauce and then given the topping of choice. The toppings used also vary, but the most common combinations used are anchovies, mozzarella, basil, capers to pecorino. Romana pizza is processed by baking for a longer duration to produce a drier crust so it feels crispier.

9. Pizza Patatosa

Pizza Patatosa

From the name alone, you must have known that this type of Italian pizza has an element of potatoes in it. Pizza Patatosa is also known as one of the classic pizza variants made from potatoes and the top is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and potatoes.

Before laying on the pizza, first cut the potatoes thinly. Then combined with olive oil and aromatic spices, such as thyme and rosemary. This mixture of spices can provide a delicious aroma and taste.

If you visit Italy, you can find various versions of this Patatosa Pizza. Some use french fries or mashed potatoes instead of baked potatoes. In fact, you can also find a variant that uses white pizza as a base. Pizza Patatosa is also found in various shapes, there are circular, oval and rectangular.

10. Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

The last type of Italian pizza is Pizza Vegetariana. As the name implies, pizza is made for you who are vegetarian.

This Vegetariana pizza is made with a basic dough that is spread with tomato sauce and then topped with mozzarella and a variety of vegetables according to the season. Usually, the vegetables used are eggplant, bell pepper and zucchini. These vegetables are usually processed before being used as a topping. Other vegetable toppings commonly used are spinach, carrots, artichokes, onions, mushrooms, celery, olives and oregano.

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