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10 Onew songs that are suitable for accompanying when it rains

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SHINee’s Onew is the SM Entertainment artist with the most OST releases during 2021, you know. He has released a total of five drama OSTs, including the two songs he sang in the musical he also starred in, Midnight Sun.

Onew’s vocal ability does not need to be doubted. It’s no wonder that various Korean dramas line up to be filled by their melodious voice. Recently, Onew also performed a song for Song Kang and Park Min Young’s drama entitled Forecasting Love and Weather (2022), you know.

The latest is “Mind Warning”, here are ten recommendations for Onew SHINee’s songs that are suitable for accompanying you when it rains. keep readingyes!

1. As an opening, there is the single “In Your Eyes” with a nostalgic feel to past memoirs, which is suitable for accompanying driving trips when it rains

2. Onew’s soft voice also fills the song “Moonlight” which you can listen to while sipping a cup of hot drink

3. The sweet strains of “Starry Night” fit perfectly with the sound of rain at night, you know. Have you heard?

4. Relaxing, “Your Scent” is suitable to be heard when releasing fatigue after a day of dealing with hectic activities

5. The lyrics are heart-wrenching, “Illusion” can be played for those of you who are heartbroken. Make a mess!

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6. The melody is calming, the song “Shadow” is suitable for you to listen to when the rain soaks the ground in the morning

7. In seventh place is the single “Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down” which can be tuned when the sun sets

8. Onew’s soft vocals also bring “Dear my spring” which is suitable to be heard when the gray hues fill the horizon

9. You can play “Way” while completing a pile of tasks when it rains, you know. Will not feel too late, deh!

10. Released on February 27, Onew sang “Mind Warning” as the OST for the second part of the drama Forecasting Love and Weather

Very polite to the ear, Onew’s voice is indeed effective in making anyone fall in love in the first round. Don’t forget to add to playlists-mu, yes!

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