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10 Most Beautiful Beach Tourism Places in Malang Beach Tourism in Malang

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Malang is a city of stunning natural tourist destinations. Starting from the mountains to the beach, the panorama is so unique and beautiful. Moreover, Malang beach tourism is famous for its pounding waves. The following is a beach tour in Malang with its stunning beauty.

1. The relaxing white sand of Ngliyep Beach

Ngliyep beach white sand

Ngliyep Beach itself is famous for its soft white sand. The beach, which is located in Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo, Malang, is a poor beach tourism that is not too crowded. Therefore, it is suitable for those of you who do not like the quiet world.

On Ngliyep Beach there is a small island called Gunung Kambang and can be reached by a bridge that has been provided. Usually, the small island is a place of offerings for the rulers of the southern seas. However, Mount Kambang is a spot to see a stunning sunset.

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2. The meeting of fresh water and salt water in Banyu Anjlok

Banyu Drops

The name Banyu Anjlok itself comes from the words “Banyu” which means “water” and “Anjlok” which means “fall”. Indeed, this beach has a waterfall that goes directly to the beach. So do not be surprised, if the panorama that is served is very different.

What’s more, visitors can experience swimming in a natural water pool above the waterfall. Enjoying the view of the orphanage while bathing is an unforgettable experience. The rush of the waterfall is so cool and harmless.

This Malang beach tour also offers white sand and stunning waves. To get to Banyu Anjlok, visitors must take a fishing boat from Lenggoksono Beach.

3. Black sand beach, Slippery Beach

Slippery Beach

Licin Beach has a beach charm with exotic black sand. What’s more, most Malang beach tourism has white sand. This beach, which is located on the border of Lumajang district, has its own uniqueness. Although, the sand is black, the combination with the blue sea makes a beautiful beach panorama.

The black color of the sand of Licin Beach comes from the lava vomit of Mount Semeru which flows through the Glidik river and reaches this beach. The name “Slippery” itself comes from the condition of the beach. It is said that this beach was once overgrown with moss vegetation so it was quite slippery.

4. Tanah Lot Java, Balekambang Beach

Tanah Lot Java

Balekambang Beach is a natural tourist attraction in Malang which is quite famous for its beauty. Even its beauty can be juxtaposed with Tanah Lot on the island of Bali. Similar to Tanah Lot Bali, Balekambang Beach has a temple that is quite famous. However, many people call it Balekambang Beach Temple. The temple stands firmly on Ismoyo Island.

Visitors can visit the temple through the long bridge that has been provided. Not only that, the beach panorama is also not to be missed. The white sand, blue sea and the breeze make it the right place to unwind.

5. Three-Colored Beach is as colorful as a rainbow

Three Colors Beach

Malang beach tourism with stunning beauty is Tiga Malang Beach. This beach, located in Sitiarjo, Malang, is still included in the Clungup Mangrove Conservation area. The view on this beach is very mesmerizing to anyone who looks at it.

The stretch of white sand, green hills are a beautiful blend. The waves are also quite calm. Moreover, the refraction of light is stunning. The sunlight shining on the sand refracts a beautiful pink, brown color. In fact, the color gradation of the sea is so soothing to the eyes.

Activities that can be done while at Tiga Warna Beach is camping. In addition, visitors can enjoy snorkeling. There are many marine biota ready to welcome visitors.

6. The hidden paradise of Jonggring Beach

Jonggring Beach

Jonggring Beach is taken from the name of heaven, where Batara Narada is located. Malang beach tourism is located in Mentaraman Village, Donomulyo, Malang Regency. To get to this beach requires a long journey with winding roads. But once there, the beautiful panorama will welcome visitors.

The white sand blends with the blue sea. In addition, this beach is surrounded by stunning corals and hills. A quite unique phenomenon is “nggebros”. Where, when the waves hit a large rock with holes, the water will gush as high as 10 meters and make a “bross” sound.

7. The beach that is separated from the sea, Batu Bengkung Beach

Bengkung Stone Beach

The next Malang beach tour is Batu Bengkung Beach. This beach with beautiful rocks has a typical panorama of the city of Malang. Where the uniqueness lies in the coral wall which seems to be the boundary between the beach and the sea. When big waves come crashing against the rock wall, the sea water will be blocked in the inlet behind it.

The water that forms like a luxurious swimming pool. Why say luxury? Who doesn’t want to soak in a private Jacuzzi with stunning beach views. Batu Bengkung Beach is the best spot to see the sunset. When dusk comes, the sun’s rays will penetrate the black rocks, creating a stunning panorama.

8. Natural swimming pool, Bidadari Bay and Mbehi . Beach

Bay of Angels

Malang has a beach charm that is not inferior to the Island of the Gods, Bali. One of them is Mbehi Beach which is a hidden paradise in Malang. This Malang beach tour is behind a protected forest. Therefore, you can imagine how beautiful this one must be. To get there it takes quite a long and long journey.

But when you get there, the stunning scenery will release the tired end. Mbehi Beach has a crater-like hole that penetrates directly to the sea surface. When big waves come, water will gush from the crater hole.

Near Mbehi Beach there is an alcove with clear sea water and is similar to a natural swimming pool. The pool is called the Bay of Angels. Visitors can swim or just soak while enjoying the view of the beach.

9. Enjoy the haunted Goa China Beach

Goa China Beach

Goa Cina Beach itself is located in Tumpak Sewu Hamlet, Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang Regency. Previously, Goa Cina Beach itself was named Rowo Indah Beach. This beach is known to be haunted, because it is said that there was a hermit from China who died in the coastal cave. Behind the haunted story, Malang beach tourism offers stunning beach beauty.

In fact, you will not believe in the mystery. This beach has three coral islands on the coast. The atmosphere is still natural able to release fatigue. The clear sea water and white sand add to the beauty of this beach. Trees lined along the beach make the atmosphere cooler.

10. Stunning panoramas of Long Bridge Beach

Long Bridge Beach

The uniqueness of this Malang beach tourism is the ruins of a long unfinished bridge. The reason is, in the past the bridge was built to connect the beach and the nearby island. But now it becomes an interesting photo spot. The panorama that is served is the white sand with broken shells. In addition, the blue sea water blends nicely with the rolling clouds above.

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