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10 Pictures of Jayapura City 2022 Newest Night View of the Red Bridge

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There is an anecdote that says that if you go to eastern Indonesia for the first time, your condition is far from being developed, it is still backward, it is also difficult to find food and the place to stay is shabby and vulnerable.

But as soon as you step on Jayapura, all these thoughts will disappear by themselves. Because this city is very advanced, not inferior to cities in Java or Sumatra or even Kalimantan.

Just like other cities, Jayapura also has many interesting things to explore, such as its history, transformation before and after development to various tourist objects.

Do you want to know more about Jayapura? Let’s see the review below!

Flash History

Photo By hello koya east – blogger

During the Dutch East Indies era, Jayapura was known as Hollandia. However, after they handed over Papua to UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority), its name was changed to Kota Baru.

During the Old Order era, Kota Baru was changed to Soekarnopura. And after the New Order, it was renamed Jayapura.

Humboldt Bay was first visited by Europeans in 1827. Dumontd’ Urville take the ship Astrolabe which later anchored in this area.

Then given the name Humboldt on this bay. On his first visit, there was no contact at all with residents. This only happened in 1858, when the HD A vander Goes commission was anchored in Youtefa Bay. They also raised the Dutch flag for the first time here.

After that, the city had many visits from Dutch government officials. On December 7, 1941, the Pacific war broke out between Japan and the United States Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

And in a fairly short time Japan managed to control the entire Pacific, including the northern coast of Papua. The Dutch were powerless against it and then retreated to Australia.

Japan assessed that the geological conditions, which were mostly rocky, ensured that there would be no silting of the coast that would allow large ships to dock.

So that Japan facilitated Hollandia as a place for exchange between commodities and slowly grew into a port city and a regional trading city. Not only that, even as a center of power.

Allied relics up to now can be seen from the buildings and toponyms. Namely in the form of round houses in Ifar Gunung, APO, Abepura and Sentani. Hospital buildings at Dock II, oil tanks at Depare, Base-G, APO, Hawaii, Entrop, Skyline, and Docks I-IX.

Holland City

As previously mentioned, Jayapura was originally known as Hollandia, which was given by the Dutch.

The word “Holland” comes from ‘Hol’ which means arch or bay, while ‘land’ means land or place.

So when combined, Hollandia means curvy land or a bay. The geographical map of Jayapura City also shows a shape almost similar to the northern coastline of the Netherlands.

It was these natural conditions that inspired Captain Sachse to coin the name Hollandia which was later changed to a new city and then Sukarnopura and which is now used as “JAYAPURA”.

Present time

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Now Jayapura is no longer like the eastern region in people’s minds, left behind, slum, vulnerable and hard to find food. Instead, it has turned into a city that is no less advanced than other cities in Indonesia.

Jayapura today appears as a new metropolitan city in eastern Indonesia. Especially since it was appointed as the capital of the province of Papua.

This makes the city of Jayapura as a traffic gateway for people and goods who want to enter the island of Papua.

As the capital of Papua, the arrangement of the city and public facilities in Jayapura is increasingly being improved. The number of housing and offices as well as schools to vehicles entering the area began to increase.

Housing development certainly cannot be separated from the arrival of people from outside Jayapura with different goals. This causes the population to increase.

During the Day

Photo By @fasof1980

As the administrative center of the Papua Province, not only students or job seekers from other areas flock to Jayapura City, but also tourists.

This certainly makes Jayapura similar to other big cities in Indonesia which are full of various activities and activities.

In the evening

Photo By @djafarsse

The capital city of Papua Province has an extraordinary natural charm. Starting from various beach tours to hilly areas that can spoil the eyes of nature lovers.

Jayapura is not only charming during the day. Even at night, the city which has another name Port Numbay still exudes its own charm for the citizens of Cenderawasih Earth.

The Charm From the Heights

Photo By @moppapaua

Not only day and night, Jayapura also displays beauty when viewed from a height. It’s a very amazing sight.

And from the top of Puncak Jayapura City, you can see the beautiful landscape of Jayapura City which is so amazing.

During the day, the view that is presented from spot This is a panorama of lined buildings that look tiny from a height, then the blue sea and the bustling harbor with various shipping activities.

Puncak Jayapura City is best visited at night, because it will be decorated with colorful lights that glow in the dark.

The sparkling lights in the capital city of Papua will spoil as far as the eye can see. And maybe, you will feel at home for long sitting until late at night in Jayapura City.

You can also capture romantic moments at the top with your beloved partner against the backdrop of the nightly hustle and bustle of Jayapura City.

Tourist attraction

The land of Papua has amazing natural wealth, both in the form of mining and the diversity of natural tourism. Jayapura is no exception, the capital city. There is a lot of natural beauty presented in the region.

Jayapura itself has varied earth reliefs in the form of sloping plains to hills and mountains. Therefore, it is not surprising that here there are various natural attractions such as beaches, lakes, hills etc.

And here are some lists of tourist attractions in Jayapura that you must visit while visiting this city.

Lake Sentani

Photo By @rambler_fotografi

The tourist icon of Jayapura city which is quite popular in 2022 and you must visit is Lake Sentani. Besides being able to be enjoyed from the top of Ifar Peak, directly visiting this object which is surrounded by green savanna will certainly be an unforgettable holiday experience.

The best time to enjoy the beauty of this object is in the afternoon with a very exotic sunset view.

Tablanusu Beach

Photo By @linderd_hendambo

Located on the coast of the island of Papua, making tourist attractions in Jayapura dominated by beautiful beaches, one of which is Tablanusu Beach.

The beach with a distance of 2-3 hours from the city of Jayapura is still very quiet so that the air around it is very refreshing.

Bay Youtefa

Photo By @amazingjayapura

Youtefa Bay can be the next alternative tourism for those of you who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the coastal city of Jayapura.

Located in the Enggros area, the panoramic view of a group of small islands that are directly connected to the Holtekamp red bridge and the blue sea will spoil your eyes while on vacation to spot this.

Beach Sand Six

Photo By @wawing_pom_serewen

Another interesting tourist destination in Jayapura to visit is Pasir Enam Beach which is surrounded by beautiful green hills.

This beach is still not so crowded that it makes it the most suitable place to get rid of fatigue while hearing the waves.

Well, that’s a glimpse of the city of Jayapura which has a logo with a dominant yellow color. There are many more interesting things from the capital of Papua. So wait for the latest info from JejaPiknik, okay?

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