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10 Tourist Attractions in Central Sulawesi that You Must Visit

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So far, the only famous island of Sulawesi is Makassar, which is located in South Sulawesi. But who would have thought that Central Sulawesi has tourism potential that is no less amazing. Central Sulawesi province has been known among foreign tourists for its natural beauty. Central Sulawesi is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is traversed by the equator. That’s why if you are in this area, you will find many kinds of nature-themed attractions in this area. Let’s look at interesting places in Central Sulawesi, which you should visit.

1. Pusentasi

The center is located in Limboro Village, precisely in Central Banawa sub-district, Donggala. Precisely about 12 km from the city of Palu. The name Pusentasi means the center of sea water or sea well water. Not many people know about this tourist spot. This tourist attraction is included in the category of beach tourism which has a shape like a giant well which has a diameter of 10 meters with a depth of about 7 meters.

If you want to visit this attraction, you can take the land route. With a duration of approximately 45 minutes you can reach this attraction, if you are from Palu. Follow the signposts that inform the location of Tanjung Karang Doggala Beach. The location of the Pusentasi Marine Center is close, because this tourist attraction is still in the Tanjung Karang Beach area.

The center is a giant well, this well is formed naturally and the cliffs are carved by rocks. The water right inside the Pusentasi is clear blue and has a salty taste like seawater. The specialty of Pusentasi, although many people use this water, the water is never cloudy. Another uniqueness, the water in this giant well will tide when the sea water is receding and vice versa will recede when the sea water is high. The beauty that is in this tourist attraction, seems to be bewitching you to immediately jump into this giant hole. (Also read: Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh)

2. Talise Beach

Talise Beach

This beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Palu. Don’t worry, if you want to go to this beach you don’t have to drain your pocket deeply because this place does not require a fee. Besides that, getting to this location is quite easy. This beach is in the middle of Palu city and access to this tourist attraction is good. The existence of this beach near the city center makes this beach visited by many tourists, as well as the surrounding community. We suggest that this beach is not recommended if you visit it during the day, because the weather in Palu is generally hot and the wind is blowing very hard. If you want to stay near the beach it is very easy, approximately 1 km away you can find a hotel or inn. (Also read: Waterfall Attractions in Kulon Progo)

3. Palu Bridge

Palu BridgeThis bridge was inaugurated in May 2006 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. This bridge spans over Talise Bay, right in the Besusu and Lere Villages. This bridge is the first arch bridge in Indonesia, and the third in the world after Japan and France.

This bridge has become one of the famous icons of Pau City because of its uniqueness. Although the age of this bridge is not half a century, this yellow bridge holds a myth that makes goosebumps goosebumps. People believe, at certain times local residents often see estuarine crocodiles. The appearance of this estuarine crocodile is not uncommon. The appearance of this estuarine crocodile, means he asked for sacrifice. In the beginning, the appearance of three crocodiles at the mouth of the Palu river was often associated with the news that people had disappeared after leaving the estuary. Although there is a myth that crocodiles ask for sacrifices, local residents are not afraid. Because over time the residents have gotten used to the presence of crocodiles sunbathing on the banks of the river mouth.

If you come to this bridge, we recommend it at night because the beauty of this bridge radiates at night. This place has become one of the destinations frequented by tourists who like to take pictures.

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4. Mount Gawalise

Mount Gawalise

Mount Gawalise stands in a tropical forest area, and is inhabited. The inhabitants of this mountain are the Da’a tribe, a sub-ethnic of the Kaili tribe. Mount Gawalise has a height of about 2,023 meters above sea level. Because of the beauty found on this mountain, this mountain is often used as a climbing place, besides that Mount Gawalise is a place of observation for scientists who want to research the flora and fauna that exist in the location of this tourist attraction.

Access to this location is very easy, you can take about 10 minutes from downtown Palu using public transportation, or 1 hour drive from Pantoloan port, while 15 minutes from Mutiara Palu airport.

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5. Saluopa Falls

Saluopa FallsThis waterfall is one of the famous tourist destinations in Central Sulawesi, because of the stunning natural beauty of this waterfall. This waterfall has a very clear spring from the local mountains, and the water that slides from this waterfall is very heavy with a height of about 25 meters. The beauty of this waterfall is not only from my natural beauty, but there are 12 levels and each level forms small pools. This is a plus of this waterfall. Not only that, other beauties sometimes appear among the waterfalls a rainbow which is very pleasing to the eye and moments like this can be used as the background for your photos.

Saluopa Waterfall is located in Tonusu Village, precisely in North Pamona District, Poso Regency. If you are from Tentena City, it will take about 12 kilometers or about 54 kilometers if you are from the southeast of Poso Regency.

If you plan to visit this attraction and want to stay overnight, we recommend looking for lodging in Tentena City. Because around this tourist attraction there are no facilities to stay overnight.

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6. Tanjung Karang Beach

Image result for Tanjung Karang beachTanjung Karang Beach is located in Donggala Regency. You can use the land route, to arrive at this tourist attraction. It takes approximately 1 hour to arrive at this tourist attraction, from downtown Palu. Although this tourist attraction is quite far and a little hidden. However, this beach attracts a lot of foreign tourists to stop at this beach.

Feeling tired and bored during the trip, will be paid off with the beauty that always follows you during the trip. Along the way you will pass the beach with beautiful views. In addition, the neat and clean regional layout will amaze you.

If you want to rest and enjoy the beauty of this beach for some time you can rent cottages or tents. However, if you want to get around there are boats and Banana Boats, swimming, snorkeling, and diving equipment. No need to worry, this beach provides a special menu dish that can restore your energy after a day playing at the beach.

Tanjung Karang beach tourism is very famous for its underwater beauty. You will find amazing views in the sea. Only with a distance of 3 meters, the beauty stored on this beach will be easily found.

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7. Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National ParkLore Lindu National Park, is a national plant in Indonesia. This National Park is a natural heritage that is very rich in flora and fauna diversity. In addition, this park is used as a world bipspheric reserve. If you want to visit this park for mountain climbing tours or just pampering the cliffs, you don’t have to worry about the location of this park. Lore Lindi National Park is located in Donggala Regency. This friend has been inaugurated since 1993 which is a combination of Lore Kalamata Nature Reserve and Protected Forest and Lake Lindu Recreation Park. This National Park area is a habitat for native mammals in Sulawesi, besides there are megalith statues that have an age of hundreds or even thousands of years scattered in this National Park area.

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8. Peace Monument

hammer peace monumentThe construction of the monument which is designated as an icon of peace is located in the Central Sulawesi region, precisely in the city of Palu. This monument stands majestically and firmly in the hills of the Tondo sub-district, precisely in the Mantikulore District. The construction of the peace monument is on an area of ​​800 square meters. Next to the monument there is a gong that has a diameter of about 2 meters and weighs 180 kilograms. On the surface of the gong there are many symbols, in the form of religious symbols, flags and regional or city symbols.

If you come to this place, not only the beauty that lies in this peace monument alone. You can also feel the beauty of the natural panorama of Palu Bay, because the location of this monument is between a layered hill. To enjoy all of this, you don’t need hours, only 30 minutes from downtown Palu you can feel the beauty of this place firsthand.

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9. Lake Poso

Lake PosoUnlike lakes in general, Poso lake has a stretch of white sand on the edge of the lake. This white sand to the extent that it covers the shores of the lake. The white sand that you find in this lake, just like on the seaside beaches. Lake Poso has a length of about 32 km and a width of 16 km, and a depth of about 510 meters. That’s why this lake is one of the deepest lakes in Indonesia, and this lake is the third largest lake in Indonesia.

Lake Poso has a safe and charming beauty. The lake is surrounded by hills and forest areas. While enjoying the charming scenery you can also feel the cool air in this place. If you want to take a walk along the waters, you can rent a motorboat provided by the lake. The scenery around the lake, is no less interesting. You can see the life of the surrounding community in carrying out their daily activities such as fishing. fishing and fish farming. On one side of Lake Poso, you can visit the largest Orchid conservation in Indonesia, namely the Bancea Nature Tourism Park. in this park you can enjoy the beauty of orchids of various types. One of them is a black orchid which is fairly rare.

Access to this lake is relatively easy, because it is near the Trans Sulawesi Cross. The line that connects Tojara – Poso – Gorontalo – Manado. You can access this lake through the town of Tentena. There are facilities around this lake, such as hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and restaurants.

10. Togean Islands

Togean IslandsThe Togean Islands are hidden in Tomini Bay, precisely in Central Sulawesi. The location of these islands is remote. To the extent that if you stop by this place, your cellular operator’s signal will drop drastically, there will even be none at all. Even so, this island is still a magnet for tourists. The waters in the Togean Islands are very calm, clean and clear.

The Togean Islands are not only heaven for water sports lovers. The Togean Islands spans an area of ​​approximately 102 kilometers with a land area of ​​about 755 square kilometers, and has about 66 island groups spread widely in the middle of Tomini Bay. These islands are administratively located in Tojo Una-una Regency. This area is often known as Togian Island or the Togean Islands National Park.

This place has a very charming underwater beauty. Because of the amazing natural wealth of the underwater world, the local government always tries to protect the nature of this Togean island. The Togean Islands are listed in the list of territories Coral Triangle the Indonesia-Philippines region, as region 1. Because Togean Island is one of the places that has underwater biodiversity from all the world’s biodiversity.

Not only the underwater beauty, the island of Togean has a land beauty that is no less beautiful. The beauty emitted can amaze you. Visitors will see the islands lined up. And you will see the beauty of the forest with lush trees, and the cool air on this island. Not infrequently you will hear the chirping of birds that are protected and breed in the thick forest.

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If you are visiting Selawesi Island, take your time to explore this area of ​​Central Sulawesi. And prepare yourself to feel the amazement that exists. Welcome to Amazing Central Sulawesi.

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