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10 Photos of Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Entrance Fees History Stories Harassed on Facebook Songan Kintamani Bali

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image by @ithahandayanii

Location: Jalan Kintamani, South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652
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HTM: IDR 50,000 per person
Open and close: Monday – Sunday
Phone: 0366 51477

Price of admission

The price for the entrance ticket to the temple is around 50,000 per person. But before you enter the tourist attractions of the temple, you are required to wear a kamen or cloth tied around the waist resembling a long skirt.

This is a provision used by Hindus to enter the courtyard of the temple.

Batur Temple is often crowded by local and foreign visitors. Larger visits occur around August and December, when the New Year is welcoming.

In addition, this temple is also crowded during Galungan, Eid al-Fitr and Christmas holidays.

Because of its beauty, even this temple is often visited by state guests, from the center and abroad. So for those of you who want to visit, you have to come during normal days if you don’t want to be crammed with other visitors.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Maybe you are familiar with traveling lovers when you hear the word Bali. Bali is a province that presents many tourist attractions with natural beauty and its own artificial beauty.

One of the natural beauties presented in Bali is the beach which is so wide, cool and very beautiful.

As for the artificial beauty in Bali, namely the existence of various temples or temples that are very majestic, beautiful which you will be amazed with just one look.

By the lake, Photo:

The island of Bali has two almost the same temple names. The temples are Pura Ulun Danu Batur which is located near Lake Batur and Pura Ulun Danu Beratan which is located near Lake Beratan.

Even though they have the same name, these temples present a different beauty. Ulun Danu Temple itself has the meaning of a temple which is located in the upper part of the lake.

Batur Temple is very majestic and large, inside the temple there are many bentar temples that tower like skyscrapers. In addition, there are also various menus that have different levels of taste quality.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple is a complementary tourist attraction for local tourists and foreign tourists who visit the lake and Mount Batur.

This temple is very suitable for you tourists who are happy with various architectural art attractions that have historical value.

photo by @puraulundanubatur


Ulun Danu Batur Temple or more commonly known as Batur Temple is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level.

Batur Temple is located in Kalanganyar Village, Kintamani Bangli District or more precisely, it is on the east side of the Denpasar-Singaraja highway.

The tourist attractions of Pura Batur face west with the background of Mount Batur with its black lava.

And also Lake Batur which stretches far at the foot of the mountain which really complements the beauty around Pura Batur. At Ulun Danu Batur Temple every year there is always a ceremony called Ngusaba Kesada.

This temple was first located on the southwest slope of Mount Batur, due to the disaster of Mount Batur which erupted in 1917, resulting in the area of ​​Pura Batur being destroyed.

But there is still a pelinggih that still stands towering firmly after the disaster.


After the disaster that hit the temple, the head of the local area together with the surrounding community, moved the Ulun Danu Batur Temple to a place that has a higher ground, namely where it is today.

Batur Temple is now located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. This altitude makes the air around the temple cooler and slightly cooler.

When the cold air arrives, the Kintamani area is also often shrouded in thick fog.

The remains of the lava from the eruption of Mount Batur, which has frozen and has now turned black, attracts the attention of visitors.

Coupled with the existence of Mount Batur which stands tall, makes the scenery here is very beautiful.

In addition, the existence of Lake Batur which is very beautiful, shady and blue adds to the attractiveness of Ulun Danu Bantur Temple in the eyes of visitors.

The visitors can also enjoy the blue scenery of Lake Batur accompanied by the foam of the waves. This beauty will accompany you when using a boat to cross from Kedisan Village to Trunyan Village.

On Lake Batur you can also see the busyness of fishermen fishing for mujaer fish which will color the beauty of the lake.

Batur Temple is also known as Pradana Temple. At Pradana Temple, God is worshiped to strengthen the spirituality of the people in building economic prosperity.

It is different with Besakih Temple or commonly called Purusa Temple, in this temple God is worshiped to achieve spiritual happiness. It is called Pura Purusa and Pura Pradana because this is told in Lontar Usana Bali.

Batur Temple was also harassed by residents of a neighboring village, on social media Facebook which led to a report to the police. According to the story, the suspect had tainted and abused the sanctity of Batur Temple.

image by @travel_for_three

A brief History

Batur Temple was originally located at the foot of Mount near the Southwest shore of Lake Batur. In 1917 a disaster occurred, namely the eruption of Mount Batur which damaged 65,000 houses, 2,500 temples and more than thousands of living creatures died.

But the damage at the foot of the Beratan Temple stopped because of a miracle. It is said that Batur Temple has been established since the time of Empu Kuturan, namely in the X century until the beginning of the XI century.

The local community saw all these events as a good sign. So the residents continued to live around the temple.

However, there was another new eruption that destroyed the entire temple area in 1926. However, there is also one complementary temple that was not destroyed, namely Pelinggih, which is a place of worship.

Nice Architecture, Photo:

The eruption covered the entire area of ​​​​the temple except the Most High or the place of worship which is located at the highest. The temple is a place of worship for Dewi Danu. Dewi Danu herself is a Sewi Water Lake.

After the incident, the local residents and the local village head moved the temple to a higher place. They brought the Pelinggih which was still intact and began the task of rebuilding the Ulun Danu Batur Temple.

Several Balinese sacred lontars tell of the origin of Pura Batur which is part of sad heaven.

Six groups of temples in Bali are recorded in the Widi Satra lontar, the Raja Purana lontar, and the Salem Babad Pasek Kayu.

Meanwhile, Lontar which stated the existence of Ulun Danu Batur Temple included Lontar Usana Bali, Lontar Raja Purana Batur and Lontar Kusuma Dewa.

photo by @cestlavielifestyle

According to the lontar, Pura Batur is mentioned as a sad heaven temple which is classified as heaven universe.

What is believed by the general public as a place to worship God is the God of Prosperity. Heaven is a place of worship of God for all Hindus.

The history of Ulun Danu Batur Temple is an offering to Dewi Danu, the Goddess of Prosperity who is a goddess who comes from lake water.

It is said that mineral-rich water flows from Lake Batur from one rice field to another. Some time later the water came down to Earth.

In the Lontar Usana Bali, there is an ancient legend that describes the arrangement of the throne of Dewi Danu. This arrangement is found in one of the sacred literatures in Batur Temple.

Tourist Destinations, Photo:

In the Usana Bali lontar, mythologically, it is told that once upon a time Mount Mahameru in India, was very high and almost touched the sky.

If the sky is touched by Mount Mahameru, then nature on this earth will be destroyed.

Therefore, one night at the beginning of the fifth month, Sang Hyang Pasupati took the peak of Mount Mahameru and divided it into two parts using both hands.

Then the top of the mountain was flown to Bali to become the throne. The peak in the right hand becomes Mount Agung, which is the throne for Sang Hyang Pasupati’s son, Dewa Putranjaya (Mahadewa Shiva).

Meanwhile, the peak in the left hand becomes Mount Batur, the throne for Dewi Danu.

Therefore, the palace of Mount Agung by Sang Hyang Putra Jaya (Sang Hyang Maha Dewa), while on Mount Batur is held by Dewi Danu.

Dewi Danu who is none other than the magic of Lord Vishnu, who is a god as the god of water for the prosperity of all living things on earth.

This story makes the biggest mountain in Bali symbolize two symbolic elements, namely male and female (Purasa and Pradana) or the two origins of God’s manifestation (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa).

Crowded Visitors On Weekends, Photo:

One of the functions of the establishment of sad kahyangan itself is to motivate mankind in preserving sad karti which builds physical and spiritual well-being.

Two of the six elements of sad kerti are Danu Kerti and Wana Kerti. Like the existing natural law, namely, the water in the ocean turns into a cloud, after that the cloud falls to Earth as rain.

Water that descends without the presence of various plants on earth will continue without stopping towards the open sea.

If on earth there are various plants as forests on high plains such as hills and mountains, then the water that falls as rain will be absorbed and become rivers and lakes that continue to flow without stopping.

These natural processes must be maintained and maintained properly. According to Canakya Nitsastra, there are three gems on earth, namely water, plants for food, and words of wisdom.

If water and plants are not protected with wise words then all of this will bring disaster to all nature on earth.


The facilities at Batur Temple are quite adequate, taj far from the temple area there are restaurants, wartel, small food and drink stalls, a very large parking lot, lodging, and toilets.

And for public transportation and ferry transportation around the temple is also available.

Bali Tourism Icon, Photo:

For those of you tourists who want to visit centered in Singaraja or Lovina Beach, then you will cover a distance of 60 km with a travel time of around two and a half hours.

However, for those based in Denpasar City, you will cover a distance of 50 km with a travel time of approximately 2 hours. And if from the capital city Bangli is 23 km.

Because this location connects the cities of Bangli and Singaraja, it can be reached by using a motorized vehicle.

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