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10 Mysterious Locations in the World That Humans Impossible to Visit

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Saturday, November 13, 2021 – 00:08 WIB

VIVA – Some mysterious locations in this world are forbidden and very difficult for humans to visit. This is for a variety of reasons, from the island of the snake kingdom to the vault of secret recipes. In addition, now traveling between countries has become easier, because there are many airlines that provide various services and destinations. Only by boarding a plane, we can easily visit scorching deserts, beautiful beaches, to dense forests or whatever else you want to visit in this world.

However, the reality is that there are various places that cannot be entered by anyone, except for certain people. Some of these places should not be touched by humans, for certain reasons. For those of you who feel that you have traveled the world, maybe this place is quite challenging for you. But believe me, if you are determined to visit a mysterious location in this world, it is not worth the various problems you will face.

So, Where are the Mysterious Locations in the World?

1. Area 51

Area 51 restricted zone, Nevada

Area 51 restricted zone, Nevada

This top secret United States military base and airfield is located in the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas. Despite the conspiracy theories that emerged in the past, the main purpose of this place is to support the development of experiments regarding air transportation and weapons systems owned by the United States. The local government did not acknowledge its official existence until 2013. This is surprising why Area 51 does not allow any visitors at all.

2. Surtsey Island

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