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10 Robert Pattinson Statements About The Batman (Part I)

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After a long wait, only a few days left, the film that had become the #1 2022 film with the most anticipated presence will be released in theaters. With high anticipation being built for the release of The Batman, it’s certain that every statement by Robert Pattinson has caught the attention of fans. In the last two years, Pattinson, who became the latest Batman, has issued many statements regarding the role he plays in the film directed by Matt Reeves. Claiming to be a heavyweight Batman fan, Pattinson has commented on the differences between the Batman version he played with many previous Batman adaptations. What are some of Robert Pattinson’s statements that he has made? Here is a compilation that we managed to collect from various sources.

Playing Batman is one of his biggest obsessions that he has managed to achieve

While speaking to Total Film, Pattinson talked about how obsessed he is about playing Batman. Pattinson is best known for indie films and for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. “I’m constantly checking it out obsessively for the next year or so,” Pattinson said of pursuing the role. In the interview, Pattinson also said that the role of Batman is “the precious jewel in the crown that you can really get as an actor.” He added, “But I never really thought I was getting too close to[getting]that role, and especially with the other roles I was interested in at the time.”

The Batman is a freak who does bad self-therapy

Robert Pattinson's statementStill in an interview with Total Film, Pattinson talked about how Batman is a “weird person” like previous indie film characters. Pattinson mentioned that his version of Batman character will feature a different side of Batman, one that will not show scenes from the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents but will deal with the aftermath. Pattinson said, “He had a huge trauma inside him, and he built this complex psychological mechanism to deal with it. It’s like really bad self-therapy, which ends up with him being Batman, as self-help.”

The Batman he plays is probably a connoisseur of violence

Robert Pattinson's statementIn a recent interview with French film magazine Premiere, Pattinson brought up the infamous ‘no-kill rule’ as part of the Batman mythos. In the interview, Pattinson said that the rule can be interpreted in two ways. “Either he just wanted to give a proper punishment, or he wanted to kill and his self-control prevented him from doing so. I imagined it that way since the first combat practice. I thought it was funnier, something in him just wanted to slit that guy’s throat. I told myself that if he spent the night chasing criminals, there was no way he wouldn’t enjoy it.”

The Batman is a detective story

One criticism that Batman fans have leveled at Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is Batman’s lack of detective skills. While speaking with, Pattinson discussed how he didn’t expect Matt Reeves to bring that up. Pattinson said, “Usually, when directors say something, they only make it happen in terms of the image. But I read the script, and in fact it is. This is a detective film. This happens a lot in the comics, but usually it’s just a setting in the earlier Batman movies.”

The version of Bruce Wayne he plays is a kind of disintegration

In response to a question from, Pattinson talked about how this Bruce Wayne/Batman is different from previous versions of the character. “There is an element in another iteration of the story where Bruce leaves, does his training, masters himself, and then returns to Gotham as a character he is fully aware of. The depiction between Bruce and Batman — Bruce public, Bruce private, and Batman Bruce — is very limited and he can control them all more easily,” said Pattinson. “And in this case, the boundaries are blurred. Himself as Bruce is kind of a disintegration.”

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