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10 Most Hilarious Running Man Guest Stars

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In every episode, Running Man will invite guest stars to play games or carry out missions with the members. Not infrequently too, the invited guest stars are no less funny than the members Running Man alone.

Their presence makes the episodes more exciting, in fact they are often invited back to make the audience laugh. Well, here are the guest stars Running Man the funniest thing that can make the audience laugh!

1. Joo Woo Jae immediately looks really good with Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min because they were both born in 1986

2. Every time Jessi guest starred on Running Man, you would laugh all the time throughout the episode. His chemistry with the members is just right!

3. Only Hong Jin Young can control Kim Jong Kook in Running Man

4. Unlike his cool image in the drama, Lee Do Hyun even acted funny with the members so that he went viral

5. Lee Sang Yeob is already considered as Running Man’s family, he even has a traitor like the other members

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6. Because of one game, Heo Young Ji could be one of the Kkang-Kkang group aka the “stupid” group on Running Man

7. Forget the image of the proud Korean volleyball athlete, Kim Yeon Koung’s behavior is exactly like Lee Kwang Soo

8. Always being a classy girl in dramas, no one thought that Lee Da Hee could act funny too

9. Comedian masquerading as an idol, Mijoo Lovelyz makes everyone laugh with his crazy behavior

10. Ha Do Kwon openly always challenges Kim Jong Kook, but the funny thing is, he always loses

With the various characters that the guests have, their interactions with the membersR unning Man make the episode even more exciting. Who is your favorite guest star?

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