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10 Most Popular and Delicious Types of Cheese in the World

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Dairy products never disappoint, one of which is cheese. As a dairy product, cheese goes through a thickening process with the help of certain bacteria and enzymes called rennet.

From the results of thickening, it will then go through a process of drying and re-preserving, producing cheese that is now much-loved. Now, cheese is widely processed as a mixture for various types of cuisine, ranging from bread, cakes, pasta, to pizza. In fact, there are many varieties of cheese from all over the world.

Popular Types of Cheese

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

By combining various techniques, utilizing the latest technology, coupled with increasing consumer demand, now there are various types of cheese that you can enjoy. Launching from, here are some The most popular type of cheese in the world what you must know!

1. Mozzarella

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of cheesePixabay/PDPhotos

Originating from Italy, this type of mozzarella cheese uses buffalo milk as its basic ingredient. However, nowadays most mozzarella cheese is made from cow’s milk. This type of cheese is the main cheese in pizza dough which, when pulled, is difficult to break. Mozzarella is also very easy to combine with various types of food such as salads, meats and pastas. If you want to save money, you can make your own mozzarella cheese at home. This cheese can last up to a week when soaked in salt water.

2. Cheddar

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Cheddar cheese made from cow’s milk which was originally widely produced in England. This cheese is usually white to pale yellow, with a crumbly and smooth texture. As you age, the texture of the cheddar cheese will become denser. Some cheddar cheese dough is added orange coloring, so the cheese is yellowish orange.

3. Emmental

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Switzerland produces a lot of cheese, one type of emmental. Uniquely, this cheese will be wrapped using paper with the factory logo. Made from cow’s milk, Emmental cheese does not go through a pasteurization process, or the process of heating food to kill harmful organisms.

Being one of the difficult cheeses to produce, emmental cheese goes through a fermentation process that causes it to have many holes. This type of cheese is usually served with wine and fruit.

4. Gouda

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Originally from the Netherlands, Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses in the world. The word Gouda itself is taken from a city in the Netherlands. This cheese uses pure cow’s milk as the basic ingredient.

However, some manufacturers use sheep’s milk, so this cheese lasts longer. Having a soft texture with a strong milky taste, this cheese can last up to two years. This cheese is usually served as a dessert with beer and fruit.

5. Parmigiano-Reggiano

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Apart from mozzarella, Italy also produces Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. However, this type of cheese is often confused with parmesan cheese produced by countries such as America, Argentina and Australia. The real Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is produced only in Italy.

This cheese has a round shape like a drum, using cow’s milk as the base material. With a sweet, fruity aroma, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese will make Italian salads, pastas and soups even more delicious.

6. Feta

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Feta is a salty white cheese from Greece. In fact, this cheese is protected by EU law. Only cheeses produced from Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, Central Mainland Greece, Lesvos and Peloponnese can be called Feta cheese.

Using sheep’s milk as a base, high-quality Feta cheese will produce a strong aroma of milk, butter and yogurt. When eaten, this cheese will give off a salty, sour, slightly spicy and sweet taste. Feta cheese is usually served with Greek salads and pies from Greece, namely spanakopita.

7. Brie

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of

Brie cheese is dubbed the “Queen of cheese” which is usually served as a tribute to the kings of France. This cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, resulting in a pale color with a slight gray under the skin. Unlike the original Brie cheese, the exported Brie cheese will go through a pasteurization process, this is done so that the cheese can last longer.

8. Parmesan

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of cheeseOffset Images/The Picture Pantry

Parmesan cheese is a type of cheese processed from cow’s milk that is widely used in everyday life. The creation of this cheese is inspired by Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese from Italy. Parmesan has a pale yellow color with a solid form. When touched, the texture of this cheese is like sandy. Parmesan cheese is commonly used as toppings for soups, risotto, pizza and pasta.

9. Mascarpone

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types of cheeseshutterstock/Ivanna Pavliuk

Italy produces a lot of delicious cheeses that are ready to be exported around the world. Mascarpone is one type of cheese that is widely used in making dishes such as puddings, tiramisu, and soups.

This cheese is often mistaken for cream cheese, but the basic difference is from the raw materials used. If mascarpone cheese is made from heavy creamwhereas cream cheese from whole milk. In addition, mascarpone cheese was discovered in Italy and cream cheese found in New York.

10. Gruyère

Many fans!  These are the 10 most popular types ofère

The name Gruyère cheese is taken from a village in Switzerland. The texture is hard and hollow, with a brownish skin. This type of cheese has a slightly spicy fruity taste.

Having an appealing taste, Gruyère cheese is often used in salads, pastas, soups and served with bread. You can also serve it as a dessert with beer and white wine.

Those are some types of cheese that are popular names and are widely known. With a strong taste when eaten, the type of cheese above has many fans. What kind of cheese do you like? here?

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