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10 Most Sacred Places in the World With Very Horrible Stories

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Visiting various tourist attractions in the world is certainly a fun thing that you can try. Not only a beautiful tourist spot, have you ever been interested in coming to the most sacred place in the world? For lovers of horror tourism, here are the 10 most sacred places in the world that you can know.

1. Valley of the Kings, Egypt

One of the most sacred places in the world which is quite popular is the Valley of the Kings, located in Giza, Egypt. This sacred place is a place to collect mummies in Egypt.

The Valley of the Kings has 63 tombs including the tomb of king Tutankhamen. Some people believe that the premature death of some kings was due to the curse of the mummy. This one place is also known to have many mystical stories. Locals say they often tell of screams and footsteps coming from the Valley of the Kings. Now the Valley of the Kings is a legendary place that you can visit when you come to Egypt.


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2. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

aokigahara forest

Aokigahara Forest is known as one of the most sacred places in the world. This forest is in Japan and is known as the suicide forest. Aokigahara Forest is often used as a location for suicide.

This one is known to be haunted and has dense trees. The quiet atmosphere also makes this forest area even more tense. The number of suicide victims in the forest is deliberately not made public. It is intended that this forest is not increasingly popular as a suicide location. Today in Aokigahara Forest, patrols are often held to prevent potential suicides. In addition, at some points also installed surveillance cameras.

3. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

islands of the dolls

Island of the Dolls is one of the most sacred places in the world that is no stranger to hearing. You can visit this one place in the interior of Xochimilco, Mexico.

As the name implies, this area is indeed an island filled with dolls. There are many dolls hanging on the tree. The dolls are mostly broken and dirty. There are many mystical stories circulating about this island, one of which is that it is said that the dolls on this island can live and move. At night, it is not uncommon for dolls to make scary screams and cries.

Another mystical story about this island is that there are often sightings of male ghosts emerging from the lake. The ghost is believed to walk around the island at night. Pretty scary isn’t it?

4. Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

cachtice kastil castle

Cachtice Castle is known as one of the most sacred places in the world. That’s because this one place is the location of the massacre of hundreds of young women. The massacre was carried out by a cruel noble.

There were more than 600 young girls who were massacred and blood drawn by Elizabeth Barthory. It is said that the blood can be used for bathing and is believed to produce eternal beauty. In the end, Elizabeth Barthory was buried alive on the orders of her own husband for the crimes committed. Since then, this one castle is known for horror and offers a tense atmosphere.

5. Amityvillem Haunted House, New York


One of the most popular sacred places in the world is the Amityvillem Haunted House. This one house appeared in the movie The Conjuring 2. There are 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 2 car garages in it.

The Amityvillem Haunted House became the site of a murder on November 14, 1974. The owner of the house was shot dead while sleeping. In 1975, this one house was bought by George and Kathleen Lutz. Only lasted 1 month, George and Kathleen Lutz left this house because it was haunted.

6. Leap Castle, Ireland

leap castle

Leap Castle is also known as one of the most sacred places in the world. This place is known as the most haunted castle in Ireland. There used to be a cruel murder in the 1500s in this one place.

In 1992, a secret trap was discovered behind the corner wall of the Bloody Chapel. The discovery was made by workers at Leap Castle. The worker found dozens of human skeletons on wooden nails located in a prison-like room. Now this place is known for its eerie atmosphere and many believe that Leap Castle is haunted.

7. No School, Hong Kong

no school

Tak Tak School located in Hong Kong is known as one of the most sacred places in the world. This one place is a school building that was founded in 1931. There are many mystical stories circulating, one of which is the existence of a woman who committed suicide in the school toilet. The woman had been raped by an unknown number of people before committing suicide.

Many believe that the female spirit often appears in the form of a ghost in a red dress. Not infrequently the ghost possessed and injured people who would enter the school building. To avoid casualties, the local government forbade visits to this one school building.

8. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lawang Sewu

One of the most sacred places in the world you can visit in Indonesia, namely Lawang Sewu. Lawang Sewu is a building that was built in 1904. As the name implies, which means 1000 doors, this building is known to have many doors in each room.

This one place is known to have many mystical stories circulating. It is said that Lawang Sewu was once a very scary prison. In this one place, sightings and sounds of women’s screams and the sound of soldiers’ feet often appear. Creepy isn’t it?

9. Raynham Hall, London

raynham hall

If you are curious and want to visit one of the most sacred places in the world, you can come to Raynham Hall. This house is known for its classic design and is the largest house in rural Norfolk, England.

The mystical story that exists in this house begins with Charles Townshend who finds out his wife’s affair with another man. The man who became an affair was eventually imprisoned underground until he died. After a century of this incident, mystical stories often occur that make this house known to be haunted. One of the stories circulating is that it is said that you can often see the appearance of a woman in a brown dress walking around the building.

10. Bhanghar Fort, India

The Most Sacred Place in the World

You can visit one of the most sacred places in the world when you come to India, namely at Bhanghar Fort. This place is a 17th century fort that is quite attractive to tourists. This fort is also known to have been occupied by Mughals who were mysteriously killed.

This fort has a main gate which is nicknamed Bhoot Bangla or house of ghosts. It is said that whoever comes to this fort after sunset, he will never come back again. Bhanghar Fort can only be visited during the day.

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