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10 Tips for Staying Beautiful while traveling, Looking Fresh and Charming

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Want to know Tips to stay beautiful while Traveling? as we know Traveling is a very fun activity, anyone will definitely like it. By traveling, we can visit various interesting places, learn and get to know the customs, culture and culture of the people from the places we visit.

It’s really exciting to be able to travel, especially if we do it with the closest people, loved ones, enjoy and have fun together. Traveling, which takes such a long time, often makes us tired. Our faces look haggard, not fresh.

Of course we don’t want to be seen in that condition, right? We want that even though we travel for hours, our faces are still pleasing to the eye, still look beautiful, we are still fresh and can still look charming. There are tips that you can follow on how to look fit and stay charming when travelingg. Here are some tips that can be used as references to look attractive when traveling:

1. Sunblock or sunscreen or sunscreen

Beauty tips while traveling One of the things we must carry when traveling is sunscreen. Because we often travel to places that, although interesting, still have hot air. If we can’t anticipate it well, maybe when we return from traveling our facial and body skin can turn darker. These skin changes can even occur while we are still traveling. Wouldn’t it be nice to see it? Sunscreen is one of the media that we can use to protect our facial skin from sunburn, avoiding UVA, UVB and SPF content contained in ultra violet rays. If we are diligent in using this sunscreen or sunblock, our skin will feel fresher and lighter. We also don’t need to bother using moisturizer and foundation anymore.

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2. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

If we talk to other people, the first thing we notice is of course the face. If our faces are pleasing to the eye, the conversation will not feel boring. Lips are one part of the face that can be seen immediately when we are talking. Of course we want our lips to always look healthy, right? Healthy here means not dry, not cracked and not pale. In order to always look healthy and fresh, it is highly recommended to use lip balm, to replace the function of lipstick. We should choose the lip balm that we use, which contains water, vitamins and honey, and if possible, a colored one. The color of the lip balm that will make you look fresher is coral.

3. Facial Toner And Soap


Beauty tips while traveling, namely Toner is a facial cleanser, which is very good to use to clean facial skin after a full day of activities. Dust and dirt stuck to the face can be immediately lost. After cleansing the facial skin with toner, wash it with a special soap for the face. The benefits of this facial soap are great for resting facial skin. Facial skin can breathe again properly. The next day after waking up from sleep facial skin will look fresh again and look healthy.

4. Shimmer Lotion

Shimmer Lotion

On normal days, to keep your skin smooth and not scaly, the product you use is body lotion. But it will be different when you are traveling, it is highly recommended for you to use shimmer lotion. Shimmer lotion is perfect for use when traveling because it will make your skin look more radiant. You can choose the scent you like from this shimmer lotion, according to your taste. Apply this shimmer lotion to the neck, chest, hands and back. By using shimmer lotion, your skin will stay hydrated throughout the day.

5. Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

Hair is one part of the face that is also often the center of attention. If our hair always looks healthy, neat and charming on a daily basis, of course it will increase our self-confidence. Likewise, when traveling, we too want to have healthy, shiny and not messy hair. The solution is to use hair care products in the form of hair conditioner or hair moisturizer. By using this hair moisturizer throughout our traveling journey, our hair will always look neat, not limp, healthy and charming.

6. Bath Soap

Bath soap

After a day of traveling, exposed to heat, dust and other dirt, when we arrived at the inn, what we wanted to do immediately was take a shower. Bathing is useful for restoring the freshness of our bodies and also maintaining health and body hygiene. In the hotel where we stay, bath soap is usually provided. But just in case we still have to bring our own soap from home. This is because the bath soap provided by the hotel is not suitable for our skin type, I’m afraid it can actually make us allergic. That’s why we take the bath soap that we usually use at home and put it in a small container so that it is easy to carry for traveling.

7. Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Along our vacation trip to block the stomach before consuming heavy food (rice and side dishes), we can eat snacks first but the snacks must be healthy. Healthy snacks include fruits and vegetables. This healthy snack also has the benefit of keeping our breath fresh, preventing bad breath. Another healthy snack that we can consume is all forms of nuts, can be used to increase energy, our body’s need for essential vitamins is fulfilled.

8. Water


Increase the consumption of water while we are traveling. There are so many benefits that we can get from plain water, including being able to maintain our body’s stamina so that it can always be fit, fresh and fit, things that are needed once in traveling. Facial skin and body skin will also look healthier and more radiant, allowing us to always look charming throughout our vacation trip.

9. Eye Mask And Eye Drops

Eye Mask And Eye Drops

So that our eyes can always stay fresh, while traveling, don’t forget to use an eye mask. You can also drip eye drops. Fatigue that appears in the eyes can be reduced with masks and eye drops. With eyes that always look fresh will make you always look attractive.

10. Toothpaste


Toothpaste is one of the products that you must also carry while traveling. By brushing your teeth regularly every day will make your teeth always look clean. In addition, you can also bring mouthwash, it can be used to wash your mouth so that your mouth can always be fresh while traveling.

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