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10 Most Awful Forests in Indonesia, Beware of Getting Lost!

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Indonesia is known as a country that has a variety of tourist attractions. You can choose to visit natural attractions in the form of beaches, mountains, and forests. Not only forests are known to have beautiful views, you can also find forests with many mystical stories circulating when visiting Indonesia. The area is certainly suitable to visit, especially for those of you lovers of horror tourist attractions. There are various scary events and supernatural things that are quite popular from the following 10 most haunted forests in Indonesia.

1. Alas Purwo, East Java

Some of you, of course, are familiar with Alas Purwo. Alas Purwo is the name of one of the forests located in East Java, precisely in the Banyuwangi district. When you hear the name Alas Purwo, you will immediately remember that this location is one of the haunted forests in Indonesia.

It is said that the Purwo pedestal is the residence of the genie throughout Indonesia. This area is known to be haunted and has many mystical stories circulating. Not a few visitors or road users are disturbed by supernatural things when passing Alas Purwo. Sightings that have appeared are pocong and jinn ascetics. Don’t forget to read prayers and maintain etiquette when passing through the Alas Purwo area.


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2. Bukit Soeharto Forest Park, East Kalimantan

Soeharto Hill Forest Park

One of the most popular haunted forests in Indonesia is the Bukit Soeharto Grand Forest Park. This forest is located in the province of East Kalimantan.

Bukit Soeharto Grand Forest Park has a very wide location with many mystical stories circulating. One of the popular stories is the ghost story of Romusha and the Japanese soldiers. These ghosts not only appear, but are also annoying to mislead tourists and road users. It’s terrible isn’t it?

3. Alas Roban, Central Java

roban pad

Talking about haunted forests in Indonesia, you can find many and one of them is Alas Roban. Alas Roban is already known for its stories and you can visit it in the Batang Regency, Central Java.

One of the stories circulating about this forest is that it is said that someone saw a magical house guarded by spirits. The creature is shaped like a human and is in the middle of the forest. Some tourists or road users also sometimes feel disturbed by supernatural beings when passing through this area. Have you ever visited or passed through this forest while visiting Central Java?

4. Sungai Bening Forest, West Kalimantan

clear river forest

Ever heard of the name Sungai Bening Forest? Clear river forest is one of the haunted forests in Indonesia that you can visit in West Kalimantan Province.

This forest was once excited because there were residents who were missing for 5 days. The missing resident claimed to have met people who were looking for him, but these people did not see him. It’s terrible isn’t it? Not only that, this forest also has many other mystical stories so it is popular and known as one of the haunted forests in Indonesia.

5. Baluran Alas, East Java

dressing mat

The Banyuwangi area is known to offer many tourist attractions with various beauties. But did you know that Banyuwangi is also a location where you can find several haunted forests in Indonesia, one of which is the Baluran pedestal.

There have been many stories circulating about this forest. In the area of ​​Baluran base there was an incident of a small child who suddenly asked to get off the bus. The little boy then disappeared without a trace. This of course makes many people curious and scared at the same time.

6. Bukit Barisan Forest, West Sumatra

row hill forest

One of the most popular forests in Indonesia is the Bukit Barisan forest, which is located in the province of West Sumatra. This forest is also known as one of the most haunted forests in Indonesia. This is because this forest has many horror and mystical stories circulating.

This forest area also has supernatural beings called bunian people. Not a few visitors or road users are deliberately misled by these creatures into the forest. Visiting this forest area is a scary thing that you can try.

7. Forest Around Mount Semeru Climbing, East Java

semeru mountain climbing forest

Talking about the most haunted forest in Indonesia, the forest around the ascent of Mount Semeru is also known to be haunted and has many mystical stories. Not a few climbers are made afraid and goosebumps while in this forest area.

Hikers will find an area called Kelik which is known as a marker stone that reads in memoriam. It is said that trance often occurs around the forest and the rock. When climbing and passing through this area, make sure you always pray and maintain etiquette while traveling.

8. Halimun Salak Forest, West Java

Salak Halimun Forest

Have you ever heard of the Halimun Salak Forest, which is located in the province of West Java? The forest is already quite popular and who would have thought that the Halimun Salak Forest is known as one of the haunted forests in Indonesia.

This forest was once the location of the Sukhoi plane crash. Not infrequently visitors hear the voice of women screaming for help or seeing apparitions and receiving other disturbances.

9. Leuweung Sancang Forest, West Java

leuweung sancang forest

Among the many haunted forests in Indonesia, the Leuweung Sancang Forest, located in West Java, is also known for its horror and mystique. Some visitors who come to this forest experience many unexpected scary events.

One of the stories circulating about the Leuweung Sancang forest is that it is said that there are visitors who are deliberately misled by spirits in the forest. This is because visitors do not leave the forest area when the day begins to fall. Very scary isn’t it?

10. Alas Gumitir, East Java


Alas Gumitir is known as one of the most haunted forests in Indonesia because it has many scary stories and makes no sense. It is said that in this forest there is a magical market that is always crowded at night.

The Alas Gumitir area is also known for its gandrung dancer statues. That said, the statue is believed to change position at certain times. You can visit this forest area in the border area between Jember Regency and Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Now, after reading the article on 10 haunted forests in Indonesia, some of you will certainly feel afraid or even curious about the truth. Among these forests, which forest looks the scariest and you don’t want to visit?

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