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10 successful parody films satirizing franchise films, shaking the stomach!

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PeekCeleb – Parody films usually aim to satirize films that have already been shown. To make it more interesting to watch, producers will generally target successful films to be used as parody films. Until now, there have been many films that parody the film with the aim of satirizing the film, especially if the original film is very bad.

The results of this parody film are guaranteed to make the audience laugh out loud. Well, this time we will review some of the parody films that have succeeded in mocking famous films. For those of you who are looking for entertainment, some of the films below are ready to be your spectacle.

So, what are the successful parody films mocking famous films?

1.Vampires Suck

The Twilight films were made into several series, but have not been loved by many audiences. This is why the Twilight films were parodied. Directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer made a film called Vampires Suck with the aim of satirizing the Twilight film.

Vampire Suck is a vampire film that is not inferior to Twilight, with a more absurd storyline. One of the most interesting scenes is when the baby comes out of Becca’s bag. Babies are like using powder. This was probably one of the reasons why Edward Cuillen’s face was so pale.

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