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10 Most Haunted Places in Southeast Asia, Dare to Test Your Guts Here?

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If you want a fun vacation spot, several countries in Southeast Asia offer a variety of beautiful and amazing tourist attractions. You will be spoiled with various tours to delicious culinary delights in various Southeast Asian countries. But there are also adrenaline-challenging tours such as the Haunted Places of Southeast Asia.

For those of you lovers of horror tours, there are many places known as haunted places. Some places allow tourists to enter and visit, but some other places are known to be very haunted and should not be visited. Here are the 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

1. Highland Tower, Malaysia

One of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia is in the country of Malaysia. This one place is usually called the Highland Tower. On December 11, 1993, there was a landslide which caused blocks 1 and 4 of the tower to collapse. Since then, many people who feel strange often hear the screams of the tower collapsing.

People who live around Highland Tower also say that they often hear the sound of falling and the screams of people who have died. Not infrequently also some residents see the appearance of a small child carrying a balloon. This tower area is now abandoned and has become one of the haunted places in Malaysia.


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2. Manggarai Station Train Grave, Indonesia

Manggarai Station Train Grave

Indonesia is one of the countries that has one of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia. The location is at the train graveyard at Manggarai station. On October 19, 1987, two trains collided in this area. This is known as the Bintaro Tragedy.

Since then, many other accidents have occurred in the same area. Some of the survivors said that they passed without knowing the signal. It is said that there was a spirit that covered the ears of the victims as they passed by so they did not know that there was a train. Until now, there are many victims who lost their lives in this area.

3. Bahay Na Pula, Philippines

  Bahay Na Pula

One of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia is in the Philippines. This location is known as Bahay Na Pula. Formerly this one place was a luxurious and majestic red mansion. However, this one place changed its function as a place to store weapons and sex slaves after changing hands to the Japanese.

It is said that the deep red color in this building comes from the blood of people killed by Japanese soldiers in World War II. While in this area, visitors are prohibited from looking back which is believed to cause bad things to happen.

4. Ghost Hill Penang, Malaysia

penang ghost hill

Besides Highland Tower, the ghost hill located in Penang Malaysia is also one of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia. As the name implies, the ghost hill is located above Batu Maung Hill. At first this place was used by the British for shelter. But not long after, the Japanese took over this location and used it as a place of torture for prisoners of war.

There are many horror stories known from this one hill. Not a few sightings to disturbing voices that could be heard by residents and tourists. In this place, the Penang War Museum was built to commemorate the fort that had been built by the British, but now this place is better known as the ghost hill.

5. Wat Phra Si Sanphet Temple, Thailand

wat phra si sanphet

Wat Phra Si Sanphet Temple is one of the temples located in Thailand and is one of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia. The atmosphere in this temple at first glance does seem calm and the buildings and atmosphere will spoil visitors, but who would have thought if there was a mysterious story that was believed to this day.

Around the year 1700, this one place is a city that has a lot of inhabitants. But it ended after the Burmese army came and massacred everyone there. According to stories circulating, the spirits of the Burmese soldiers did not leave the place until now and were looking for some new prey. Dare to visit it?

6. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Old Changi Hospital

Some of you must be familiar with Old Changi Hospital. This one place has long been known as the most haunted place in Southeast Asia which is located in Singapore. Formerly this building was founded by the British and turned to the Japanese government. By the Japanese, this place was used as a prison for prisoners of war. And in 1997 this one place was officially closed.

There are many horror stories circulating about Old Changi Hospital. It is not uncommon for sightings to appear in this area.

7. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lawang Sewu

Besides being used as a tourist spot that has a beautiful building shape, Lawang Sewu is also known as the most haunted location in Southeast Asia. It is said that in the Lawang Sewu area, there are often sightings of a Dutch woman who is committing suicide. Not only that, the sightings of headless soldiers are also very numerous and are often encountered by several people.

Although known to be very mysterious and haunted, this one location is an attraction for some tourists. Lawang Sewu means a thousand doors where this building has many doors that connect one room to another.

8. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia

tuol sleng genocide museum

Tuol genocide museum is one of the places in Cambodia which is also the most haunted place in Southeast Asia. At first this one place which was an ordinary school, but in some time turned into a prison that can accommodate up to 20,000 people.

Almost all the prisoners in this place were killed and only 7 people remained. Now this one museum is known to be very haunted and frequent sightings appear.

9. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, Vietnam

ho chi minh city museum of fine arts

Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Art is one place that at first glance looks magnificent and beautiful. But who would have thought if this place entered the list of the most haunted places in Southeast Asia. This building was originally built by Hui Bon Hoa. At one time there was an epidemic that attacked this area and there was no cure. Hui Bon Hoa, who lives with his daughter, is quarantined in this building.

After the Princess died in quarantine, many mystical things emerged. It is said that the ghost is the spirit of the Princess who roams in this area.

10. Independence Hotel, Cambodia

independence hotel

Cambodia is one of the most haunted countries in Southeast Asia. Independence Hotel, which has been built since 1964 and then closed in the 1970s, has a lot of mystical stories scattered about.

It is said that one of the rooms in the Independence Hotel was once used as an execution room for prisoners. After the hotel opened in 1982, many guests said they had frequent sightings and even very disturbing sounds.

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