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10 Places to Eat with Nature in Surabaya that You Must Visit

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Surabaya is one of the tourist cities in East Java, this city is also one of the tourist destinations in East Java. There are so many tourist attractions in Surabaya that we can visit. Starting from a lot of culinary tours to a lot of cultural tourism and natural tourism that certainly makes Surabaya as one of the cities that is very worth visiting.

Surabaya is one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia. Cities which are included as the 5 largest cities in Indonesia continue to experience development and improvement. There are so many things that make Surabaya every day a pretty interesting tourist spot. One of the attractions that is quite interesting in Surabaya is the existence of culinary tourism. There are so many places to eat with natural nuances in Surabaya that we can go to. Each of these places will certainly give us experiences that will not be forgotten.

Many culinary attractions in Surabaya have a variety of different foods as well. The types of culinary in Surabaya are indeed quite diverse. We can find various types of traditional culinary to modern culinary which will surely satisfy us. Culinary in Surabaya is already very famous for its pleasures, call it rawon rice, then pecel, and cingur salad. All of these foods are very well known and can be said to have spread throughout Indonesia.

Even though Surabaya is a metropolitan city, it still maintains the existence of locations that do have natural beauty or places that have natural views. One of these things is the existence of a natural nuanced place to eat in Surabaya which will certainly be very interesting to visit. Some places to eat with natural nuances in Surabaya that we can visit, such as

1. Duck Edge of Rice Field

This one place is one of the most famous natural places to eat in Surabaya. A place that provides a variety of processed duck meat menus that will surely guarantee the enjoyment of the taste. However, basically the food menu served at this place is not always related to duck meat dishes.

This one place to eat also provides various other menus which of course are also very delicious and guaranteed to make us addicted to come again. The dining menu served by this restaurant itself is very diverse, such as some Indonesian specialties and some Chinese dishes which are certainly no less delicious. But the menu that we have to try and definitely the duck menu.

Here we can get a menu of fried duck to grilled duck, the duck menu served with delicious chili sauce and accompanied by warm white rice will certainly tempt our taste buds. Moreover, coupled with the atmosphere of the place is very beautiful and comfortable. Although the name of this place is duck at the edge of the rice fields, but actually the location where this place is located is not a rice field area. The name of the duck edge of the rice fields itself is a name that comes from the central restaurant in Ubud, Bali. Branch managers in Surabaya are still trying to maintain a natural dining atmosphere like the atmosphere of their restaurant in Bali which is also very natural and pleasant.

2. Food Junction

Food JunctionOne place to eat is a very complete place to eat. Here we are not only treated to a delicious and filling menu. But we are also treated to a very beautiful natural scenery with an atmosphere that can also make us happy to spend time in this location.

This place can be said to have a concept like Ah Poong which is one of the tourist attractions in Sentul. Food Junction is a place to eat which consists of various places to eat.

Visitors who come here will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes that they like. We can find a variety of traditional menus to a variety of modern menus which are certainly very delicious for us to taste. This location itself is one of the most famous photo spots in Surabaya. The sight that is quite interesting here is at sunset. At that time, the atmosphere of this area will look more beautiful. Especially when coupled with the existing sparkling lights.

3. Mbah Cokro

mba-cokroAngkringan who knows the name of this one place or it can also be called wedangan. If those who often explore culinary places in Yogyakarta and culinary attractions in Solo, then these two names will not be foreign to some people. Angkringan or wedangan are two dining concepts that are actually very similar but differ only in their pronunciation.

Angkringan itself can be said to be spread in many areas in Indonesia, especially the island of Java. Angkringan itself has also spread and colonized the culinary world at night in Surabaya. One of the most famous angkringan in Surabaya is Mbah Cokro’s Angkringan. This angkringan is indeed very famous among the people of Surabaya, especially among young people. This angkringan itself was built in the middle of a fairly wide field, and it is indeed a very simple building.

It only consists of woven bamboo as walls and bamboo poles. The natural atmosphere does feel very thick, especially when night falls and is accompanied by the sounds of night animals. We can really feel a very pleasant serenity. Enjoy a variety of typical angkringan menus with a cup of coffee and the sounds of the night animals.

4. Taman Handayani Restaurant

Taman Handayani RestaurantIf we talk about a legendary place to eat in Surabaya, then this restaurant is one of the most legendary places to eat in Surabaya. This handayani park itself has been in Surabaya since the 60s. The menu of this restaurant is a food menu that is entirely Indonesian.

It can be said that there is almost no food menu other than the Indonesian menu. If you miss your hometown food or want to taste the typical Indonesian food menu in Surabaya, then we just have to come to Taman Handayani Restaurant. In addition, the atmosphere in this place is also very comfortable with a very thick and comfortable natural atmosphere. We will be greeted with pleasant gurgling water, and a very typical Javanese interior design.

Visiting this location will certainly be very fun and can make us full of course with the various menus that it offers. This restaurant even has branches in several areas in Surabaya. In addition to Surabaya, this place to eat also has branches in other cities such as, Jogjakarta, Sidoarjo and several other cities.

In addition to the places to eat mentioned above, there are still several places to eat with natural nuances in Surabaya, such as

  1. Rahmawati Floating Shop
  2. Rumadi grilled fish
  3. SAS cafe & restaurant
  4. combo background
  5. Natural Zone Resto & Cafe
  6. City Garden

Those were some places to eat with natural nuances in Surabaya. If we visit this location, in addition to getting good food, we will also get comfort and tranquility from its natural atmosphere. Hopefully the information was useful.

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