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10 Robert Pattinson Statements About The Batman (Part II)

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After a long wait, only a few days left, the film that had become the #1 2022 film with the most anticipated presence will be released in theaters. With high anticipation being built for the release of The Batman, it’s certain that every statement by Robert Pattinson has caught the attention of fans. In the last two years, Pattinson, who became the latest Batman, has issued many statements regarding the role he plays in the film directed by Matt Reeves. Claiming to be a heavyweight Batman fan, Pattinson has commented on the differences between the Batman version he played with many previous Batman adaptations. What are some of Robert Pattinson’s statements about The Batman that he has ever released? Here is a compilation that we managed to collect from various sources.

His version of Batman is not a pure hero

Pattinson discussed The Batman in an interview with The Daily Record, a Scottish publication, that he read as many comics as he could after officially getting the role of Batman. Pattinson did it to understand Batman’s obscure characteristics that haven’t been explored on the silver screen. “People see Batman as a straight, heroic character. In our story, it really questions what the nature of a hero is and gives a lot of different points of view to it.”

Pattinson reveals that he is not trying to shape Batman’s physical appearance

About The BatmanFrom an interview with GQ magazine in 2020 about The Batman, Pattinson made a pretty surprising statement. Namely the fact that he defies stereotyped expectations of Adiwira films. Pattinson revealed that for his role as Batman, he basically ignored the advice of his personal trainer and did not undergo intense physical training (compare with Bale and Affleck when he got the role of Batman-ed). For comparison, Zoe Kravitz, who was asked to be his co-star, worked out five days a week during quarantine. Pattinson said that he did almost nothing in terms of preparing for the role of Batman, when asked for his opinion on Hollywood’s obsession with the ideal appearance of a superhero. Pattinson said, “I think if you work out all the time, you’re part of the problem.”

Pattinson clarifies that he is physically preparing for the role of Batman

About The BatmanJust less than two years after the interview with GQ, Pattinson clarified about The Batman to MovieMaker that he was joking when he said he didn’t do any physical training for his role as Batman. He explained that the comments came back to haunt him. “I always thought it was really embarrassing to talk about how you work out. I think it’s like the English thing. Unless you’re in the most unbelievable state, where people really want to know, saying, ‘How do you achieve, like, physical perfection?’”

Knowing that he landed the role of Batman while filming Tenet

About The BatmanWhile talking about The Batman with Entertainment Weekly, Pattinson talked about Batman’s “legacy and lineage.” Pattinson explains that the comic book adaptation doesn’t seem like a “money scramble” and that there’s “something very special about” [Batman].” Pattinson confirmed in the interview that he learned that he had landed the role of Batman on the first day of shooting Tenet. Tenet is the latest film by Christopher Nolan, who famously created the previous three Batman solo films. “It was an unusual day,” he said. Pattinson said he felt like everyone around him knew about it before he did.

The screen test involved him wearing the Val Kilmer Batsuit

During the 2021 DC Fandome panel for The Batman, directors Matt Reeves and Pattinson briefly discussed what The Batman was like during Pattinson’s screen test. Reeves revealed that Pattinson was wearing the same Batsuit that Val Kilmer wore in 1995’s Batman Forever. Pattinson said that being able to move around in the Batsuit “would be absolutely impossible.” Pattinson also said that, due to nervousness and adrenaline, he was sweating profusely in the costume. He added that the costume needed to be dried from sweat after each wear.

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