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10 Tips to Stay in a Hostel to Make It More Comfortable and Fun

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Hostels have recently become an alternative choice to stay that is quite popular. Apart from being cheap, recently there have been various hostels with instagramable facilities and interiors that are quite attractive to travelers, especially millennial travelers. Not inferior to hotels, staying in hostels certainly feels more comfortable and presents its own impression. Well, for those of you who want to stay at a hostel, here are tips for staying at a hostel

1. Choose a Strategic Location

The first tip to stay at a hostel is to choose a strategic location. Before booking a hostel, make sure you first know where the hostel is located.

Make sure the address is clear and near a tourist spot, station or airport. Don’t force yourself to book a hostel that’s cheap but located far enough from tourist attractions or the city center, of course it can be a hassle. Not only that, before ordering you have to read reviews from guests who have stayed and make sure the hostel is good enough for you to live in.


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2. Pay attention to the type of room

Pay attention to the type of room

Tips for staying at the next hostel is to pay attention to the type of room that you will order. You have to pay attention to the rooms in the hostel for male and female guests or special rooms for female guests only.

Usually female residents will feel less comfortable if they have to share a room with male residents, so you can choose to only book a female-only room or if you are a male you may be able to book a male-only room. That way you can feel more calm and comfortable while staying at the hostel.

3. Prepare Personal Toiletries

Prepare Personal Toiletries

Tips for staying at a hostel that you need to pay attention to next is to bring personal toiletries. Before deciding to stay at a hostel, you should know that not all hostels provide toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and towels. For that, don’t hesitate to bring your own toiletries from home.

You can bring soap, shampoo and toothpaste in small containers or travel sizes. Likewise towels, you can bring a towel with a small size to make it easier to carry in a bag. Besides being more comfortable, bringing your own toiletries is also guaranteed to be clean.

4. Bring Your Own Sandals

Bring Your Own Sandals

Tips for staying at a hostel that you need to know next is to bring your own slippers. Usually hsotel does not allow guests to wear shoes or slippers in the room. Usually the hostel only provides shelves to store shoes.

Well, usually the hostel has provided special slippers for indoor use. Some are lent for free, there are also hostels that rent out and are returned at check out. But there are also hostels that don’t provide slippers for use indoors, so you need to bring your own slippers so you can use them in your room.

5. Take Care of Personal Items

Take Care of Personal Items

Tips for staying at this hostel are quite important, namely taking care of your personal belongings. Usually every hostel has provided a locker in the room or outside the room to place your suitcase or backpack, so you can store your valuables there.

In addition, you need to bring a small bag that contains your important items such as passport, ID card, sim, wallet and cellphone. Don’t put the bag in a locker, but carry it with you wherever you go, including if you have to go to bed or go to the bathroom.

6. Prepare Your Own Padlock

prepare your own padlock

Tips for staying at this hostel are still related to taking care of your personal belongings while staying at the hostel, namely bringing your own padlock. Usually hostels do provide lockers or safes and most of them are also placed outside the room. There are also many hostels that don’t provide locks, for that you need to bring your own lock from home.

Not only to lock the locker, you can also use a padlock to lock your backpack or suitcase if it doesn’t fit in the locker. You can keep it in the room by making sure it is locked. By bringing your own padlock, you can provide double protection for your belongings.

7. Keep Calm

keep calm

Tips for staying at the following hostels are equally important. You need to know that if a hostel is a shared accommodation, it is very important to maintain peace in the room.

Hostels usually enforce quiet hours, for example from 10 pm or 11 pm until the next day. For that, if you are staying with friends, then try not to whisper or speak out loud. Instead, you can use the living room or common recreation room to chat with your friends.

8. Don’t Call

  Don't Call

Still in touch with tips for keeping calm in a hostel, tips for staying at this hostel are not to call in the room or in the room. Keep in mind that you are not alone in the room and there may be other residents resting in the room so if you call it will be very disturbing.

Instead, you can make calls outside the room, either in the lobby or in the lounge that has been provided by the hostel. Don’t forget to turn down the volume of your smartphone ringtone so you don’t disturb other guests when you get an incoming call or get a notification.

9. Time Management

Time Management

Not only sharing a room with other guests, you also have to share a bathroom with other hostel residents. For that, tips for staying at the next hostel are the importance of time management, especially when taking a shower.

If you have an old bathing habit, then you should break this habit while staying at a hostel. This is also for the convenience of other hostel residents so that they don’t wait too long in line to use the bathroom. Usually there are a number of hostels that impose a shower time limit, ranging from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Besides for the sake of mutual convenience, this can also save more water.

10. Socialize


The last tip to stay at a hostel is to socialize. You could say socializing with other guests in your room is one of the benefits of staying at a hostel.

It never hurts to get acquainted and chat with other residents in your room. Don’t forget to smile, say hello and ask simple things like where you came from and how long you’ve lived in this city. That way you can add friends from various regions and even from various countries. But don’t be too busy chatting, and don’t forget to keep the privacy of your roommate who wants to rest or sleep.

Those were some tips for staying at a hostel that you need to pay attention to. Hostels can indeed be a fun choice for your vacation. By applying the tips above, of course you can stay comfortably and stay safe while in the hostel.

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