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10 Pictures of Traditional Warm Papuan Drinks 2022

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Papua is one of the provinces in eastern Indonesia that has abundant wealth. Not only its natural resources, but also its culture and cuisine.

There are lots of Papuan specialties that are so appetizing. Not only that, this province also has a variety of healthy fresh drinks.

Because of its freshness, making Papuan special drinks is not only liked by the indigenous people there but also immigrants from within and outside the country.

Reported from various sources by JejakPiknik, here are 10 lists of fresh and healthy Papuan special drinks complete with explanations with where to buy them.

What’s the name? Let’s see!

1. Sunset Papua

Hearing the name of this first Papuan drink, maybe many people will be fooled. Because, said “sunset” synonymous with the meaning of the setting sun.

Yes, it’s not wrong. But said sunset what is meant this time shows a typical drink from the Earth of Cendrawasih. It is named so because the appearance of the color is the same as the orange sunset orange.

According to the recipe, sunset This Papuan specialty is made from a combination of orange juice on the bottom and carrot juice on top. Can you imagine dong how fresh and healthy the drink is!

For those of you who are curious to taste it, you don’t need to worry, because sunset This can be found easily in restaurants, cafes or other food stalls in Papua. About the price, only 10 thousand only how come.

2. Ice Matoa

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As the name suggests, the next typical drink of Bumi Cendrawasih is Matoa, which is one of the fruits as well as flora of identity in the West Papua area which has a delicious and evocative taste.

For presentation, usually es matoa is added in the form of kolang-kaling, sliced ​​jelly and various fruits. Besides being sweet and refreshing, this drink also has a distinctive taste.

This traditional tea also has many health benefits such as launching menstruation, overcoming immigrants and others.

Es Matoa is also not difficult to get, because it is available in various places to eat from cafes to luxury restaurants and the price is arguably still very affordable.

3. Sweet Sour Coconut Ice

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This typical Papuan drink is actually almost the same as young coconut ice in general. The only difference lies in the additives.

Added in the form of lemon juice, this young coconut ice taste tends to be sour but still refreshing. The drink is suitable as a thirst quencher in the midst of the hot weather.

Es Kelapa Muda is also very easy to find on the roadside or in places to eat. In addition to refreshing and healthy, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy it.

4. Swansrai

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Well, almost the same as number three, Swansrai is also one of the traditional Papua New Guinean drinks made from fermented coconut water.

However, the difference is that swansrai is a liquor that contains alcohol and is generally a menu for guests visiting Papua.

Reported from some information, this swansrai has a fairly high alcohol content when compared to traditional alcoholic beverages found in other areas in Indonesia. How not, the levels can reach 30 percent.

Not only does it have a unique name, the way this alcoholic drink is served is also different where it is served using coconut shells. Although delicious, you also have to be careful because the dish is intoxicating if consumed in large quantities.

Swansrai is also easily found in food stalls and beverage outlets. In terms of price, you could say it’s still relatively affordable.

5. Ants Nest Sari Tea

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The next Papuan drink that you need to try, its name is Teh Sari Sarang Semut. This is actually one of the herbal medicines that are used as ingredients for making drinks.

Besides being able to treat thirst, Sari Sarang Semut is also predicted to have many benefits for the health of the body, because it contains various kinds of nutrients such as flavonoids, polyphenols and others.

Besides being able to be found in drinking stalls, you can also bring it as a souvenir to be consumed at home.

Because, this tea is also packaged in instant form and you can get it easily at gift shops. Enough with 8 to 10 thousand only to bring home a box of Sari Ants Nest.

6. Amungme

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Having a deep black color with a distinctive aroma, Amungme Coffee is ready to tempt tourists to sip it immediately. Yes, this is one of the original drinks of the people of Timika, Papua which can be addictive.

It’s not just the natives of Timika who like it, Caucasians too. According to the recipe, the basic ingredients for making it actually use a type of coffee Arabica.

Amungme is suitable to be consumed warm during the rainy season. Besides being able to be drunk in coffee shops, you can also make Amungme as a souvenir for people at home or at work.

This is because the original Papuan coffee is already available in packaging and can be found in supermarkets in Timika at a price of around Rp. 80,000. Or you can go to the factory directly to get Amungme for Rp. 45.00.

7. Wamena Arabica Coffee

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In addition to Timika, the Wamena Papua area also has a special drink in the form of coffee. Well, if you include coffee addictdon’t miss the opportunity to try it when you visit there.

The reason is, the coffee from Wamena is said to have a very soft taste, the aroma is quite strong and has a floral feel. You probably won’t believe it, because the pleasures of many baristas are interested in using it to mix houseblend.

Just like Amungme, Wamena coffee is also well packaged so it is suitable as a gift for loved ones.

To get it, you can buy it at coffee shop or seller on line with the price per pack in the range of 100 thousand.

8. Happy Coffee

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Produced from selected quality coffee beans with guaranteed sterility production, this makes Happy coffee, typical of Sorong, West Papua, quite famous in various regions in Indonesia.

How not, it looks the same as coffee in general but in terms of taste, it is guaranteed to make you fall in love.

This happy coffee has a distinctive aroma and taste that is sometimes sour but tends to be sweet. In addition, the variants also vary, there are Robusta, Arabica and Special Blend.

Produced in limited quantities, this is the right reason for you to taste it. Well, if you are curious about the taste, you can come and buy directly from the factory, namely PT.Senang Abadi which is in Sorong.

Or you can also order via coffee shop and seller on line. For the price is quite varied, depending on the type.

Well, those are some typical Papuan drinks that you must try when visiting Earth of Cendrawasih. In your opinion, is there anything else worth tasting apart from the 10 lists above?

Have any other recommendations?? Comment below, guys!

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